Education and Learning


A good education is doubtlessly the cornerstone of any full life these days. From the prospects of a challenging career, to the ability to partake in engaging activities, everything starts with a solid, education foundation.

This is why it is free and compulsory in Malta to go to school until the age of 16. Whether you want to become a vet, a teacher, a painter, a plumber or a pilot, there’s a huge range of schools, colleges and institutes in Malta that will help you achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.


The Education System in Malta

is free to Maltese residents aged between five and 16. It’s also compulsory to attend school during these years and up until you reach Form 5. After this, you may sit for the Secondary Education Certificate exam (SEC).

It is then completely up to you to choose whether you want to continue studying and what path you’d like to take. You could continue along the postsecondary academic route and go to sixth form and University, or could go into employment right away. You could also learn a trade in the form of an apprenticeship, or enter vocational training at
the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) or the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST).


The Exams Department falls under the Ministry for Education and Employment. Their website feature information about the various examination venues in Malta and Gozo, timetables, and registration dates among other information. The site can be accessed through this link.​​​

Qualification Recognition

Prior to enrolling to a qualification course, one may wish to check whether the institution/university and/or qualification you applied for is recognised. Further information is found here.