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We are living in an age when we can get the majority of the information we need from a computer. We live our lives in front of a computer: be it to shop, play games, chat or browse the net. Because we are so used to instant, colourful knowledge, school lessons and presentations can appear to be boring in comparison to the technological world we are used to. This is why
eLearning has been introduced: the iLearn platform provides a virtual school building where teachers can easily upload any material they want to share with their students. It is also a means for students to communicate in a safe environment.


In order to progress to higher education or for proof that we have certain knowledge, we often need to sit for exams. So as to make sure that exams are fair and to help those sitting for them, the Department for Examinations has set various guidelines. Click
here to find out more about how to apply for exams, get your results and collect your certificates.

Student Maintenance Grants

Because the Maltese government is so strongly in favour of education, it offers Student Maintenance Grants (or stipends) to students attending
public and private sixth forms, vocational colleges such as MCAST and ITS, and the University of Malta. Depending on whether you are at college or university, you will receive a sum of money each month during your years of study. To find out more about stipends and how to apply for them click here.

Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre

The aim of the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre is to make sure people understand what qualifications are available to them, to help them access training, to help people and centres design education courses, to set levels of qualifications and to validate informal and non-formal skills. Click here
 for more detailed information about the centre.

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Schools

English language teaching is well established on the Maltese Islands. There are over 40 language schools in Malta and Gozo, offering a range of courses and leisure-time activities. A list of licensed EFL Schools can be found here.


Whether you’re a student at college or an adult considering options to return to education, there are various funding opportunities in Malta to help you get the qualifications you want. All you need to know is

Studying abroad

Meeting new people, learning about new cultures, seeing new places and absorbing new information. The list of reasons why it’s great to study abroad is endless. You gain confidence, become independent, make contacts and, in today’s competitive world, give yourself an added edge over others. You can apply for grants and funding to study abroad, so go on, take that leap, click here!


The Erasmus+
is your key to going abroad to study. The programme takes the form of a scholarship and is open to all EU and non-EU students. Erasmus+ provides funding for general education, vocational education and training, higher education and international studies.