Lifelong Learning

​Lifelong Learning
Lifelong Learning

We live in the Knowledge Age, which means that having knowledge and being able to apply it as is necessary is one of the important keys to our success. The very fact that we know that there is always something new for us to learn simply makes life more interesting. And in a day and age where we are inventing new technologies like electronic tablets and smart phones, it is practically impossible to get by without learning new stuff, however old we are.

Lifelong Learning

As the word implies, lifelong learning is an ongoing and exciting process. Because this form of education has become so important in our lives, various short and long courses have been developed to help those who stopped studying a while back or who simply want to learn something new.
Lifelong learning takes the form of short courses, vocational qualifications and university degrees. Below is a list of lifelong courses available in Malta.


Want to learn how to paint still life, start your own business, brush up on your English or sit for an ‘O’ Level? There’s a course for everything! Click on the following links to find out more about the topics that interest you:

  Cultural Awareness 
  Digital Competences 
  Family Learning 
  Mathematics, Science & Technology 
  National Diploma in Teaching Adults 
  Sense of Initiative & Entrepreneurship 
  Social, Health & Civic Competences 
  Visual and Performing Arts 
  Vocational Education & Training

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