Health Services

​Healt​h Services​​​​
Health Services
Cancer Screening Programmes

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Maltese women. In its efforts to reduce morbidity and mortality from breast cancer, government launched a national breast cancer screening programme which invites women in Malta and Gozo age 50-59 for free breast screening over a 3 year cycle. For more information about the programme and contact details, click here​

A national colorectal cancer screening programme is planned to roll out in October 2012. Men and women age 60-64 will be invited over a 2 year cycle. You may request more information about the colorectal cancer screening programme on


Diabetes is a chronic condition where the body cannot break down sugars in the ideal way. Diabetes is very common in Malta and, if untreated, could be a potentially fatal disease. A low-sugar diet is key to a life free from, or of controlled, Diabetes. Exercise also plays an important part in controlling your Diabetes. Learn more about Diabetes, treating it and the help available in Malta

Speech-Language Services

Speech-Language disorders may sometimes be caused by conditions such as a cleft palate, a hearing impairment or a learning disability. The Speech-Language Department in Luqa offers a number of services in assessing, treating and helping to prevent speech, language and swallowing difficulties. To learn more, and for contact information, visit
this link.

European Health Insurance Card

The European Health Card is free and allows Maltese citizens free or reduced-cost emergency medical treatment while they are visiting a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. For more information, and to learn how to apply for the Card, click

Elderly Care

The Elderly Care Department in St Venera provides a range of services for older adults both within state-owned residences and within their own homes. Firm believers that older persons and persons with disability are happier to remain in their own home, the Department has a wide range of services such as meals on wheels and home care support to help you wherever you live in Malta. Read more about the department and how to contact it here.

Immunisation Services

The National Immunisation Services fall into two main groups:

   Free immunisation to children, employees at risk, vaccination of contacts (TB, Hepatitis) and vaccination of travellers at the main clinic at the Floriana Health Centre.
   Free scheduled childhood vaccinations in other clinics around Malta.

here for more and contact information.

Treatment Abroad coordination office
(National Highly Specialised Referral Programme/Visiting Consultants)
Malta and the United Kingdom have been working closely for over 60 years in relation to health care services that are offered to Maltese Nationals that require specialized treatment in the UK. Through this agreement Maltese patients are offered medical treatment in UK NHS hospitals just like any UK national registered with the NHS system.

The services offered through this programme are considered as an extension to the services being offered locally. The same office that coordinates the overall procedure entailed by the National Highly Specialised Referrals Programme is also responsible for the coordination and logistical arrangements in relation to Clinics carried out by Overseas Visiting Consultants at Mater Dei Hospital. Full information on how to access these services is available here.