Helping the Community

​Blood Do​nation
Helping the Community
Blood donation

If you’re healthy, aged between 17 and 63, having a Maltese I.D. Card, and want to give something back to your community, you might want to think about donating blood. For a sick person, or someone who has been involved in a serious accident, a blood transfusion may be the difference between life and death.

Giving blood doesn’t harm your health and your body will replace any lost blood. To learn more about donating blood in Malta, click here.
The Blood Donation Mobile Unit visits various localities and places of work during the year. A monthly schedule of were the Mobile Unit is going to be, can be found here​.
Organ donation

It might be hard to think about what will happen to your body after you die, let alone donating your organs. But donating your organs is generous and can save people’s lives. In Malta, the most needed organ for donation is the kidney. Here are some important points about organ donation in Malta:

   All organs can be donated but the transplants done locally are the heart, the kidneys and the eye corneas
   There is no age limit for donation
   If you have had cancer, you can still be an eye donor. You can be a donor if you have been cancer-free for   five years

Read more about organ donation here.