​Me​dicine Entitlement

Things you need to know about medicines

   A medicine is a product that is used to treat or prevent diseases
   It is important to always read the information in the package leaflet
   Read the information on how to store your medicine, as high temperatures (such as those reached in the   bathroom or kitchen) can affect the medicine’s quality and efficacy
   Always check the medicine’s expiry date
   If you experience a side effect you did not expect because of the medicine you are taking, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

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How to Buy Medicine: Prescription only Medicines (POM) vs Non Prescriptions

Medicines can be supplied from pharmacies all over Malta. Some medicines are classified as Prescription only Medicines and others as Non Prescriptions. Prescription only medicines are those medicines which could be present more risks, even when used correctly, or have to be administered by injection. Prescriptions is valid for supply once, or a repeat prescription can be made for dispensing for a maximum period of six months., except for antibiotics where a prescription cannot be used 10 days after the date it was issued.

To find out which medicines are authorized in Malta and whether a medicine requires a prescription and to learn more, visit or

Pharmacies/Health Centre & Dispensaries

Medicines are supplied from Pharmacies in Malta and Gozo. For a full list of these, click here

Pharmacy Roster

Private Pharmacies open on a roster basis on Sundays and on public holidays. Pharmacies open on a separate roster on Saturday afternoons. To check the opening times of pharmacies, click here.

Pharmacy of your Choice

The Pharmacy Of Your Choice Scheme [POYC] is a service facilitating access to the national pharmaceutical care service through collaboration with community pharmacies. Those entitled to pharmaceutical items can apply at a pharmacy they choose to collect medicines from there. For detailed information, click here.

Medicines Entitlement

If you are suffering from a chronic condition such as a malignant, cardiovascular, respiratory or digestive system disease, you are entitled to free medicines from the Government. You will be referred to a Consultant from the Government Health Service who will apply for a Schedule V Card with a list of the free medicines you are entitled to. 

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Pharmaceutical Affairs – Circulars

A number of circulars are published annually by the Health Department on medicines and other health-related matters. These circulars are all available for free download

Medicines Authority (General Information)

Medicines Authority regulates medicinal products and pharmaceutical activities in Malta. It checks that medicines are safe and of good quality, monitors medicine advertising and those who dispense medicines.