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Malta Communications Authority
The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is an organisation in charge of all forms of communication from television, telephones, Internet, buying online (eCommerce) and the post. It is also responsible for making sure everyone enjoys the benefits of ICT (eInclusion), monitors Internet safety and sets the relevant rules.
The MCA also promotes competition, protects consumers and encourages innovation. The Authority deals with all the laws, economics and technology connected with local communication.

Services offered by the MCA

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) offers help and information on all things connected with Internet, eCommerce and the post.
You can use the MCA website to find information on:

   eCommerce – guides you in Online Shopping
   Fixed Telephone Services – guides you in choosing fixed-line telephone service provides
   Mobile Telephone Services – gives you information on choosing mobile service providers as well as rates for calling and SMSing, both in Malta and when you’re overseas.
   Internet – helps you in deciding which Internet service provider you should make use of
   Television – helps you decide which TV service provider is best suited to your needs
   Postal Services – gives you information on sending letters and packages in the post, both locally and abroad
You may also use the MCA website to access the online telephone directories.
The MCA also guides you when you need to lodge a complaint with your service provider and can in some cases take legal action itself. 

Malta Broadcasting Authority
The Malta Broadcasting Authority (MBA) was established in 1961. Its duty is to monitor all services connected with Maltese TV and radio. The MBA has two roles, in that it is a legal and a monitoring system. On the one hand, it checks that stations are following the relevant rules. On the other, it monitors all the programmes that are aired on TV and radio. This includes making sure that there is a certain amount of impartiality when it comes to programmes of a political or industrial nature and those related to current public policies.
The MBA also makes sure that there is a fair division of political and entertainment programmes. On the MBA website you can find more information about the Authority as well as all the relevant laws on what can and cannot be broadcast such as adverts concerning medicines, health claims, treatments, nutrition and dietary supplements.
In order to be able to make a phone call both locally and abroad you can either use a telephone connected to a fixed line or a mobile phone.
To find more information on fixed line telephone service providers in Malta, click on the following link. There you can learn more about the different services and offers the service providers can offer you.
If you would like to call someone or send them a text message in Malta or abroad you can use your mobile phone. With the introduction of smart phones, you can also use your phone to access the Internet and visit websites as well as check your emails.
Information on the current mobile phone operators in Malta can be found on the following link.
After buying a mobile phone, you can opt to either ‘pay as you go’ – meaning you buy a certain amount of credit for your phone and top it up as often as is necessary. Alternatively you can sign up for a contract.
Internet services in Malta are offered by various companies – who all offer triple (voice, video and data, all offered in a single access subscription), or quadruple play (voice, video, data and mobility offered in a single access subscription) systems.
You can have an Internet connection set up on your computer at home or at work. You can connect to Internet in many ways, the most popular being:

   IDSN: you can connect to the Internet through digital or normal telephone lines
   Cable: you can connect to the Internet through the use of a cable modem
   Wireless: instead of using telephone or cable networks for your Internet connection, you can use radio frequency bands
   Satellite: Internet over Satellite (Ios) lets you connect to the Internet by means of a satellite that orbits the earth.

To find out further information about the Internet service providers and their rates and offers, click on the following link.