Correctional Services in Malta

​Correctional Services in Malta
Correctional Services in Malta
When a person is arrested in Malta, he or she will be sent to one of four places of custody.
Located on Valletta Road, Paola, the Corradino Correctional Facility (CCF) is the main prison compound in Malta.  The others are the Substance Abuse Therapeutic Unit in Mtaħleb, the Valletta Lock-Up below the Malta Law Courts, and the Forensic Unit (Mount Carmel Hospital) in Attard.
The following departments operate within the CCF:

   Care & Re-Integration Unit
Operations Unit
   Security Unit
   Inmate Services 
   Psychiatric Services
   Psychological Services
   Social Welfare Services
   Education Unit
   Spiritual Services 
   Medical Unit
   Inmates Registry
   Gate House
   Central Control Room
   Special Response Team
   Dog Section
   Administration Section
   Y.O.U.R.S. (Young Offenders Unit Rehabilitation Services)
   Inmate Visiting Areas

As an institution, the Department of Correctional Services in Malta is responsible for keeping prisoners in custody while offering rehabilitative programmes that are in line with a care plan prepared by the Care and Re-integration Unit.  It also strives to provide decent conditions for prisoners and to meet their needs, as well as to run programmes which help prisoners address their offending behaviour and return to life in their community as responsible citizens.  These include educational, vocational, spiritual and sport activities.  Participation is on a voluntary basis by the prison inmate.
To contact the Department of Correctional Services call 2169 1428.

Probation and Parole Services in Malta

If you have been arraigned or sentenced in Court, the court may refer you to a Probation Officer (PO) within the Department of Probation and Parole.
Once you have been assigned a PO, you will be required to attend meetings with them as instructed and to accept necessary home visits. The PO will require you to meet any conditions set by the Court and to comply with drug testing procedures. The PO may also refer you to other qualified agencies for addiction treatment or to get help for problematic behaviour.
The Restorative Justice Act (Chapter 516, Laws of Malta), which came into effect on 27 January 2012, introduced new restorative justice concepts in the Maltese criminal law. These include the provisions on Parole and Victim Support. Both these new functions fall within the responsibility of the Department of Probation and Parole.  Moreover, a new Victim-Offender Mediation Committee has been set up to determine the eligibility and / or suitability for victim-offender mediation and to supervise mediators.
Once a prison inmate has been granted Parole, the Parole Officer will supervise, advise and assist the offender in an effort to prevent him or her from relapsing.  The Parole Officer will also draft a plan, monitor and assist the parolee in fulfilling the conditions of the parole licence; assist the parolee in understanding the harm that the parolee has caused to the victim of crime and to society; provide the Parole Board with bi-monthly progress reports on the parolee; assist the parolee in enhancing social and educational endeavours; assist the parolee in finding suitable employment; alert the Parole Board to any breach of conditions specified in the parole licence.
The Department of Probation and Parole may be contacted on 2124 9864 or via e-mail Alternatively, click here for further information.

Rehabilitation Programmes in Malta

There are various Government entities and NGOs that offer rehabilitation programmes in Malta.  
Among these is the Substance Abuse Therapeutic Unit (S.A.T.U.), which caters for sentenced male individuals with a documented history of substance abuse and who, of their own accord, request rehabilitation. This programme helps to resolve the individual’s problems, both on a personal and community level.
For S.A.T.U.’s contact details and more information on the programmes they offer, click here.