Malta Police Force

​Malta Police Force
Malta Police Force
The Malta Police Force is one of the oldest in Europe, dating back to 1814 when Sir Thomas Maitland was Governor of Malta. The Maltese Government took over the Force in 1921, following the grant of self-government.
The Malta Police Force holds mixed responsibilities in investigative and national security issues. It is always in search of the truth within the parameters of its investigative powers, combined with those afforded by the judicial authority.
The role of a police officer is multifaceted.  It includes the preservation of public order and peace; the prevention, detection and investigation of offences; and the collection of evidence against offenders.

There are presently around 1,900 members of the Force, including district police who are generally assigned community policing duties.    The Force operates the following specialised branches:

   The Criminal Investigation Department (CID)
   The Drug Squad
   The Vice Squad and Economic Crimes Unit
The Protective Services
   The Special Branch
   Administrative Law Enforcement Unit

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Contact the Malta Police Force

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Request a Police Conduct Certificate

Certain jobs, roles or industries will ask for your Police Conduct Certificate as a record of any past criminal behaviour. A Police Conduct Certificate can be obtained from the Criminal Records Office (Police Conducts Office), Police General Headquarters, Floriana. 
 There is a list of requirements for obtaining this certificate. More information together with the office opening times can be found here​.

Report a Crime

If you have been the victim of a robbery, assault or any other crime, you are advised to report your case immediately to the Police.
The Police Force in Malta operate an online system through which a person may lodge a report that is not considered to be of an urgent nature (in that the value of items stolen or damaged does not exceed €233, and that no person has sustained serious injuries). In these instances, you can file a report here.
If the crime is considered more serious, it is recommended that you file your report in person at the nearest Police Station. For advice, you may contact the Police General Headquarters or visit any one of these police stations.

Pay a Police / Warden Contravention

If you have been issued a contravention (driving or parking ticket) by a warden or police officer, you may pay it online

Weapons/Firearms Licences

Whether you wish to purchase, keep, or carry a firearm either for sporting purposes or as a weapon, there are various safety checks and procedures that need to be carried out first. You will also require a license.
These licences include:

   Purchasing a firearm/weapon from a dealer
   Keeping a firearm/weapon as a result of a transfer from a licensed person
   Carrying a firearm/weapon for sporting purposes on land and/or at sea
   Hunting wild rabbits
   Shooting clay pigeons with an airgun
   Keeping a firearm/weapon as a result of inheritance.

For a full list of available licences, as well as the relevant requirements, click here​.