IP 0001/23 -Application for the renewal and variation of the IPPC permit (IP0004/21) Sterling Chemical Malta Ltd.



Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise





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Information relating to the application for the renewal and variation of the IPPC permit (IP0004/21) for Sterling Chemical Malta Ltd. to introduce:
a) Two additiona air emission points;
b) Relocation of a few raw materials from warehouse to QC lab;
c) Installation of a reverse osmosis;
d) Installation of three stand-by generators and extension to current site boundary; and
e) Changes to the use and layout of the 22MR Warehouse

As per the requirements stipulated in S.L. 549.77 Industrial Emissions (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) Regulations the Environment and Resources Authority is consulting the general public to submit any objections or representations to the above IPPC application.

Any such objections, representations or comments will be entered into a register which will be made public on the Authority’s website, together with details of the objector, unless otherwise requested in writing that they should not be so publicised.  If there is such a request, the register will only include the objections, representations or comments that have been made.


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