Partial Review of the 2006 South Malta Local Plan, as Amended in 2017, for Hal Far

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The Planning Authority has been tasked by the Government to commence a partial review of the 2006 South Malta Local Plan, as amended in 2017, specifically for Hal Far.
The current policy designates the Industrial Development Boundary for Hal Far Industrial Estate as shown in MAP 1 prioritizing the land within this boundary for exclusive industrial use. The policy also recognizes the potential impact of industrial development along the southern section of the estate on the protected Special Area of Conservation Natura 2000 site. Consequently, it mandates a landscaped buffer zone with substantial tree planting of not less than 6 meters in this area of the estate.
Therefore, this review proposes the removal of the designated site as shown in MAP 1. The aim is to ensure that the site is either retained or restored where possible, serving as a buffer zone to the Special Area of Conservation (SAC). This approach aims to keep potentially harmful industrial development as distant as possible from the area of high environmental value. The review also proposes to allocate a small portion of the site for low impact sport.
To view the objectives and MAP 1,  visit the PA’s website:

All submissions must reach the Authority by Thursday 21st December, 2023.