Electrical Installations (Amendment) Regulations

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Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Regeneration of the Grand Harbour


Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Regeneration of the Grand Harbour



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The Electrical Installations Regulations (S.L.545.24) (‘EIR’) regulate the wiring of electrical installations rated at voltage levels 230/400 (+/- 10%) Volts such as those within buildings, factories and industries, places of entertainment, sport complexes, social and religious places. 
The primary purpose of the proposed amendments to the EIR is to update these regulations to reflect the changes in the requirements of the users of the electrical installations and technological changes while ensuring that electrical installations are provided with an adequate level of safety.  Some definitions and procedures are also being updated or explicitly defined in the regulations, in particular, those related to the issue, renewal and revocation of authorisations for the carrying out and certification of electrical installation works.
These regulations:
  • apply to electrical installations wiring downstream (after) the electricity service meter provided by the DSO, but do not cover the electrical loads/equipment that may be connected to the installation.
  • require that electrical wiring works are designed, carried out and certified by a person holding the appropriate Authorisation issued by the Regulator for Energy and Water Services.
  • establish minimum technical requirements to be observed in the carrying out of electrical installations works.

The aim of the Electrical Installations Regulations is to safeguard public interest and public safety.
This consultation seeks views of the public, authorised providers and other stakeholders on the amendments being proposed.