Ministru: Is-Sur Jo Etienne Abela, MD, MPhil, MRCS, FRCS, FEBS, MP​

Regolamentazzjoni u Standards tas-Servizzi tas-Saħħa
Servizzi tas-Saħħa

Servizzi fil-Komunità
Djar għall-Anzjani


Segretarju Parlamentari: Dott. ​Malcolm Paul Agius Galea, MP​

Entitajiet taħt l-MHA
Embryo Protection Authority
Foundation for Medical Services
Foundation Kenn għal Saħħtek
Malta Health Ltd
Medicines Authority
Office of the Commissioner for Mental Health
​Advisory Committee on Healthcare Benefits
Advisory Committee on Immunisation Policy
Advisory Council on Healthy Lifestyles
Artificial Reproductive Therapy Prioritisation Committee
Bioethics Consultative Committee
Burials Board
Chinese Acupuncture Board
Council for Nurses and Midwives
Council for the Professions Complementary to Medicine
Council of Health
Cross-border Pre-authorisation Committee
Dental Specialists Accreditation Committee
Exceptional Medicinal Treatment Committee
General Services Board
Government Formulatory List Advisory Appeals Committee
Government Formulatory List Advisory Committee
Health Policy and Strategy Board
Healthcare Professions Appeals Committee
Medical Council
Medical Specialists Accreditation Committee
Medicines Review Board
Mental Health Services – Board of Directors
National Antimicrobial Resistance Committee
National Verification Committee for Measles and Rubella Elimination
Pharmacy Council
Smoking and Health Committee
Spe​cialists Accreditation Board – Non Medical
Specialist Accreditation Committee – Nurses and Midwives
Treatment Abroad Committee

Entitajiet taħt is-Segretarjat Parlamentari għall-Anzjan​ità​ Attiva

Office of the Commissioner for the Older Persons
Older Persons Standards Authority​
Council for Older Persons
Ethical Committee​ of St Vincent de Paule
Foundation for Senior Citizen Services Board
Home Help Appeals Board​
Management Committee of St Vincent de Paule 
National Commission on Active Ageing
Welfare Committee​