Consultation Process on Proposed Amendments to SL 424.36



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Consultation Process on Proposed Amendments to SL 424.36

The Ministry for Public Works and Planning and the Occupational Health and Safety Authority have launched a consultation process on proposed amendments to SL 424.36 (Legal Notice 88 of 2018 – the Work Place (Minimum Health and Safety Requirements for Work at Construction Sites)). 

Through the proposed amendments, project supervisors will be given all the necessary powers at construction sites under their control as would allow them to fulfil their responsibilities, which are also being clarified in the Legal Notice. 

A new non-liability clause is being added so no civil action or other proceedings for damages may be instituted by duty holders against the project supervisor for an act done in pursuance of the Regulations unless the project supervisor acted in a negligent manner.

Additionally, the roles and responsibilities of contractors, self-employed persons and workers are being better explained for added clarity. A copy of the draft regulations can be downloaded from the OHSA’s websiteLN 88 2018 Proposed Amendments 2023.

Any person or entity who wishes to make any comments on the proposed prescribed rules is invited to do so through this portal. 

The deadline for submissions is the 30th March 2023.