Measures of the National Cycling Strategy - a public consultation



Ministeru għat-Trasport, l-Infrastruttura u l-Proġetti Kapitali


Ministeru għat-Trasport, l-Infrastruttura u l-Proġetti Kapitali



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The Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure & Capital Projects is launching a public consultation on the measures of the upcoming national cycling strategy. The consultation document consists of a concise description of the proposed measures and is accompanied by an online questionnaire which intends to specifically:
  • gauge the public’s preferences related to the proposed measures; 
  • gain an understanding of the respondents’ potential to shift towards cycling for their mobility needs; and
  • understand possible concerns.
The measures cover a broad spectrum of areas that the Government intends to address to make cycling a concrete alternative for mobility needs in Malta whilst being mindful of the characteristics of our geography, of our climate and of our built environment.
Following the consultation, and taking stock of the public’s feedback, the Ministry intends to adopt a cycling strategy which will also include elements such as: 
  • a timeline of implementation with milestones and targets; 
  • a more detailed description of the current state of cycling and of cycling infrastructure; 
  • a comprehensive overview of the cycling infrastructure planned to be in place by 2030, i.e. the national cycling route network and public transport hubs with bike storage and bike sharing
The document can be accessed by clicking here
Feedback on the document and the measures contained within is welcome via the questionnaire. Alternatively respondents may provide their feedback through the below online form or via post addressed to Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure & Capital Projects, Casa Leoni, St Joseph High Street, Santa Venera SVR1010