Court Notices published in Govt. Gazette No. 20,666 of 16th July 2021





IT IS BEING NOTIFIED that by a decree dated 26th January, 2017, given by the Court of Magistrates (Malta) as a Court of Criminal Judicature (Magistrate Dr Francesco Depasquale, LLD) after an application filed by Carmelo Mallia on the 14th December, 2016, and following the execution of judgement given by the same Court (Magistrate Dr Abigail Lofaro, LLD) on the 1st November, 2002, (Compilation number 52/1999), in the case in the names:


The Police

(Inspector Stephen J. Gatt)




CARMELO MALLIA, 71 years, son of Emanuel and Nicholina née Borg, born in Birkirkara, Malta, on the 23rd September, 1949, residing at Flat 6, Block F, Qasam il-Menħir, Triq San Pietru, Ħal Kirkop, Malta, and holder of Maltese identity card number 783549M.


The Court ORDERED THE CANCELLATION of the freezing order of all the assets of the said Carmelo Mallia, which order was given on the 16th February, 1999, by the Court of Magistrates (Malta) as a Court of Criminal Inquiry (Magistrate Dr Abigail Lofaro, LLD) and published in the Government Gazette of the 26th February, 1999.


This order is being published according to section 5(6) of Cap. 373 of the Laws of Malta.


Today, 25th June, 2021


Registry of the Courts of Criminal Judicature (Malta)


Marvic Psaila

Deputy Registrar, Criminal Courts and Criminal Tribunals





By means of a decree given, by the Civil Court First Hall, on the 24th May, 2021, in the records of the Sworn Application in the names Turnkey Services Malta Ltd, vs Marco Micallef, Application number 210/2021 FDP, the following publication was ordered for the purpose of service of respondent Marco Micallef, in terms of Article 187(3) et sequitur of Cap. 12.


By means of a Sworn Application, filed, in the First Hall Civil Court, in the names of Turnkey Services Malta Ltd (C82232), 3 Flat 2, Triq Palma, Paola vs Marco Micallef (ID 509575M), on the 8th March, 2021, the applicant Turnkey Services Malta (C82232), asked this Honorable Court, amongst others,


to condemn the defendant to pay the applicant the amount as decided by the Honourable Court representing expenses incurred by the applicant after the respondent terminated the contract of works mentioned in the application as well as compensation for the termination of the contract of works without a valid reason.


With costs against the respondent from now summoned so that a reference to his evidence be made.


The Sworn Application in the names Turnkey Services Malta Ltd (C82232) vs Marco Micallef, Application number 210/2021FDP, has been deferred for hearing to the 29th September, 2021, at 09.00 a.m.


Notify Respondent:    81, Orchidea, Triq Garni, Mellieħa


Registry of the Superior Courts, today, 14th July, 2021


Adv. Frank Portelli, LLD

For the Registrar, Civil Courts and Tribunals





By decree given by the Civil Court, First Hall on the 12th July, 2021, on the application of DeBono Edward Dr (ID 592758M) noe, Tuesday, 9th November, 2021, at half past ten in the morning (10.30 a.m.) has been fixed for the Sale By Auction, to be held in room number 78, nearby the Courts Archives, Level -1, Courts Of Justice, Triq ir-Repubblika, Valletta, of the following property:


Villa named 'Is-Sienja' formely named 'Casa Sant Manduca' without official number in Triq Ras il-Wardija formerly known as Triq San Ġorġ in Wardija, limits of San Pawl il-Baħar, together with the adjacent lands which form an integral part of it with approxiamate measurement of fifteen thousand and eight hundred metres square (15,800 sqm). The said villa and the adjacent lands are bounded by North with the said street and on the South and West by property of John Dei Conti Sant Manduca or his successors in title, which property is free and unencumbered, with all its rights and enjoyments, valued at thirteen million and six hundred thousand euro (€13,600,000).


The said tenement is the property of T.A.M. Holdings Limited (C45710).


N.B. The said tenement will be sold as described in the acts of judicial sales number 14/2017.

Registry of the Superior Courts, this Wednesday, 14th July, 2021


Gaetana Aquilina

For the Registrar, Civil Courts and Tribunals





Notice, Registry of the Civil Court, First Hall


Whereas Yoseph Tesfaldet Keleta et filed an application under oath (No. 498/21JVC) demanding the Correction of the Act of Public Registry of their marriage certificate No. 833/2020 in the Public Registry.


Whosoever may have an interest therein, and wishes to oppose that demand, is hereby called upon to do so, by means of a note to be filed in the Registry of these Courts, within fifteen days from the day of the publication of this present notice in the Government Gazette.


Those who, within the aforesaid time, shall have filed such note, shall be notified by the service of a copy of the said application under oath, of the day which will be appointed for the hearing of the case.


By order of the Court


Registry of the Superior Court,


Today 14th of July, 2021


Karen Falzon

For Registrar, Civil Courts and Tribunals





By means of a decree of the 13th of July, 2021, given on an application of Anthony Joseph known as Tony Cassar, filed on the 10th of June, 2021, in the records of decree number 962/2021 wherein it was ordered the publication of the inventory of the estate of the late Carmelina Cassar (ID 800730M) spinster, daughter of the late Antonio Cassar u Josephine Cassar née Schembri, born at Ħal Qormi, Malta, and died at Tas-Sliema, Malta, on the 2nd October, 2020, aged 89 years.


This publication is going to be held on Friday, 17th of September, 2021, at four (4.00 p.m.) at 29/10, Vicenti Building, Triq id-Dejqa, Valletta, under the ministry of Notary Dr Pierre Attard.


Registry of the Civil Court (Voluntary Jurisdiction Section).


Today the 15 day of July, 2021


Melissa Galea

For the Registrar, Civil Court and Tribunals