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Government Notices published in Govt. Gazette No. 20,548 of 31st December 2020


No. 1514




THE President of Malta has the pleasure to approve the transfer of the undermentioned officers from the Regular Force of the Armed Forces of Malta to the Individual Reserve Force, on retirement, with effect from the date as shown against their names.


Major Stefan Camilleri                  5th January, 2021

Major Carmelo Mangion               6th January, 2021

Major Ivan Marmara                      8th January, 2021

Captain Angelic Galea                   5th January, 2021

Lieutenant Norbert Muscat            10th January, 2021


31st December, 2020




No. 1515




Period of Quarantine Order, 2020


The Superintendent of Public Health notifies that in accordance with article 2 (1) of the Period of Quarantine Order, 2020, the quarantine of the person travelling from Los Angeles (Los Angeles International Airport), United States of America, on the 28th December, 2020, with connection from Amsterdam (Amsterdam Airport Schipol), Netherlands, on the 29th December, 2020, with scheduled arrival in Malta at 14.30hrs, shall be subject to those conditions of quarantine as communicated to her by the Superintendent.


31st December, 2020




No. 1516




Government Grant on the Purchase of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles to be used

as Taxis or Vehicles for Hire with a Driver

or Passenger Transport Vehicles


IN terms of the provisions of paragraphs 8 and 9 of the Government Notice No. 418 published in the Government Gazette No. 20,394 dated 24th April, 2020, the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects is extending this grant scheme until an additional amount of grants reaches the amount of €70,000. Once this amount is reached, the scheme, as extended, will be automatically terminated.


The interpretation and all other provisions under the scheme as having been published in the Notice No. 418 of the 24th April, 2020, referred to shall continue to apply till the termination of this scheme as stipulated in paragraph 8 of the same Notice except for the amount of '€60,000' which is being substituted by the amount '€70,000'.


The public is hereby being notified that all applications relative to this scheme which have been submitted under this scheme shall be deemed to be valid applications until the sum of €70,000 has been reached.


31st December, 2020




No. 1517




Government Grants Scheme for the Purchase of Electric Vehicles, Electric Motorcycles, Electric Mopeds, Electric Tricycles and Pedal Electric Bicycles (Pedelec) for Private Individuals, Local Councils, Non-government Organisations, Businesses and Private Companies


IN terms of the provisions of paragraphs 8 and 10 of the Government Notice No. 420 published in the Government Gazette No. 20,394 dated 24th April 2020, the Minister for Transport Infrastructure and Capital Projects is extending this grant scheme until an additional amount of grants reaches the amount of €2,900,000 in the case of electric vehicles and electric quadricycles and €140,000 in the case of pedelecs. Once this amount is reached, the scheme, as extended, will be automatically terminated.


The interpretation and all other provisions under the scheme as having been published in the Notice No. 420 of the 24th April, 2020, referred to shall continue to apply till the termination of this scheme as stipulated in paragraph 8 of the same Notice except for the amount of '€1,500,000' which is being substituted by the amount '€2,900,000 and the amount of €100,000 which is being substituted by the amount of €140,000'.


The public is hereby being notified that all applications relative to this scheme which have been submitted under this scheme shall be deemed to be valid applications until the sum of €2,900,000 in the case of electric vehicles and electric quadricycles and €140,000 in the case of pedelecs has been reached.


31st December, 2020





No. 1518




Assistance to Church and Independent Schools related to Capital expenditure in the Implementation of Educational Reforms for All Children to Succeed


IN ACCORDANCE with the provisions of Section 8 of Government Notice. 826, 'Assistance to Church and Independent Schools related to Capital expenditure in the Implementation of Educational Reforms for All Children to Succeed' which was published on the 10th of July, 2018, in Government Gazette number 20,203, the Ministry for Finance and Employment, together with the Ministry for Education are notifying the public that the grant scheme is being renewed for a period of two years, up to 31st December, 2022.


This scheme aims to provide assistance to Church and Independent Schools with regards to capital expenditure related to the implementation of the 'Transition from Primary to Secondary School Reform', so that students in these schools may also benefit from the highest quality of educational environment.


1. Interpretation


In this scheme, unless the context otherwise requires:


'applicant' means a person, who on the date of application is officially recognised as the Head of the Church School or Independent School, or temporarily acting in that capacity, in which school the works of a capital nature are to be carried out, and on whose behalf such person is applying for the assistance which may be granted under this scheme;


'effective date' means 1st January 2021;


'Malta' means the Maltese Islands;


'fiscal receipt' means a receipt as defined in the Thirteenth Schedule to the Value Added Tax (Cap. 406), as subsequently amended, and also includes any regulation made by the same Act;


'church school' means:


(i) an institution the resources of which, both of person and of things, are ordained towards the promotion of the education and training of other persons through the dissemination of knowledge in accordance with article 2 of the Educational Act (Cap327); and

(ii) an institution that is authorized by the Bishops in Ordinary of Malta to operate as church school in accordance with article 20 of the Education Act (Cap. 327); and


(iii) an institution providing compulsory education at primary and/or secondary level/s; and


(iv) an institution which already has a valid license to operate as a school in full compliance of educational Act (Cap. 327) at the time of application for the Grant;


'independent school' means:


(i) an institution the resources of which, both of person and of things, are ordained towards the promotion of the education and training of other persons through the dissemination of knowledge in accordance with article 2 of the Education Act (Cap 327); and


(ii) an institution providing compulsory education at primary and/or secondary level/s; and


(iii) an institution which already has a valid license to operate as a school, in full compliance of the Education Act (Cap. 327) at the time of application for the Grant;


'works of a capital nature' means:


Works of a capital nature and services directly related, undertaken to directly improve the quality of teaching and learning. These may include the construction/upgrading and completion phase incurred in order for a school to extend its teaching services in the primary or secondary level, as may be required, and directly related services such as architect fees, Planning Authority (PA) processing fees, consultancy fees originally envisaged in the planning stages of the works of a capital nature, etc. Such works may include buildings works, and the fixture of the apertures and the electrical and plumbing installations. Such works may also include the complete furnishing of the related extension or other parts of the school, which among other things include the chairs, the tables, the whiteboards, the shelves, the computers, the playgrounds and sports facilities and other items, without which, the extension of the school would not be recognised as having reached the required standard as requested. Such works and services have to be approved by the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education. In the case of Church schools, such works need to be authorised as well by the Bishops Ordinary of Malta.


2. Area of applicability


This scheme relates to the works of a capital nature incurred by a Church or Independent school and which works of a capital nature were carried out from the effective date or afterwards and completed by the end of December 2022.

3. Expenditure to be reported


The expenditure to be reported is in respect of works of a capital nature as defined in section one (1) of this scheme.


4. Manner of application and supporting documents required:


(i) Applications under this scheme are to be made on the form set out in the schedule to this scheme and to contain all the information, details and documents as required in the said form and in terms of this scheme.


(ii) Applications are to be accompanied by the documents shown hereunder:


(a) a copy of the identity card of the applicant or, in the absence of an identity card, any other official document;


(b) both the original fiscal receipt/s and the commercial invoices authenticated by the Head of School, and by a warranted architect where applicable, relating to the works of a capital nature as defined in Clause one (1) of this Scheme. In the case where the supplier of goods/services is exempted from issuing a fiscal receipt an endorsed statement to this effect is to be supplied by the supplier together with the commercial invoices;


In the case of school furniture and equipment referred to in the interpretation of 'works of a capital nature', not purchased in Malta, the original invoices of the purchase of such items issued by the supplier together with the delivery note/s, the original documentary proof that final payment has been affected, and clearance from MaltaPost/Department of Customs Malta, as may be required. These documents must confirm that such items were really purchased; the expenditure costs, and which costs include duty and VAT as may be required, were really paid in full; and that such purchase was affected by the school applying for the grant under this scheme for the same school. Such purchased items must also conform to EU standard safety regulations, as may be required.


These documents are to be endorsed by the Head of School;


(c) where applicable, an official certificate issued by the warranted architect confirming that the eligible works of a capital nature as described in the application form are in conformity with all the existing regulations and laws, and in accordance with the necessary permits issued by PA, as well as the consent of third parties, if and as may be required for the works to be carried out;


(d) where applicable, an officially endorsed copy of the PA approval of the works of a capital nature as described in the application form;

(e) where applicable, an officially endorsed copy of the PA Compliance Certificate of the said works of a capital nature;


(f) any other document which the Ministry for Finance and Employment may, from time to time, require.


(iii) Only those applications that are in conformity with all the provisions of this scheme shall be eligible for payment of the assistance referred to in Clause 5 of this scheme.


(iv) Applications under this scheme, including the documents that are to be submitted with the application, shall be submitted/addressed to 'Grant Scheme to Church and Independent Schools, Office of the Director General, Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education (DQSE), Level 1, Triq Joseph Abela Scolaro, Ħamrun HMR 1304, not later than three months from the completion date of the works of a capital nature undertaken by the school, as evidenced by the date of the last relevant receipt.


Consideration will also be given to applications for grants related to the completion of different work phases that fall in between the commencement of works and their complete termination.


Application forms are accessible from (


5. Assistance payable under this Scheme


Eligible applicants may apply for a grant of 15.25% on the qualifying expenditure that has been paid in full and incurred for works of a capital nature as explained at section 2 of this scheme.


6. Payment of Grant


The grant will be paid to the applicant by cheque posted to the address shown on the application.


7. Validity of application


An application shall not be deemed to be valid unless:


(a) it is full and complete in all material aspects;


(b) it is accompanied by all the relevant documentation or details as required;

8. Duration of the Scheme


This Scheme shall remain in force till 31 December, 2022, as described in Section 2 of this Notice and shall cease thereafter to be in force. This scheme may be modified or terminated by means of a Notice in the Government Gazette and shall be renewed as deemed necessary through another Notice in the Government Gazette.


9. State Aid


With reference to section 5, this scheme will be implemented in accordance with the provisions of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1407/2013 of 18th December, 2013, on the application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union to de minimis aid, OJ L 352/1 of 24 December, 2013, as amended by Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/972 of 2 July, 2020, amending Regulation (EU) No. 1407/2013 as regards its prolongation and amending Regulation (EU) No. 651/2014 as regards its prolongation and relevant adjustments, OJ L 215/3 of 7th July, 2020


 Church and Independent schools applying for this grant should make sure that they are within the limits of State Aid and will have to fill the attached form on State Aid.


10. Amendments to the Scheme


The Minister for Finance and Employment reserves the right to make any amendments to this scheme by the publication of the said amendments in the Government Gazette.


11. Transitory provisions


Applications made under this scheme relating to works of a capital nature and which works, or phases of such works, were carried out between the effective date and the date of publication of this Notice shall be deemed to be valid applications under this scheme, provided that the applications satisfy all the conditions stipulated in this Notice.



In these transitory cases, applications shall be submitted within three months from the date of publication of this Notice.




Schedule A – Application Form

Schedule B – State Aid Declaration Form


31st December, 2020


Church school scheme app forms Gaz 31.12.pdf





No. 1519




Government Grant on the Installation of Bicycle Racks/Ancillary Facilities in Localities or within Enterprises' Premises


IN ORDER to incentivise the use of alternative green means of transport while, at the same time, encouraging physical exercise and a healthier life style the Minister for Finance and Employment is allocating funds whereby local councils and enterprises are encouraged to come up with a plan to promote the use of bicycles as a means of transportation within localities and to and from the workplace.


To this end, the Ministry for Finance and Employment has set up a fund to cover the expenditure incurred by local councils and enterprises to install bicycle racks and ancillary facilities.


Local councils and enterprises can apply for funds by submitting the application form after having consulted the applicable guidelines that are accessible from (


1. Interpretation


In this scheme, unless the context otherwise requires:


'applicant' means the person applying for the grant under this scheme on behalf of the local council or the registered enterprise applying for the grant under this scheme;


'application' means the application made for a grant under this scheme;


'guidelines' means guidance documents that provide the applicable specifications and instructions for installation and purchasing of bicycle racks. These guidelines are accessible from (;


'local council' means a local council established under the Local Councils Act (Cap. 363 of the laws of Malta) and as designated in the Second Schedule annexed to this Act;


'registered enterprise' means a legal entity possessing the right to conduct business on its own, for example to enter into contracts, own property, incur liabilities and establish bank accounts. An enterprise may be a corporation, a quasi- corporation, a non-profit institution, or an unincorporated enterprise. The enterprise has to be registered with the competent authority;


'effective date' means the 1st January, 2021;


'fiscal receipt' means a receipt as defined in the Thirteenth Schedule to the Value Added Tax (Cap. 406), as subsequently amended, and also includes any regulation made by the same Act;


'bicycle racks' means facilities for short-term or long term bicycle parking as defined in the guidelines that are intended as instructions for purchase and installation of bicycle racks and ancillary facilities;


'Ancillary facilities' means equipment, buildings, structures and imporvements that expand the comfort and safety necessary to support the use of a bicycle as a means of transportation;


'capital expenditure' means expenditure related to the purchase and installation of bicycle racks andancillary facilities,


'Malta' means the islands of Malta;


'Minister' means the Minister responsible for Finance;


'businesses' means any commercial company including partnerships registered in Malta with the Malta Financial Services Authority;


'person residing in Malta' means a natural person who either holds a legally valid identification document issued in terms of the Identity Card and other Identity Documents Act (Cap. 258) or who has a residence permit or a letter issued from the expatriate office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;


'Member State' means a Member State of the European Union;


'European Union' has the same meaning as is assigned to it by article 2 of the European Union Act (Cap. 460), and includes Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein;

'purchase price' means the total purchase price of the complete equipment including VAT and which purchase price has been paid in full by the applicant prior to applying for reimbursement.


2. Area of applicability


This scheme relates to the expenditure that is incurred in the purchase price and installation of bicycle racks within the locality or the purchase price and installation of bicycle racks/ancillary facilities within the enterprises' premises, and which purchase and works were carried out from the effective date or afterwards and completed by the end of December 2021.


3. Expenditure to be reported


The expenditure to be reported is in respect of the purchase price and installation of bicycle racks/ancillary facilities as defined in section one (1) of this scheme.


4. Manner of application and supporting documents



(i) Applications under this scheme shall be made in the form set out in schedule (A) annexed to this scheme, and shall contain all the information, details and documents as required in the said form and in terms of this scheme.


(ii) Prior to purchasing and installing the bicycle racks/ancillary facilities the applicant must read and follow the applicable guidelines, that are accessible from (


(iii) Applications are to be accompanied by the documents shown hereunder:


(a) a copy of the identity card of the applicant or, in the absence of an identity card, a copy of any other official document of identity as referred to in the interpretation of a 'person residing in Malta' in section 1 of this scheme;


(b) Quotations for equipment purchased and works, which must specify if installation is included;


(c) Picture of the proposed racks;


(d) Site plan and photos of where the bicycle racks/ancillary facilities will be installed.

(iv) At reimbursement stage the applicant must submit:



(a) Both the original fiscal receipt/s and the commercial invoices. In the case were the supplier of goods/services is exempted from issuing a fiscal receipt an endorsed statement to this effect is to be supplied by the supplier together with the commercial invoices.


In the case of equipment not purchased from Malta, the original invoices of the purchase of such items issued by the supplier together with the delivery note/s, the original documentary proof that final payment has been affected, and clearance from Maltapost/Department of Customs Malta, as may be required. These documents must confirm that such items were really purchased; the expenditure costs, and which costs include duty and VAT as may be required, were really paid in full; that such a purchase was affected by the purchaser for the purchaser. Such purchased items must also conform to EU standard safety regulations, as may be required.


(v) Only those applications that are in conformity with all the provisions of this scheme shall be eligible for payment of the assistance referred to in section 5 of this scheme.


(vi) Applications under this scheme, including the documents required to be submitted with the application, shall be submitted to the Board for the Bicycle Rack Fund, Ministry for Finance and Employment, Maison Demandols, Triq in-Nofsinhar, Valletta. The Application form and guidelines are available from (



5. Grant payable under this scheme


(i)        Local councils and non for profit enterprises are eligible to apply for a grant of up to 100% of the approved capital expenditure incurred and paid in full as explained in section 2 of the scheme;


(ii)       Commercial enterprises may apply for a grant of up to 50% on the approved capital expenditure incurred and paid in full as explained in section 2 of the scheme.



6. Payment of Grant


The grant will be paid to the applicant by cheque posted to the address shown on the application.

7. Validity of application


An application shall not be deemed to be valid unless:


(a) it is full and complete in all material aspects;


(b) it is accompanied by all the   relevant documentation or details as required.


8. Duration of the scheme


This scheme has a definite duration and will start as from the 1st January 2021, and end on the 31st December 2021, until this scheme is not modified/terminated by means of a notice in the Government Gazette and shall be renewed as deemed necessary by the Minister for Finance and Employment and as such shall be thus published in another notice in the Government Gazette.


9. State Aid


With reference to section 5(ii), this scheme will be implemented in accordance with the provisions of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1407/2013 of 18 December 2013 on the application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union to de minimis aid, OJ L 352/1 of 24 December 2013. Commercial enterprises applying for this grant should make sure that they are within the limits of State Aid and will have to fill the attached form on State Aid.


10. Amendments to the scheme


The Minister for Finance and Employment reserves the right to make any amendments to this scheme by the publication of the said amendments in the Government Gazette.


11. Transitory provisions


Applications made under this scheme relating to the expenditure on the purchase price and installation of bicycle racks/ancillary facilities, and which purchase and installation was carried out between the effective date and the date of publication of this notice shall be deemed to be valid applications under this scheme, provided that the applications satisfy all the conditions stipulated in this notice.



Schedule A – Application Form


31st December, 2020


 Bicycle rack scheme app forms Gaz 31.12.pdf


No. 1520


Broadcasting Authority


Explanatory Note in accordance with and for the purpose of Article 3(2)(c) of the Small Business Act (Cap. 512 of the Laws of Malta)


1. Introduction


The title of this Bill is an act to amend the Broadcasting Act, Cap. 350.


Activity to be regulated


The act amends the Broadcasting Act to transpose Directive (UE) 2018/1808 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 November 2018 amending Directive 2010/13/EU on the coordination of certain provisions laid down by law, regulation or administrative action in Member States concerning the provisions of the audiovisual media services (Audiovisual Media Services Directive) in the light of changing marketing realities)


2. Summary and Background


Aims and Objectives of the Legislation


The Act transposes the provisions of the following Directive:


Directive (EU) 2018/1808 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 November 2018 amending Directive 2010/13/EU on the coordination of certain provisions laid down by law, regulation or administrative action in Member States concerning the provisions of the audiovisual media services (Audiovisual Media Services Directive) in the light of changing marketing realities (the “Directive").


The Directive may be accessed through the following link: (


The last substantive amendment to Council Directive 89/552/EEC, subsequently codified by Directive 2010/13/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, was made in 2007 with the adoption of Directive 2007/65/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council. Since then, the audiovisual media services market has evolved significantly and rapidly due to the ongoing convergence of television and internet services.


Technical developments have allowed for new types of services and user experiences. Viewing habits, particularly those of younger generations, have changed significantly. While the main TV screen remains an important device for sharing audiovisual experiences, many viewers have moved to other portable devices to watch audiovisual content. Traditional TV content still accounts for a major share of the average daily viewing time.


However, new types of content, such as video clips or user-generated content, have gained an increasing importance and new players, including providers of video-on-demand services and video-sharing platforms, are now well-established. This convergence of media requires an updated legal framework in order to reflect developments in the market and to achieve a balance between access to online content services, consumer protection and competitiveness.


3. Importance of Amendments and Commentary on Parts


The Directive introduces regulations for video sharing platforms. Video-sharing platform services provide audiovisual content which is increasingly accessed by the general public, in particular by young people. This is also true with regard to social media services, which have become an important medium to share information and to entertain and educate, including by providing access to programmes and user-generated videos. Those social media services which fall under the definition of audiovisual media service or video sharing platform are included in the scope of Directive (EU) 2018/1808 because they compete for the same audiences and revenues as audiovisual media services. Furthermore, they also have a considerable impact in that they facilitate the possibility for users to shape and influence the opinions of other users. Therefore, in order to protect minors from harmful content and all citizens from incitement to hatred, violence and terrorism, those services have been covered by Directive (EU) 2018/1808 to the extent that they meet the definition of a video-sharing platform service.


User-generated videos are now covered by Directive (EU) 2018/1808. While the aim of the Directive is not to regulate social media services as such, a social media service should be covered if the provision of programmes and user-generated videos constitutes an essential functionality of that service. The provision of programmes and user-generated videos could be considered to constitute an essential functionality of the social media service if the audiovisual content is not merely ancillary to, or does not constitute a minor part of, the activities of that social media service. 


The Directive introduces an obligation on broadcasting regulators to establish and maintain up-to-date records of the media service providers and video-sharing platform providers under their jurisdiction and to regularly share those records with their competent independent regulatory authorities or bodies and the Commission. This is done in order to ensure the effective implementation of Directive (EU) 2018/1808.


The Directive also introduces new basis regulating jurisdiction of Member States over audiovisual media service providers.


The Directive introduces a recommendation on audio visual media service providers to implement self- and co-regulatory instruments. These can play an important role in delivering a high level of consumer protection. Measures aimed at achieving general public interest objectives in the emerging audiovisual media services sector are more effective if they are taken with the active support of the service providers themselves.


The directive also introduces an important notion:  transparency of media ownership.  This is directly linked to the freedom of expression, a cornerstone of democratic systems. Information concerning the ownership structure of media service providers, where such ownership results in the control of, or the exercise of a significant influence over, the content of the services provided, allows users to make an informed judgement about such content. The Act introduces obligations on both the Broadcasting Authority and audiovisual media services providers in this regard.


In order to empower viewers, including parents and minors, to make informed decisions about the content to be watched, it is necessary that media service providers provide sufficient information about content that may impair minors' physical, mental or moral development. The Act introducers a mandatory system of age classification and content descriptors describing the nature of the content. This applies also to on demand services.


The amendments to the Broadcasting Act introduce legislation based on the premise that children merit specific protection with regard to the processing of their personal data. The establishment of child protection mechanisms by media service providers inevitably leads to the processing of the personal data of minors. Personal data of minors processed in the framework of technical child protection measures will not be allowed to be used for commercial purposes.


Accessibility to audiovisual content is a pillar of the Broadcasting Act. Ensuring the accessibility of audiovisual content is an essential requirement in the context of the commitments taken under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The right of persons with an impairment and of the elderly to participate and be integrated in the social and cultural life is linked to the provision of accessible audiovisual media services. The Broadcasting Act obliges audiovisual media service providers to submit a plan and implement measures aimed to increase accessibility to their media. A specific complaints procedure is also being introduced so that persons who feel aggrieved by failure to facilitate access may submit their complaints to the Broadcasting Authority.


The Act also introduces new regulations affecting advertising relating to alcohol, foods which are high in fats, salts and sugar and gambling.


New articles related to product placement are also being introduced. These articles relax the previous restrictions with exceptions such as children's programming, news and current affairs and religious programming.


Providers of on-demand audiovisual media services are now obliged to promote the production and distribution of European works by ensuring that their catalogues contain a minimum of 30% share of European works and that they are given sufficient prominence.


The Directive introduces a new concept called media literacy. 'Media literacy' refers to skills, knowledge and understanding that allow citizens to use media effectively and safely. In order to enable citizens to access information and to use, critically assess and create media content responsibly and safely, citizens need to possess advanced media literacy skills. Media literacy should not be limited to learning about tools and technologies, but should aim to equip citizens with the critical thinking skills required to exercise judgment, analyse complex realities and recognise the difference between opinion and fact. The Act embraces this position by introducing measures aimed to promote and implement media literacy action plans, also by the creation of a specific Board empowered to deal with this new obligation.



The previous system imposing a 12-minute limit per clock hour of advertising during television programming is now being changed to another system which splits the broadcast day into two periods, and the allowance is changed to 20% of that particular period, taken as a whole.


Amendments to S.L. 350.18 result in the introduction of changes to the watershed thereby extending the watershed to 9.30pm; also, the age classification criteria are aligned with Chapter 444 of the Laws of Malta and include content descriptors which should be used by broadcasters.


Amendments to S.L. 350.04 align provisions related to jurisdiction criteria and European Works to the amendments to the main Act, in view of the provisions of the EU Directive. Jurisdiction criteria will be removed from the subsidiary legislation.

S.L. 350.34 will be repealed as the main provisions related to obligations of on-demand audiovisual media service providers have been incorporated into the main Broadcasting Act (Article 16O).


Amendments to S.L. 350.25 will remove the exclusion of casinos from the scope of the subsidiary legislation and thus create a level playing field among different gambling products, in line with the Gaming Act.


4. Public Consultation


The proposed amendments were subject to a public consultation exercise, which included participation from major stakeholders.  Their feedback was taken on board and where applicable practical changes were made to the proposed legislation to reflect this feedback.


5. Overview of the Structure of the Instrument


Article 1 stipulates the title of the Act, being the Broadcasting (Amendment) Act, 2020.


Articles 2, 3 and 4 transpose the various definitions as listed under Article 1 of the Directive whilst factoring in other definitions in order to avoid ambiguity on certain terms used in the Broadcasting Act.


Article 5 amends Article 16H of the principal Act, which amendment establishes the jurisdiction principles of Malta regarding media service providers.


Article 6 substitutes Article 16J of the Principal Act by making reference to the obligation of media service providers to inform the Authority of their details including who the beneficial owners of the providers are.


Article 7 of the proposed Act introduces important provisions. The new article 16JA refers to the media service providers' obligation to protect minors from media services which may impair the physical, mental or moral development of minors and Article 16JB imposes an obligation on media service providers so as to introduce measures that make media services accessible to persons with disability.    


Article 8 substitutes Article 16K in its entirety. This Article governs audiovisual commercial communications.


Article 9 amends Article 16L of the principal Act, extending the prohibition of cigarette advertising to undertakings whose principal activity is the manufacture or sale of e-cigarettes and refill containers; and also prohibiting the sponsorship of news, current affairs programmes or religious programmes and services. 


Article 10 substitutes the current Article 16M and regulates the use of product placement produced after 19th December 2009. Article 11 adds a new article 16MA, which introduces a new concept regarding “media literacy".  This article establishes the appointment of a Media Literacy Development Board. This Board shall ascertain that measures implemented should equip all citizens with advanced media literacy skills.


Articles 12 to 14 introduce amendments and new provisions related to obligations of on-demand media services providers.


Article 15 establishes the principles of co-regulation and self-regulation to media service providers and video-sharing platform service providers.


Articles 16 and 17 introduce a new Part to be inserted in the Broadcasting Act which will include provisions applicable to video-sharing platform providers.


Article 18 introduces a new Article 22A which governs complaints specifically related to accessibility, as provided for in the new Article 16B.


Article 19 amends the Third Schedule to the principal Act.


Article 20 substitutes the Fifth Schedule to the principal Act.


6. Conclusion


The Act shall come into force as from the date of publication.


N.B. This Explanatory Note is not intended to be an exhaustive description of the instrument nor a substitute thereof or a legislative supplement to it. This Note does not purport to be an authoritative ruling on the interpretation of the legislation.


31st December, 2020




(for the purpose of paragraph (vi) of Schedule III of Chapter 512 of the Laws of Malta)


Transposition Notes for the transposition of the main elements of Directive (UE) 2018/1808 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 November 2018 amending Directive 2010/13/EU on the coordination of certain provisions laid down by law, regulation or administrative action in Member States concerning the provisions of the audiovisual media services (Audiovisual Media Services Directive) in the light of changing marketing realities.


Directive article numberTransposing Article (Chapter 350)
Article 1(h)Article 16G
Article 1(a)(i)(ii)Article 16G
Artile 1(1bb)Article 16G
Article 1(m)Article 16G
Article 1(b)Article 16G
Article 1(k)Article 16G
Article 1(ba)Article 16G
Article 1(da)Article 16G
Article 1(aa)Article 16G
Article 2(3)(b)Article 16H(3)(b)
Article 2(5a)Article 16H(7)
Article 2(5b)Article 16H(8)
Article 5(1)Article 16J(1)
Article 5(2)Article 16J(2)
Article 6a(1)Article 16JA(1) and (2)
Article 6a(2)Article 16JA(3)
Article 6a(3)Article 16JA(4)
Article 7(1), (2) and (3)Article 16JB(1) and (2)
Article 7(4)Article 16JB(3)
Article 7(5)Article 16JB(4)
Article 7(b)Article 16JC
Article 9(1)(a) to (c)(iv) Article 16K(1)
Article (9)(1)(d)Article 16K(2)
Article 9(e)Article 16K(3)
Article 9(f)Article 16K(4)
Article 9(g)Article 16K(5)
Article 9(4)Article 16K(7)
Article 9(2)Article 16K(8)
Article 10(2)Article 16L(2)
Article 10(4)Article 16L(4)
Article 11(2)Article 16M(2)
Article 11(3)(a)Article 16M(3)(a)
Article 11(3)(b)Article 16M(3)(b)
Article 11(3)(c)Article 16M(3)(d)
Article 11(4)(a) and (b)Article 16M(4)
Article 33(a)Article 16MA
Article 13(1)Article 16N(1)
Article 13(6)Article 16N(2) and (3)
Article 6(a)Article 16O(6)
Article 6(1)(a) and (b)Article 16O(7)
Article 6(2)Article 16O(8)
Article 4(a)(1)(a), (b),  (c), (d)Article 16Q
Article 28(a)(1)Article 16R(1)
Article 28(a)(2), (3)Article 16R(2)
Article 28(a)(4)Article 16R(3)
Article 28(a)(5)Article 16R(4)
Article 28(a(6)Article 16R(5)
Article 28(1)(a), (b), (c)Article 16S(1)
Article 28(b)(2)Article 16S(2), (3), (4) and (5)
Article 28(b)(3)Article 16S(6), (7), (8) and (9)
Article 28(b)(5)Article 16S(10)
Article 28(b)(7) and (8)Article 16S(11)
Article 7(4)Article 22A
Article 19(2)Article 6 – Third Schedule
Article 20(2)Article 11 – Third Schedule
Article 23(1)Article 15 – Third Schedule
Article 23(2)Article 15 – Third Schedule
Article 20(2)Article 35 – Third Schedule



Directive article numberTransposing Article
(S.L. 350.18)
Article 6A Article 3.1



Other amendments

Article (Chapter 350)Details
Article 16K(6) Stricter regulations regarding HFSS products.
Article 16L(4)Stricter regulations regarding pop-up advertising, in addition to prohibition of sponsorship of certain programmes
Article 16M(2)Stricter regulations regarding product placement
Article 16M(3)(c)The introduction of a ban on thematic placement, in addition to the provisions regarding product
Article 16M(4)(c)Stricter regulations regarding tattoo parlour advertising which were already
included in national legislation
Article 16M(4)(d)(i)Stricter regulations regarding alcohol advertising which were already included in national legislation
Article 16M(4)(d)(ii)Stricter regulations regarding gambling products, weapons and munitions which were already included in national legislation.
16O(1) to (4)Media Services On Demand notification procedure which was previously included in subsidiary legislation






No. 1521




THE following list of persons who have been naturalised/registered as citizens of Malta from January 2019 until December 2019, is being published for general information in accordance with the provisions of sub-regulation 14(2) of Subsidiary Legislation 188.03.


Name                                                               Surname

Aaliya ElizabethCachia McCloskey
Aaron JulianWelsh
Aaron Vincent BenSluiter
Abdelaziz Guara
Abdelaziz Mohamed Abdelaziz Mohamed HassanMattar
Abdulaziz Almukbel
Abdulaziz Alajlan
Abdulaziz Alajllan
Abdul-Aziz Khalid
Abdulaziz Mohamed H A Al-Mana
Abdulaziz Mohammed S Alajlan
Abdullah Ghazi Abbar
Abidin Gulmus
Abigail Jeanne LouiseOrgan
Abigail JoyAttard Montalto
AbousetaIbrahim M.A. Hadi
Adam Khoo
Adam Charles AnthonyScicluna
Adam DanielLaw
Adam FrancisGauci
Adam JamesBrewer
Adam John Joseph CharlesGrima
Adam John Richard Camilleri Kamsky
Adam JosephMamo
Adam LouisBugeja
Adam Paul Abela
Adam PeterBarlow
Adam ScottGrima
Adam StephenPayler
Adebola Afolarin Adebutu
Adebukunola Afolami Adebutu
Adel Daher
Adel MohamedBen Mosbah
AdelaidaGomez Osorio
Adele Marie EvelynCarr-Pease
Adelina Rinatovna Salikhova
Adil Almisihal
Aditya Berlia
Adrian Edward MansonHill
Adrian Joseph Graffy
Adriana MariaBellicanta
Adrien LemeeSwartz
Adrienne VickiVearing
Ahmed Ramadan AbdllahElzeyani
Ahmed Saad AhmedAbouismail
Ahmed Salah SalemEl-Saadny
Ahmet Alkan Celik
Ahmet Altay Cakmak
Ahmet Zeki Toygar
Ahnade Vena
Aidan AlecReed
Aiden Jingheng Zhu
Aimee FrancesPenman
Aimee MariaBarr
Aisha Daher
Aishwarya Mathew
Ajibola Bankole Adebutu
Ajlan Alajlan
Ajlan Alajlan
Aksel Boudiab
Alain Alexander PhilippeBuhagiar
Alaine Handa
Alan CyrilMaindonald
Alan JohnBusuttil
Alan Leonard (at birth Albert)England
Alan Matthew Dykes
Alana CarmelSpiteri
Alana LisaPhelan
Alani OlawaleYusuf
Alanna NicoleRowley
Albane Jeanne LouiseGely
Albane Sienna LouiseCamilleri
Albert DouglasWatton
Albert HenryHall
Albert JosephBuhagiar
Albert LeonHillman
Albert Z. Lin
Albina Arturovna Tizer
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Shekhovtsov
Aleksandr Andrianovich Melnikov
Aleksandra Ivanovna Bedrina
Aleksandra Vitalyevna Pronyushkina
Aleksei Mikhailovich Krupyshev
Aleksey Andrianovich Melnikov
Alena Nikolaevna Filatova
Alena Ruslanovna Tyurina
Alessandra EveGeorge
Alessia Guglielmi
Alessia MariaMagri Teticu
Alevtina Igorevna Shestakova
Alex CharlieScicluna
Alex Francis JohnAttard
Alex GerardLeete
Alex MichaelPisani
Alex PaulVella
Alex PeterJackson
Alexa ChanelBusef
Alexander Dmitrievitch Ashikhmin
Alexander GennadievichRausov
Alexander Ivanovich Likhomanov
Alexander JaiMagin
Alexander JosephZammit
Alexander Joseph DixonHughes
Alexander LewisBull
Alexander Nikitas Renzi
Alexander PeterHarding
Alexander Philip SamuelWells-Greco
Alexander RhysObrien
Alexander SergeevichKunitsyn
Alexander ThomsonCowie
Alexander Valerievich Akhmedov
Alexander Vladimirovich Romashchenko
Alexander Vladimirovich Gladkov
Alexander WilliamHill
Alexandr VitalievichVolkov
Alexandra AlyceMicallef
Alexandra Evgenyevna Smetanina
Alexandra JaneDebono
Alexandra JoVainauskas
Alexandra MariaBritton
Alexandra VasilievnaSavvateeva
Alexandra Vladimirovna Abramenko
Alexandre ThierryVillaret
Alexandria ElizabethYeardley
Alexandria NugentAquilina
Alexandru Bercea
Alexender IvoSchembri
Alexey Sergeevich Bogdanchikov
Alexey Sergeevich Smirnov
Alexey SergeyevichIvanov
Alexey Vladimirovich Romanov
Alexie Antonia BonniciWall
Alfie GeorgeRichardson
AliShaukat Ali
Ali Hajjar
Alice Emily IreneNewman
Alice Lola Grace
Alice Rose ElizabethBonsor
Alicia AprilGauci
Alina AlexandrovnaMifsud
Alina KonstantinovnaScerri
Alisa Aleksandrovna Shekhovtsova
Alisa Stanislavovna Usynina
Alisdair JamesBoult
Alison AnnBrindle
Alison ClareLewis
Alison DawnVassallo
Alison JaneBull
Alison Jane Berkeley
Alison MarieTuck
Alison MaryMagro
Alistair Ross Thomson
Aljawharah Altouq
Alla AnatolievnaBriffa
Alla Vladimirovna Chupaeva
Allan Wolpowitz
Allan JohnFraser
Allegra BettinaClark
Ally Isabella Chesher
Alptekin Tizer
Aly Elserafy
Alya Nur Celik
Alysa Mary JaneDeguara
Alyssa GermainePace
Alyssa LaceyFormosa
Alyssa MichalDiacono
Amanda JoyceGauci
Amanda LouiseMallia
Amara LynnZammit
Ameed Daher
Ameed Daher
Amelia BCutajar
Amelia MariaHaber
Amelia MarieAttard
Amina Guara
Amir Mynzhasarovich Aisautov
Amr Ali MohammedAl-Baidhani
Amy EllenBianchi
Amy KateSaward
Amy LeeZerafa
Amy MarieBuhagiar
AnaAcevedo Nistal
Anabel-India Mc Lintock
Analiah AviMukhi Hotchandani
AnamariaMagri Pantea
Anastasia Akhsarbekovna Tadeeva
Anastasia BreeWynberg
Anastasia JanaSaliba
Anastasia Vladimirovna Gay
Anatoly Mikhaylovich Kiselev
Anatoly Sergeevich Knyazev
Anber Zulfiqar
Andre MichelMagro
Andre XavierAnastasi
Andrea MareeMitchell
Andrei Aleksandrovich Akhmedov
Andrei Nikolaevich Riazantcev
AndreoAmuma Lateo
Andrew AnthonyMcCredie
Andrew CharlesGeoghegan
Andrew ConnorScheinman
Andrew CraigHudson
Andrew JamesLogue
Andrew JohnMana
Andrew JohnBraico
Andrew John SaviourBowles
Andrew JulianPipe
Andrew LeeSmith
Andrew MelvinHepburn
Andrew NicholasMercieca
Andrew PatrickScicluna
Andrew PaulTolhurst
Andrew PaulBasson
Andrew TimothyPortelli
Andrey Andreyevich Dolgopolov
Andrey Konstantinovich Abramov
Andrey Valeryevich Dolgopolov
Andrey Vasilievich Zinovyev
Andrey Yuryevich Mudrov
Andrian Aleksandrovich Melnikov
Andriy JozefDelceppo
Aneta IlkovaCamilleri
Angela Caterina AnnaCalleja
Angela GillianSeychell
Angela JosephinePeake
Angela JosephineCharlton
Angela MargaretMeilak
Angela MargaretCefai
Angela PatriciaVella
Angela Petra Jocelyn ElizabethRogers
Angela ThereseGilbert
AngeleCallus Samuel
Angelica SoriaD'Alfonso
Angelina ClaireWinship
Anguel IankovGueorguiev
Anita GeorgetteMamo
Anja ChristinaFenech
AnjanDas Gupta
Ann MarieFarrugia
AnnaQuadrada Jane
Anna Kansou
Anna Ataker
Anna Alekseyevna Pak
Anna AlexandrovnaMukhortova
Anna Arkadyevna Ivanova
Anna Aziza Corinne Abensur
Anna CatherineDougal
Anna CharlotteRickinson
Anna Evgenyevna Kolesnikova
Anna Georgievna Vedernikova
Anna GwenRyder-Mahoney
Anna JaneBonsor
Anna JoSaverton
Anna JuliaBezzina
Anna MarieLarman
Anna Petrovna Talantova
Anna Sergeevna Shchilova
Annabelle MaryJohnson
Annalise BrittanyButt
Annamelle Mae BridgetFarrugia
Anne EstelleGrech
Anne Marie Cassar
Anne-Marie ChristineQuercia
Annette ShirleyNewbold
Annika JoanWood
Anthony HarryJones
Anthony JamesDean
Anthony JeanMifsud
Anthony JerardBennett
Anthony JohnRielly
Anthony JohnBasson
Anthony JosephRenzi
Anthony LukePerrett
Anthony MarkAttwill
Anthony RonaldNastri
Anthony ThomasConnor
Antoine PierreFaddoul
Anton Evgenievich Strekalov
Anton Igorovych Pankratiev
Antonina IgorevnaDaoud
Antonio OdilonMagro
Antonio RafeD'Ancona
Antonious Samir Rezk GadallaKhalil
Antonita Marinova GyurchevaBonello
Antony JohnCollins
Anzhelika OleksandrivnaVella
Aqba Sabir
Arabelle Marie YvonneChevallier-Sollier
ArdinPeregin Iqbal
Arjan JulesWynberg
Arkadiy Anatolyevich Chupaev
Arlette MaryMarsden
Artemii Alexandrovich Rausov
Arthur Vincent JosephHazell
Artur Samvelovich Khachatryan
Arun BenRiahi
Arzu Mohammad
Ashleigh KateVella
Ashleigh ReneePisani
Ashley LaurenTrbojevic
Ashton KristopherLiang
Ashton LewisGalea
Asligul Armagan
Asma Alajlan
Astrid Ilsabe MariaCamilleri
Atlanta GraceScerri
Aubrey LilaHughes
Audrey Aline Janna Viviani
Audrey DanaeStatham
Audrey KateCauchi
Aurora-Ana Bercea
Autumn RoseMamo-Hyde
Avril CaraBorg
Ayaan AviMukhi Hotchandani
Aylin Tizer
Aymen Benhamdia
Ayrton JonKimble
Ayush Garg
Azka Sabir
Bader Alrashid
Badran Elsayed HassanHassan
Bahadir OmerKoc
Bakul Nath
Barbara AnnDelaney
Barbara JoyceBrockman
Barbara MariaGauci
Barnaby JosephBiggs
Barry MichaelBrown
Basel Daher
Bashaer Alrouk
Basma Binsultan
Beatrice Anne Agius
Beatrix RaePierson
Beau SamuelKisvarda
Beckan AntoniaRichardson
Belhassen Temimi
Belinda YvonneStewart
Benedict JamesSaid
Benjamin BrianCarwana
Benjamin Charles JamesMeilak
Benjamin Danger  Fox (at birth Benjamin Keith Welch-Bolen)
Benjamin Edward MillsChapman
Benjamin JamesBiggs
Benjamin James Cattermole
Benjamin JayDoherty
Benjamin JohnZerafa
Benjamin JosephSpiteri
Benjamin Paul AlexanderMifsud
Benjamin RichardClark
Benjamin WilliamPulis
Benno HerbertStegner
Benxi Ding
Bernadette BridgetBallard
Bernard FrederickBaldwin
Bernard JohnLaferla
Bernard JosephSmith
Beshowi Samir Rezk GadallaKhalil
Beth AnneCorbett
Bethany RuthMuscat
Bevan LionelMurray
Bianca ChristinaCini
Bianca LeanneNisbet
BjorkFiorini Frateanu
Blake CatherineBonnici
Bogdan Olegovich Pak
Boris Petkovic
Bosede BolanleOlugbemi
Brad Joseph Schembri
Bradley John Newson
Brandon JohnWismayer
Brayden HugoCassar
Brayden JosephBrown
Brenda JosephineTaylor
Brenda RitaStajcic
Brendan AnthonyVassallo
Brendan JamesSultana
Brendan PeterWissmann
Brendan Robert EmmanuelMeadley
Brendon LloydAnderson
Brett CharlesAzzopardi
Brian FayMurphy
Brian Frank Goodhead
Brianna MarieViviani
Brianna ReneeHackett
Brittany HelenPratten
Brittany LeeJackson
Brittany RoseVella
Brodie NoelChesher
Brooke RachelleDoherty
Bryce Eric CaseyFenech
Cagla Hamide Duru
Cahterine FrancesBartlett
Cailian Xie
Caitlin EliseVassallo
Caitlin RoseKeatinge
Caitlin RoseGalea
Caizhen Cheng
Calico Jack Fox
Callie RuthFrancis
Calum LouisPace
Calum RobertBusuttil
Calvin Chao (at birth Siu Liang Chao)
Camel MargaretBrincat
Cameron JamesSchembri
Cameron JohnDimech
Cameron RoderickWardle
Cameron Roy JaxonGavigan
Camilla IrisWalton
Camilla ShalaniAxon-Jones
CamiloGomez Osorio
Campbell JohnBlack
Candice Abela
Carla ElizabethPenman
Carla JoanWilder
Carlos RodrigoOsorno Hernandez
Carmel AnnSpiteri
Carmelo Concilio Debono
Carmen CalixaLeardi
Carmen OdetteBartolo
Carmen VictoriaMagro
Carmen Violet ShirleyWaters
Carol AnnCassar
Carol AudreyGoode
Carol MargaretReynolds
Carole LouisePace-Bonello
Caroline MaryLewis
Caroline WendyWarr
Carter Maverick MarkGavigan
Catherine LouisePace
Catherine LouiseEgleton
Catherine PatriciaBorg
Catherine SuzanneBell
CC Eleven Frederick Sacca
Celeste MariaTabone
Center Sky Sage Eddy Clover Sacca
Cerkia Barnard
Chanel MadelaineMitoiu
Chantell ThereseFozzard
Chantelle BrieanneDoherty
Charity OfameOvbiagele
Charlene AnnGrima
Charlene LouiseDavies
Charlene MelissaPrice
CharlesFenech Jr
Charles Andrew OscarWhite
Charles JamesMcLean
Charles Joseph MarieGarana
Charles MelvinHepburn
Charley GraceDeguara
Charlie AlbertBartolo
Charlie Kevin LeighPenman
Charlie MaxHewlett
Charlie ThomasBianchi
Charlotte ClaireVassallo
Charlotte LucyD'Ancona
Charlotte NugentAquilina
Chase Joseph RockyGavigan
Chellcy KriztinMifsud Reitsma
Chen Wang
Cheng Alan Pang
Cherryl BajarFarrugia
Cheryl MareeRussell
Chester PubliusBertuello
Chloe CaitlinGalea
Chloe EdenKing
Chloe FaithPace
Chloe JaneBezzina
Chloe MariaBerry
Christelle Abela
Christian EdwardBickham
Christina JaneSimmonds
Christina LouiseOdette
Christina ThereseGarrone
Christine AnnDonald
Christine AnneMicallef
Christine AnneAbela
Christine ElainaGalea
Christine SybilFrendo
Christopher Broughton WilliamPhippen
Christopher CharlesBorg
Christopher ErnestAttard
Christopher JamesBox
Christopher JohnJones (at birth Smart)
Christopher JosephEllul
Christopher LateuDalton
Christopher MarkWood
Christopher Patrick JohnCockman
Christopher Patrick JosephKelly
Christopher PaulGiddens
Christopher RobertDunn
Christopher RobertStergar
Christopher S Sacca
Christopher WilliamBrassington
Ciaran MichaelHope
Circa Luna Tahoe Sacca
Claire ElizabethStatham
Claire LouiseSammut
Claire Lucy Galea
Claire SophiaPessagno
Claude DanielScamps-Magro
Claudia BiancaAttard
Claudia JaneVella Bonnici
Claudia RuthDimech
Claudine MichelleChapman
Clifford John Williams
Cole Joseph Hanauer
Cole JustinCooper
Colin NeilMcFadyen
Colin Paul Bowdler
Collette ElizabethAllen
Cong Chen
Connie RoseDe Bono
Connor AlbertPulis
Connor LiamBlack
ConorCassar Ozola
Conor JamesHicks
Conrad JamesAdams
Conrad Thomas HonoratoBritto
Cooper JettBond
Cooper Lucas CiantarOblea
Cornelia MargritStorace
Cosma FedericoMorra
Courtney AmberHildebrandt
Courtney Laura-JaneFormosa
Courtney SarahDoherty
Courtney ThereseAger
Craig AllanBrierley
Craig JohnWatkinson
Craig JosephMurphy
Craig JosephMcGowan
Craig Matthew FrancisDykes
Crispin WilliamRapinet
Cristina Robicci
Cristobal AriasOrtega
Crystal English Sacca
Cullen AnthonySabbs
Cyril EdwardTozer
Cytnhia MarieFarrugia
Daisy helenRowbottom
Dale AnthonyWest
Dalia Abdelbaky
Damian AnthonyVassallo
Damien MarkBugeja
Damla Aksoy
Damya Boudiab
Dan Patrick Spiteri
Dana Alajlan
Dana-Adele Corsello
Dang Duc Anh Nguyen
Danica JoannaMicallef
DanielSciberras Belfiore
Daniel AdamPetrie
Daniel BrianNunns
Daniel ChristopherGriffin
Daniel ChristopherBurgess
Daniel JacobTuxford
Daniel JamesConroy
Daniel JamesRyder-Mahoney
Daniel JamesLe Gall
Daniel JamesThompson
Daniel JohnTolhurst
Daniel JohnBorg
Daniel JosephSmith
Daniel KarlCasati
Daniel KevinLance
Daniel LucaBrennenstuhl
Daniel Matthew Williams
Daniel RobertMarsden
Daniel Stephen Anton Zammit
Daniel StewartHarris
Daniel Stonerde Abela Borg
Daniel ThomasReale
Daniella AnnabelleLee
Daniella MaryMeilak
Danielle Cassar
Danielle FrancesGauci
Danielle LouiseDeguara
Danielle MareeSmith
Danielle MarieZammit
Danielle Marie Di Cara
Danielle PatriciaPepper
Danny CharlesSammut
Danny TeaderAntonese
Dante RobertJohnson
Danyon JosephBartolo
Daria Georgievna Vedernikova
Daria Sergeevna Korneeva
Daria Viacheslavovna Ivanova
Dariia Viktorovna Deeva
Darina Olegovna Buyanova
Daunte MarioSaliba
David (a.b. Marcus C.A.W.B. Barney)Smith
David AlanRead
David AlexanderWeston
David AronHudson
David CharlesHackett
David ChristopherCamenzuli
David ChristopherJohnstone
David EdwardTerry
David GarySantostefano Bellavia
David GeorgeMadigan
David George WilliamChandler
David GiuseppeLicciardello
David JasonDorcich
David JohnCook
David JohnZahra
David JohnBlacker
David JohnMartin
David JohnPayne
David JosephCotton
David LawrencePugh
David Malcolm Allport
David MarkThomas
David Nat Unterhalter
David PaulBeynon
David Sabri Ataker
David SimonMcPartlan
Dawn AnnHarvey
Dayle BrianRowbottom
Dean Aprigio Martins Almeida Santos
Dean CharlesBristow
Dean John-PaulMizzi
Dean RichardAllsopp
Dean SimonIngram
Deanna SarahJones (at birth Smart)
Deborah ElizabethGiuliano
Deborah LeanneNisbet
Deborah LynnSchembri
Deborah Marie JaneChapple
Debra AnnGeorge
Deema Abdulaziz A Alsulaiman
Deepali Shah
Deidre PatriciaPandolfino
Dejan Ilic
Delma FayCalleja
Delphi MayHall
Denis AnthonyFleri
Denis Olegovich Demin
Denis Sergeevich Repinskiy
Denis Yurievich Sbytov
Denise KimEllul
Deniz Yilmaz
Deniz HanneTonna
Derek RossGarson
Desiree CharmaineCremona
Dhruman Kishore Sanghvi (at birth Dhrumankumar Sanghvi)
Dhruv Sood
Diana GuentchevaPetrova
Diana KrastevaVassallo
Diana LozaroGrech
Diana NancyCassar
Diane Russell
Diane ClaireWinship
Diane EstherMicallef
Diane MarieBest
Diane RuthParnis
Dianne Mary Bianchini
Didier Rene GilbertMuniglia
Dima Binsultan
Dmitriy Igorevich Timofeev
Dmitry Anatolevich Knyazev
Dmitry Anatolievich Yuzov
Dmitry Igorevich Khabarov
Dmitry MikhailovichPopovich
Dmitry Olegovitch Ashikhmin
Dmitry Petrovich Timoshchenko
Dmitry Viktorovich Babanov
Doaa Abdelmawgod AbdelgawadZahra
Dobrynya Dmitryevich Timoshchenko
Dominic AaronA'Wood-Tayler
Dominic JamesPerrett
Dominic JosephRizzo
Donald JohnRobertson
Donna LeeCamilleri
Donna MaryCooke
Dorothy JoanSammut
Douglas NicolHenderson
Dounia Guara
Drake Perry AlanRendle
Dustin JohnWoodbury
Duy Thanh Nguyen
Dylan AllanBond
Dylan BarringtonMcDonald
Eda Gulmus
Edgar HowardBaskerville
Ediana MawazoSankoh
Edie SophiaBetts
Edmond RudolfovichAkopian
Edward DavidPearce
Efehan Duru
Ege Yilmaz
Egor Alekseevich Romanov
Egor Denisovich Repinskii
Egor Dmitrievich Babanov
Eileen CarmenTeitge
Eilish MaiCamilleri
Ekaterina  Georgievna Vedernikova
Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Romashchenko
Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Akhmedova
Ekaterina Arkadiyevna Chupaeva
Ekaterina NikolaevnaDalli
Ekaterina Olegovna Stepanova
Ekaterina Rashidovna Karsakova
Ekaterina Stanislavovna Usynina
Ekaterina Yuryevna Krupysheva
Ela Aksoy
Elaina GeraldineSaliba
Elaine MarieMahoney
Eleanor AliceConsterdine
Eleanor Megan GwenHolland
Elena AlexandrovnaDesira
Elena Evgen'evnaGerasimchuk
Elena EvgenyevnaVella
Elena GurievnaSultana
Elena Mikhailovna Bogdanchikova
Elena NikolaevnaBonanno
Elena Nikolaevna Gladkova
Elena Sergeevna Vasileva
Elena Valentinovna Rausova
Elena VasilyevnaCaruana
Elena VictorovnaSammut
Elena Vladimirovna Kochan
Eliana Zoe Haq
Elif Tizer
Elijah IndriBean
Elijah OwolabiAdesanya
Elin Katrina SeijaMercieca
Elise CarolineKelly
Elizabeth AnneMathews
Elizabeth AnneScicluna
Elizabeth AnneBentham
Elizabeth HopeStanford
Elizabeth JaneLewington
Elizabeth JeanetteMatthews
Elizabeth MayArcher
Elizabeth PamelaTanti
Elizabeth PollyDavison
Elizabeth Teresa EvelynDymond
Elizaveta Aleksandrovna Akhmedova
Elizaveta Anatolevna Knyazeva
Ella JadeSpiteri
Ella MarieLia
Ella Marie LorinAngell
Ella MayAzzopardi
Ella RoseAzzopardi
Ella Rose Anne Parker
Ella-Louise McCarthyMicallef
Ellen BridgetWinters
Ellen WaynessSpadon
Elliot DanielSant
Eloise MaryMcMullen
EmaBorg Marturet Tosta
Emanwela Jean EsterLowry
EmilPollacco Benetti
Emily ElizabethCaris-Harris
Emily LouiseQuinlan Grech
Emily Olivia DebattistaWood
Emily RebeccaMicallef
Emily RoseTolhurst
Emily RoseRyder-Mahoney
Emir Bahadir
Emma Grech
Emma CatherineKettle
Emma Catherine Borg
Emma DoloresCassar
Emma IsobelFarrugia
Emma KaitlynGrech
Emma LouiseLipman
Emma RoseSullivan
Emmanuel ChikaMichael
Emmanuel Lucianus MichaelGialanze
Emmanuelle JohnovnaSaliba
Emmylou AguilarVella
Engy Hassan Ahmed HassanIsmail Hassane
Erhan Kamisli
Eric VictorHarris
Erik Robert Larson
Erika Andreyevna Dolgopolova
Erin JessicaMifsud
Ernest GeorgeBuckley
Esam Omar AhmedShushan
Esmond Clive Reginald HughGood
Ethan Michael Caruana
Ethan Michael CharlesBrown
Eugene Yue-Chien Chuang
Eurion William KeithLeonard-Pugh
Eva Teressa Ataker
Eve ElizabethPessagno
Evelyn MareeVassallo
Evgeniia Sergeyevna Luneva
Evgueny Vasilyevich Daoud
Fabienne BettinaSaez-Tomlin
Fahad Saja
Fahad Saja
Faisal Binsultan
Faisal Al Misihal
Faisal AlMutlaq
Fang Xie
Farag AliShueb
Farah Daghistani
Fares Binsultan
Fatih Cagatay Cakmak
Fatma Abdelgaber Mohamed ImamMansour
Fatma Omar Ahmed Araid
Fawzya Gad EskanderMesak
Fayez Mohamed AhmedAbdelhamid
Faysal Shair
Fayza Adil Almisihal
Fe SorbanoPortelli
Fehmi Konyar
Fei Xue
Felicity ElizabethMurphy
Felix JamesMiddlemiss Frost
Felix RaphaelGrima
Felix SidhahtElliot
Felix-Benjamin Clemens DominikHensel
FernandoOsorio Mora
Fethi Ali Kamisli
Filipp Ivanovich Bedrin
Fiona Anne Natalie Micallef Eynaud
Fiona Elena Wing YinGiambra
Fiona LouiseCassar
Fiona SandraMacelli
Firaz Kashif Chaudhry
Fizaa Kashif Chaudhry
Flora Madeleine MaryBonsor
Frances Margaret HernandezArreza
Francesca Anne MariePowell
Francesca CarmelaBorgia
Francesca MaryGriffin
Francesco MackD'Ancona
Francis DeanAttard
Franciska Hehr
FrancoisVan Zyl
Frank Michael Berkeley
Frankie Michael RingoBatt
Frankline AlbertLateo Amuma
Frauke ConstanceMainini
Fred RobertField
Frederick JohnDew Nash
Frederique EveScamps-Magro
Fredrica IsobelBiggs
Gabriella GarlandDavey
Gabriella LoisPace
Gabriella SarahWinship
Gabrielle KateAgius
Gabrielle MartinaMizzi
Gage DylanPelon
Gage Francesco CullenPisani
Gail JustineGatt
Gaius Stephen Beniamino Viviani
Gang Zhu
Gary ThomasNitschke
Gavin Charles ThomasBoyle
Gemma IsabellaMallia
Gemma LouiseBreithenbach
Genevieve AnneYoussef
Genevieve LouiseVella
Geoffrey ArthurYoung
Geoffrey EdwardKao
George Joseph ScottDavis
George Melvin HendersonHepburn
George WalesEddey
George WilliamCapel Cure
Georgia AlexandraKisvarda
Georgia DeguaraDavis
Georgia MareeAttard
Georgia TempestBertuello
GeorgianaBorg Irimia
Georgii Levanovich Shestakov
Georgii Sergeevich Kolesnikov
Georgina ClaireElwes
Georgina LouiseCollingwood
Georgy Giyevich Chumburidze
Georgy Konstantinovich Abramov
Georgy ViktorovichVedernikov
Ghassan Kansou
Ghazi Abukhadra
Giacomo Vincenzo RosarioDenaro
Gillian LesleyScicluna
Gillian MargaretBorg
Gillian SusanBezzina
Giuliana MariaLicciardello
Giuseppa MariaScudamore
Gleb Arturovich Khachatryan
Glen FrancisSpalding
Glen GeorgeMorrison
Glenys JoanFava
Goffredo GionataGuazzoni
Gordon Nigel GrahamPrice
Grace CansicoGrech
Graeme NeilGilvear
Graham Esmond HughGood
Graham Lewis CharlesCollins
Gregory ColinElliot
Guanfei Zhu
Guillaume PierreVillaret
Gulsah Dilek Kulahcioglu
Gulsah Gencer Celik
Gulshoda Abdushukurovna Abduvalieva
Guomin Zhang
Gwenneth MaureenAttard
Habib Cem Bahadir
Habiba Abdalla
Hailey Camilleri
Haizhen Pang
Haley ElizabethCassar
Halima Haq
Hamida Mohamed MiladSalhi
Hamna Sabir
Hamzeh Talhouni
Hana Hussein RamadhanShabbi
Hanna AlexandrovnaParsons
Hannah ElenaBondi
Hannah Faye San DiegoCurmi
Hannah LouiseCresp
Hannah SueFalzon
HanneneMohamed Rashed
Hao Qiao Ashley Lam
Hao Xin Lauren Lam
Harlow Aspen StevieTuxford
Harold HardyReed
Hassan Alrawi Alsamir
Hatem Tayyar Duru
Haya Abdulaziz M H Al-Mana
Hayden CharlesHewitt
Hayden PaulKent
Heather KarenMcNamara
Heather LouiseBull
Heba Mohamed AhmedMohamed
Heidemarie UteSchwan-Pisani
Helen LilianCox
Helen LouiseHoiles
Hemant Pishu Chanrai
HenriEl Awit
Henrietta CharlotteBiggs
Henry Vincent John Archer
Henry Yong-En Ko
Hergen Hans FriedrichMeyer
HeydonPeter George
Hichem Ben Bader (a.b. Temimi)
Hichem Guara
Hilary MayParkman
Hissah Almuzaini
Holly JaneStaddon
Hong Zhu
Huadong Wang
Hugh Cameron CassarRoss
Hung-Chuan Tsai
Hunter William SpencerRendle
Huseyin Kulahcioglu
Hwee Shuen Lilo Chao
Ian AlexanderClegg
Ian CraigCochrane
Ian Denys Alexander Fenech Soler
Ian FrancisDunn
Ian JasonMyers
Ian KeirAttard
Iason Georgiyevich Chumburidze
Ibrahim Ataker
Ibrahim Amiruly Aisaut
Ida KateMiddlemiss Frost
Idriss AliAffo-Odjou
Igor Borisovich Timofeev
Igor Evguenievich Daoud
Igor Gennadievich Kochan
Igor Mikhailovich Khabarov
Igor Vladimirovich Pankratiev
Iles Boudiab
Ilya Alekseevich Romanov
Ilya SergeyevichMelchin
Imane AngelaAbela
Imperia Giuseppa FrancescaFroldi
Indianna MikaylaDorcich
Indie WillowFarrugia
Indra GraceClark
Ingvar PeturGudbjornsson
Inna NikolaevnaIzyumchenko
Iona MarcellineDouglas
Ipek Kulahcioglu
Irene TSiscar
Irina Shevkun
Irina Alexandrovna Likhomanova
Irina Anatolievna Ampilogova
Irina ArkadievnaTonna
Irina Grigoryevna Shekhovtsova
Irina RavshanovnaDusmetova
Irina Stanislavovna Usynina
Iryna IvanisovnaGrima
Isaac DavidPortelli
Isaac DuncanZammit
Isaac JamesGreen
Isaac JamesGrima
Isaac WillemWynberg
Isabel Krystyna IreneCalleja
Isabel Veronica ReidLloyd
Isabella GraceGeorge
Isabella JulietCassar
Isabella OdetteBartolo
Isabelle Lydia Grace
Isabelle RoseScicluna
Isha Garg
Isla YasminaMangion
Ismail Aisaut
Ismail Erkan Celik
Isobel EmmaHolmes
Isobella Rosede Lencastre Morris
Italo AngeloCausin
Iuliia Stanislavovna Usynina
Iurii Vitalyevich Pronyushkin
Ivan Georgievich Vedernikov
Ivan LukeSant
Ivan Mikhailovich Bedrin
Ivan Vladimirovich Polyakov
Ivan Vladimirovich Levchenko
Ivor Donald StarkRoss
Ivor Taxus EdwinsLowry
Ivy JaneRicardo
Ivy RoseRichardson
Jacalyn AnnFarrugia
Jack SamuelCamilleri
Jacklyn LauraCaruana
Jackson Edward Cassar
Jackson PaulBond
Jacob AlexanderJones
Jacob ChristopherMorris
Jacob JohnCasha
Jacob JosephGilles
Jacob RossBrown
Jacqueline Cauchi
Jacqueline AnnShicluna
Jacqueline MaryFisher
Jada Alina Chong
Jade AliseGauci
Jade Amanda Chong
Jade MartinaVella
Jahn KathleenRegan
Jaicy WynnRegan
Jaime AnnTodd
Jake AdamBecke
Jake Daniel (at birth Jas Joseph)Camilleri
Jake HarrisonSammut
Jake IanDegiorgio (at birth Harper)
James AleksanderSmejlis
James AlexanderNapier
James AlexanderDebens
James AnthonyAdams
James AnthonyZahra
James ArthurBromley
James ElliotHughes
James IanEnright
James JohnAlger
James LeonardDominicus
James LeslieWatson
James Martin JosephMoran
James PatrickShirley
James PeterFrost
James SamuelLee
James Samuel Debono
James StephenSammut (at birth Collis)
James VincentKeogh
Jamie Alex Vella
Jamison Edrich Kao
Jana Alkhudhair
Jane AnnVella
Jane AnneCiantar
Jane DorothyFarrugia
Jane LourdesSanchez
Jane MarieSach
Jane PatriciaCauchi
Jane SusanAttard Montalto
Janelle RoseSammut
Janet RoseMcKenna
Janice Crystal Allen
Janice Dawn Nicol Vella
JanjiraSrikrajib (a.b. Tanaporn Srikrajib)
Jared ChristopherCalleia
Jared VictorVassallo
Jarrod LawrenceKelly
Jasmine LouiseVella
Jason Degiorgio (at birth Harper)
Jason Charles ThomasNisbet
Jason DesmondForsyth
Jason LeonardHildebrand
Jason MarkCorkhill
Jason PaulStanley
Jason PhillipFloyd
Jason RonaldDoherty
Jason ScottConti
Jasper AdamScamps-Magro
Jasper George Martin
Jasper Luca BowditchCotton
Jayne LouiseBartolo
Jayne MariaAitken
Jean ElizabethCasha
Jean-Christophe Marie XavierArres
Jeanette CatherineRefalo
Jeanette LoraineCummings
Jean-Luc XavierLe Gall
Jefferson Edwin Kao
Jeffery ErnestRedhead
Jeffrey Burlinson
Jeffrey TheoPace
Jeffry ToddDiacono
Jemima MayVella
Jemma GraceVassallo
Jenilo PerezTesi
Jenna Davinia IsabelGood
Jennifer ElizabethFuller
Jennifer FrancesFox
Jennifer JoanLaferla
Jennifer KathleenDimech
Jennifer LaurieCranney
Jennifer Theresa RosariaSammut
Jenson Joseph WilliamMercieca
Jeremy JasonWoodbury
Jeremy JohnGlover
Jeremy JosephSheehy
Jer-Horng Liou
Jeryc LangubanSiscar
Jessica AdeleDolan
Jessica BeatricePerrett
Jessica LaurenWismayer
Jessica MagdalenaFalzon
Jessica MareeMcIver
Jessica MareeThompson
Jessica RoseDingli
Jessica TheresaBorg
Jessie ElizabethFloyd
Jeyla Ruslan Sadikhova
Jialing Chen
Jianmin Wu
Jiao Dai
Jiayi Chen
Jie Wang
Jillian PetraPage
Jillian Ruth LouisaGerlach-Azzopardi
Jixun Lin
Jizelle LeahEllul
Joanna ElizabethBishop
Joanna HelenHewlett
Jocelyn AnneAl Adwani
Jocelyn Michel Jean Lefebvre
Jodi LynnCutajar
Joel PaulZarb
John Clark
John AnthonyO'Keefe
John AnthonyMonahan
John AnthonyAppleby
John BarrieIbbotson
John CharlesPessagno
John CliffordSiscar
John DanielAzzopardi
John DanielCrotty
John DouglasArcher
John ErnestBales
John Joseph paulStephenson
John LysanderGretton
John MatthewVella
John MichaelFranklin
John Michael Vella
John Michael Mancini (at birth Formosa)
John NicholasMcCarthy
John PatrickBarkworth
John PaulHay
John PaulBrooker
John RossWolford
John Sheffield Grace
John Sheffield Grace Jr.
John StuartConroy
John StuartBaker
Johnson Zhang
Jolene CarmalaCatania (a.b. Francis)
Jolyon JonathanKimble
Jon AndrewRawson
Jon PaulBorg
Jonathan Andrew GeorgeMcTait
Jonathan KimWalden
Jonathan MarkHall
Jordan ChristopherLee
Jordan LawrenceAquilina
Jordan ShaunAzzopardi
Jordan Sydney AlexanderRendle
Jordi Borg
Joseph Alexander GeorgeFarrugia
Joseph AnthonyBaxter
Joseph CharlesFalzon
Joseph Guy PierreCharbonneau
Joseph JohnCassar
Joseph JohnDebono
Joseph JohnGarrone
Joseph LuisMuscatt
Joseph Michael FrancisPenman
Joseph Patrick AnthonyHolmes
Joseph PhilipWilson
Josephine AnneD'Armenia
Josephine Hanna Barton
Josephine HilaryDevoy
Josephine Irene Kathleen TeresaLockhart
Josephine LyndaBugeja
Josephine MargueriteAllen
Josephine MarySammut
Josephine RSpiteri
Josephine RuthAusten
Josephine SylviaEymann
Josette EmilyBarbara
Joshua Bryn WilliamGriffiths
Joshua CharlesCalafato
Joshua DanielJohnson
Joshua GordonWelsh
Joshua Kah SengVoon
Joshua MatthewBaker
Jude Alexander CharlesGrech
Judith AnnTumath
Judith MaryMcPartlan
Jules Ngangue
Jules Annvan der Dussen
Julia Quested
Julia ElaineMiller
Julia LaneMcDonald
Julian Tsai
Julian Anthony BennetGraham
Julian CharlesStock (at birth Gale)
Julian JayHaber
Julian JosephWynberg
Julian JudeGraffy
Julian LuisMuscatt
Julian MarkAubrey
Julian Richard BruceWall
Julian Sebastian DavidParker
Julian Thomas DanielElliot
Juliana CristinaCarrilho Goncalves
Juliana MarieWilson
Julie AnnPulis
Julie ChristineWillows
Julie MareeOsborne
Julie MarianneVincenti
Julie MaryFalzon
Julie MayPortanier
Juliet AnnabelRickinson
Jun Hu
Junfei Li
Jurcik ZuzanaSammut
Justice Angel MariaBugelli-Porter
Justin ChristopherCamilleri
Justin EricMillen
Justin MichaelFay
Justin RobertHooper
Justine NicoleGalea
Justyna Bonello
Ka Ying Leung
Kai KenjiWest
Kaitlin BethFormosa
Kaitlyn GraceBeattie-Zarb
Kamal Kansou
Karem Elserafy
Karen ElizabethMizzi
Karen Gaye Mc Nally
Karen LaurieSyrnick-McDonald
Karen LesleyGrech
Karen Lisa RibeiroCurmi
KarimTarek Fawzi
Karim Abukhadra
Karim Shair
Karina VladimirovnaAyrapetyan
Karl MalcolmHobbs
Karl MichaelSkaletz
Karlee BiancaHildebrandt
Karyn AnneRowbottom
Kashif Shezaad
Kassandra AnnSacco
Kate AbigailAzzopardi
Kate MariaPessagno
Katelyn RoseBonnici
Katerina ElenaBusuttil
Kateryna IvanovnaAttard
Kateryna PierrivnaLe Brun
Katharine Mary Gallagher
Katherine AnnSant
Katherine Jessica Berkeley
Katherine Julliet DaphneBetts
Katherine LouiseSaliba-Rainbow
Kathleen Sammut
Kathleen Elizabeth RosinaBartolo
Kathryn AmandaEvetts
Kathryn ChristinaVincenti
Kathryn JaneBurgoyne
Kathryn JoanGrech
Kathryn LilyAllen
Katie Lucy MaureenWhite
Katrina Suzanne Del FierroBorg
Katy LynnCamilleri
Kayla Marie JosephineDinwoodie
Keely ErinBlack
Kehinde Mopelola Adebutu
Keiron Matthew PaulGalton
Keith JosephBrindle
Keith LintonSancto
Keith RobertBailey
Kelle LeticiaFarrugia
Kelli MariaSchack
Kellie AnitaMcGregor
Kelly ElizabethFoglio
Kemal AbdulovichDzincharadze
Kenneth ChibuikeEkezie
Kenneth GeorgeKing
Kenneth Olaosebikan Dan-Anyiam
Kerem Kamisli
Kerem Kemal Kulahcioglu
Kerena KayePace
Kerri AnnCamilleri
Kerri LindaCamilleri
Kesington Adebukunola Adebutu
Ketrin Camilleri
Kevin BrinleyEckley
Kevin DjonBeard
Kevin Frederick Carmel Keith KennethMcTait
Kevin Garth Mc Nally
Kevin JohnCordina
Kevin StephenEngland
Khairi AliEteer
Khairy Al Kabbani
Khaled Alkhudhair
Khalid AlMutlaq
Khaloud Abdulla S A Al-Mana
Khloe RachaelKisvarda
Ki Yan Lo
Kian ThomasCrawford
Kiera marieHildebrand
Kieran JoelSultana
Kim MareeReale
Kim YenCha
Kimberly Viviani
Kira-AnnRama Farrugia
Kirill SergeevichDinkevich
Kirsten LouiseRehbein
Kofoworola Aminat Olusanya
Konganem Raskalievna Karsakova
Konstantin Borisov
Konstantin Georgievich Abramov
Konstantin SergeyevichNezhdanov
Kristian TaylorDomrow
Kristoff AdsonChuang
Ksenia Alexandrovna Gladkova
Kudige Panduranga Shenoy
Kuk SonKim
Kyle JamesWilson
Kylie SiennaMagri Teticu
Kyra Kansou
Lachlan OwenMurray
Laila Fahmi
Laila AhmedFituri
Lalu Chandiram Mahtani
Lanzhu Wang
Lara AnnabelBezzina
Lara GraceBritton
Lara KusumElliot
Lara VitalyevnaPopovich
Laura DianeCamilleri
Laura KateFarrugia
Laura RoseGerada
Lauren (a.k.a. Anouska Lauren)Cargill
Lauren AlexaCamilleri
Lauren BernadetteFormosa
Lauren Elle Hanauer
Lauren FayVassallo
Lauren MarieGonzalez
Lauren MarieDimech
Laurence TimothyTailby
LawandKhaled Khaled
Lawrence Alfred DoeBramall
Lawrence PaulHorwitz
Layla Abdulaziz M H Al-Mana
Layla MaryGaffarena
Lea Callus
Leah Cauchi
Leah  NatalieSchembri
Leah NicholeCassar
Leanne MarieWatkinson
Lechen Wang
Leen Abdulaziz M H Al-Mana
Leigh AntoniaPace
Leigh MunroMcClure
Leila AzadehCrawford
Leila MarieBorg
Lemae JustineMortimer
Leo Carmelo PeterCalleja Lynch
Leo ErnestBusuttil
Leo JosephBarlow
Leon Paul FieldsHylton
Leon WalterCracknell
Leonard SalvatoreFrost-Green
Leonardo Casas
Leonardo KaiMagin
Leonie Voigt
Lesley JemimaFrancalanza
Leslie AnnCilia
Leslie Gayle Hanauer
Lesya AnatoliivnaMicallef
Lev AndreevichGomon
Levi David MartinYu
Lewis AlexanderConroy
Lewis BradleyJones
Lewis DavidStanford
Lewis David JohnGaffarena
Lewis RonPerry
Liam AidenAttard
Liam GordonEllul
Liam JacksonAzzopardi
Liana Rimovna Salikhova
Lidia NikolaevnaBabenko
LidijaCvijetic Jackson
Lidya Ataker
Lila Sarah KatieSaliba
Lilia JoyceRiahi
Lilian MarieMicallef-Eynaud
Lilian RosinaField
Lilibeth TestonMansueto
Lina Celik
Lina Boudiab
Linda ErminiaSmith
Lindsay KathrynKitcher
Lindsey Leigh Fox
Lingling Guo
Lingye Zuo
Lisa EllenZarb
Lisa EllenButler
Lisa EmmaSigley
Lisa JaneTumath
Lisa JayneBonello
Lisa MariaCamilleri
Lisa MarieMilnthorp
Liubov AlexandrovnaAbramova
Liubov ViktorovnaUntevskaya
Liudmila Aleksandrovna Romanova
Liudmila TerentievnaStasiukevich
Lochlan JamesGalea
Logan DeanAttard
Loick JosePortelli
Lola Ann Grace
Lola Meng Abduvalieva
Lola VictoireBertrand
Loretta LeeScicluna
Lorraine CarmenKane
Lorraine MarieMcDermott
Lorraine Marie Grace
Lorraine RitaGretton
Lorraine RitaGalea
Louie VincentGarrone
Louis FrazerVella
Louis Peter HarryVassallo
Louisa May
Louise Caroline JoanneSmith
Louise Helen MarieWalker
Louise MarieParker
Louise Matilda RitaHope
Lowri HeleddMifsud
LucaAquilina Romas
Luca CesareFalzon
Luca JeanAnastasi
Luca YuanGera
Lucas CharlieCraus
Lucas Rimon Hajjar
Lucas RobertFischer
Lucia ElizaBean
Lucia JeanJohnson
Lucia Maria-AnnaGuglielmi
Lucian Philip StevenKimble
Lucien JamesWood
Lucy AnneCamenzuli
Lucy Jessica DebattistaWood
Lucy MareeOsborne
Lucy NatashaMartin
Luisa MarieGauci
Lukas ErnestCiappara
Luke Andrew MillsChapman
Luke AnthonyAgius
Luke AnthonySpiteri
Luke Howard PaulJackson
Luke James EmanuelNewman
Luke JohnMicallef
Luke WilliamHayes
Lydia CatherineBarbara
Lydia Esme MayGriffiths
Lyla Ann-LeighCaffary
Lyle Steven SamuelMuscat
Lynda JudithAbela
Lynne RosamundeGrech
Lyra SallyBeynon
Lyudmila HristovaEneva
Lyudmyla MykolayivnaPeretyatko
Lyutsiya Ravgatovna Mustafina
M. DibDaroubi
Mabel FayCefai
Mack JohnConroy
Madawi Saja
Madeline ElizabethAgius
Madhuri Genomal
Madison ForbesPulis
Madison LeaGamper
Madison SophieLee
Maha Shaer
Mahnoor Sabir
MaiaRipard Rivera
Maiia AndreevnaGomon
Maiia Mikhailovna Schchilova
MairaAmbrosini Costa
Maisy AnnabellaCaffary
Makar Mikhailovich Shchilov
Makenna EmileeHildebrand
Malak Elalaily
Malcolm Bradley Vinson Weiser
Malcolm George Collins
Ma-Muke Hajjar Nkiere
Manal Husayn MohamedAlkout Almaqour
Manish Garg
Manny JamesCole
Marc Godfrey EdgarDandridge
Marcelle AmeliaAlbanozzo
Marcus IanPace
Marfa Denisovna Sbytova
Margaret LizzieBorg
Margarita AnatolyevnaKiseleva
Margarita Denisovna Sbytova
Maria Wain
Maria Romano
Maria Haq
Maria AndreevnaGenovese
Maria AnnFormosa
Maria Annette ChristineStone
Maria Daniela Bueno Tavera
Maria EugeniaLavelle
Maria Fe CamalitLovino De Giorgio
Maria FedorovnaCostigan
Maria GeorgaSchembri
Maria Igorevna Kochan
Maria Louisa Atkinson
Maria LuciaDebono
Maria Lucia Madrazo Agius
Maria Manuela Bueno Tavera
Maria NikolaevnaSammut Kabanova
Maria Nikolaevna Beletskaya
Maria PatriciaMorley
Maria Sergeevna Kolesnikova
Maria Theresa CarolineByrne
Maria Valeryevna Filatova
Maria VeronicaDucos Scicluna
Marian RhysCamilleri
Marianne RydahlStellini
Marianne VeronicaGalea Naudi
Marie CarmenFoster
Marie DoloresVella
Marie JeanneScicluna
Marie Louise Schembri
Marie SaletteDieppe
Marieta ParadaTalamayan
Mariezell PenecillaChetcuti
Marifin AcostaZammit
Mariia AnatoliivnaFalzon
Mariia Vitalyevna Pronyushkina
Marina AngelaBarnard
Marina Antoinette Classens
Marina Gennadyevna Kiseleva
MarinelaDe Bono
Marisa LynnMadigan
Mariya GeorgievaCiantar
Mark AlexanderNewman
Mark AndrewDeguara
Mark AndrewGoodwin
Mark AndrewHudson
Mark AnthonyPerrett
Mark AnthonyEmmanuel
Mark AnthonyMalogorski
Mark Benedict FreemanLightfoot
Mark CharlesStevenson
Mark DavidDalli
Mark DennisHowes
Mark DylanTibayan
Mark EdwardStevens
Mark FrancisMcDonald
Mark James Jameson
Mark JeffreyAgius
Mark JohnMuscat
Mark Raymond CharlesPenman
Martin HaroldFrancis
Martin JohnStanford
Martin Peter Borg
Martine Marie HelenePelegrin
Martine YvetteCharbonneau
Mary Elizabeth Zammit
Mary IsobelZarb
Mary KatherineAquilina
Mary KathrynDascola
Mary LouiseNaudi
Mary LoveMassa
Mary TheresaHealy
Mary UrsulaSuddick
Mary Victoria Harris
Maryam Ahmed
Maryem Hassan Ahmed HassanIsmail Hassane
Maryna VitaliivnaSciberras
Mashan Alkhudhair
Mateo Francesco NicolaMarmara
Mathieu PierreCharbonneau
Matilda Eve BowditchCotton
Matilda RoseWade
Matteus Louis SimasCurmi
Matthew Alexander Pugh
Matthew Alexander BruceDenniston
Matthew DavidNisbet
Matthew Frank PioCollins
Matthew Hayden Hewitt
Matthew JamesWheeler
Matthew JohnMcMullen
Matthew JohnPenman
Matthew John-PaulBennett
Matthew Joseph Perrett
Matthew Louis Camenzuli
Matthew LukeCalleja
Matthew Noah Cohen
Matthew PaulZoljan
Matthew PeterDunn
Matthew PhilipMizzi
Matthew RobertAttard
Matthew StephenWallhead
Matthew ThomasCassar
Matthew ThomasFrost
Mattia Mario RobertoPagni
Matvei Mikhailovich Shchilov
Matvei Vladimirovich Vinogradov
Max EmmanuelGatt
Max WilliamCassar
Maxim Alexeyevich Ivanov
Maxim Derney CalisterVilla
Maxim Mikhailovich Goncharov
MaximilianZammit Briffa
Maxine ElizabethBooth-Isherwood
Maxine JaneTeshima
MayaBen Ammar
MayaAbela (a.b. Chemaly)
Maya Shetty
Maya JeanWoodbury
Maya StefaniaBerry
Meagan LouiseSultana
Meghan JaneGrima
Meiraj Kashif Chaudhry
Mekaela JadeStevenson
Mekhala Shroff
Melanie AbenalesPaz Debattista
Melanie Davis Vinson
Melanie ElizabethCassar
Melanie LouisePortelli
Melissa AnneMcGuiness
Melissa JadeBrown
Melissa JayneScicluna
Melissa JayneAzzopardi
Melissa MareeReale
Melissa MarieWolford
Melissa NatalieDingli
Meredith JadziaSpadon
Mesut Cakmak
Meyer-WeberCornelia Mary
MiaBonello Ljubicic
Mia Daoud
Mia Blanche IsabellaPace
Mia DophiaBabicka Schranz
Mia FuglsangVella
Mia RoseCamenzuli
Michael Holt
Michael Buhagiar
Michael AndrewCauchi
Michael AngelBuhagiar
Michael Antony MartinGoodridge
Michael Christopher AndrewWalker
Michael ColinBeveridge
Michael DarrenMuscat
Michael FrederickMoore (a.b. Ludenia)
Michael GeorgeSpours
Michael Hans LealMier
Michael JamesChapman-Oliver
Michael JamesWhyte
Michael JamesButtigieg
Michael JohnClark
Michael JosephCunniff
Michael Joseph ChristopherSammut
Michael MarioViviani
Michael Nathan JosephWells-Greco
Michael Patrick Garvie
Michael PaulLinzey
Michael StuartBayley
Michael ThomasBage
Michel SalvatorAzzopardi
Michela PetraGiordmaina
Michele AnnChoules
Michele GiovitaQuaini
MichelleMicallef Grinishina
Michelle Zammit
Michelle ChristinePrendergast
Michelle ElizabethZassenhaus
Michelle JaneGalea
Michelle LouiseHealy
Michelle LouiseBartolo
Michelle MarieJohnson
Michelle MaryTarvin
Michelle Mary-Anne MartheseMaidment
Michelle VictoriaGalea
Miftah Faraj MiftahFunnah
Miguel AngeloVella Casha
Mikaela MadelaineVella
Mikayla LeanneBorg
Mikayle MichaelBugeja
Mike MusaAbudu
Mikhail Anatolyevich Krupyshev
Mikhail Andreevich Mikhail Andreevich Zinovyev
Mikhail Andreevich Shchilov
Mikhail Dmitrievitch Ashikhmin
Mikhail Igorevich Goncharov
Mikhail Igorevich Timofeev
Mila Borisovna Dolman
Mila Canan Celik
Mila RayanaSchembri Serban
Milena Ausenda
Miles Raymond DerekMahabadi
Milo AlbieMizzi
Mimi Jo van der Dussen
Min Lu
Mine Bahadir
Minfang Jin
Ming Li
Mingdong Zhu
Minghao Cai
Mingjia Yu
Mingze Cai
Mio PaulSylvester
Mira Daoud
Miranda HopeMiddlemiss Frost
Miray Celik
Miriam AnneTolhurst
Miron Mikhailovich Shchilov
Mitchell James Rowley
Mitchell Philip RafaelGrima
Mitchell StevenSammut
MoannaAkufo Iwueke Savinska
Mohamad MamounAl Nafouri
Mohamed Fahmy
Mohamed A.A.Dekna
Mohamed Amir Mehdi Habbes
Mohamed Habib Krifa
Mohamed Redha Habbes
Mohammad Tanzeem Ul Haq
MohammedAbd El Nasser Youssef
Mohammed Alzamil
Mohammed Saja
Mohammed Almuzaini
Mohammed Abdulaziz M H Al-Mana
Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed AhmedDiab
Mohammed Raouf Temimi
Mohammed SamirWakil
Molly CarmenEarp
Molly EmmaBusuttil
Mona Aly MohamedBaza
Monica ConstanceWelsh
Monica JaneTotterdell
Monique DanielleOrsot
Morgan Grace CarmenHall
MostafaAbd El Nasser Youssef
Moudhi Alseikhan
Moustafa AhmedHassan Ismail
Muhamed S. OmerSwissi
Muhammad Sabir Hameed
Munira Saad M Almubarak
Munirah Binsultan
Murali Srinivasan Venkatraman
Murat Armagan
Muriel Abela
Mursel S.Ali
Mustafa MokhtarBen Jamhur
My Linh Dang
Myles AlexanderAnderson
Myles CraigPatching
Nadezda Gennadyevna Buyanova
Nadezhda VladimirovnaTikhonova
Nadia FaragShueb
Nadine Daher
Nadyah Sulaiman A Aljabbari
Nagia Ahmed AliElgabaei
Nahar Abanumay
Naif Aljabri
Naila Kamel TaherArebi
Najoud Alajlan
NajwaFenech El Amrani
NalaNapier Van Hees
Namrata Shroff
Narcisa BudlongCachia Hongayo
Naseem Ul Haq
Nassim Guara
Natali JaneSanderson
Natalia Aleksandrovna Romashchenko
Natalia Dmitriyevna Chumburidze
Natalia Dmitryevna Yuzova
Natalia Gennadyevna Dimakova
Natalia Igorevna Andreeva
Natalia IvanovnaGrashchenkova
Natalia MykhailivnaColeiro
Natalia Nikolaevna Shirokova
Natalia ValentinovnaTitley
Natalia Vitalievna Bashilova
Natalia Vladimirovna Sergeeva
Natalie AnnCarry
Natalie AnneRichardson
Natalie AnneMoller
Natalie GraceHarris
Natalie ThereseWidera
Nataliia Vitaliivna Slinchuk
Nataliya AlekseevnaYarkhutkina
Nataliya PetrovnaGoncharova
Nataliya Sergeevna Belozerova
Natallia Alexandrovna Kovriguina
Natallia MatveevnaMagro
Natalya NikolayevnaAttard-Negryeyeva
Natasha MarieMunro
NathanFiott Navarro
Nathan AlexanderGawin Warby
Nathan ChristopherSudell
Nathan GerardStark
Nathan JohnBerry
Nathaniel SalvatoreFerrara
Nawaf Binsultan
Nedyalka MarinovaNedeva
Neil ClarkMacLean
Neil JefferyBulpitt
Neil PhillipSutton
Neil SimonCarroll
Neil Thomas Helps
Neil WilliamHemmings
Neill AllanSimpson
Nelson Laurence TanaraBell
Nevis RitaBezzina
Ngoc Hieu Dang
Niccolo TristenViviani
Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas AdamBianco
Nicholas AlexanderSzewciw
Nicholas Andrew ThomasMarston
Nicholas GeorgeCresp
Nicholas James CharlesSchembri
Nicholas JohnKinnane
Nicholas JohnVella
Nicholas JohnCiantar
Nicholas JohnMcDonald
Nicholas John StephenForster
Nicholas JonathanLeventhal
Nicholas Joseph PeterGane
Nicholas ListonDereka
Nicholas NathanWardle
Nicholas RobertFisher
Nicholas RoeblingAtkinson
Nicholas WilliamWade
Nicholas William ThomasHunt
Nico SebastianBarlow
Nico ValentinoFerreira Zarb
Nicola AnnSammut Henwood
Nicola Antonia FrancescaClackson
Nicola Dawn Jones
Nicola JayneButton
Nicola MariaPsaila
Nicola MayWeston
Nicola SuzanneSpence
Nicolas FrankHodge
Nicolas JosephScerri
Nicolas Joseph Hanauer
Nicole BarbaraGuglielmi
Nicole CatherineBonnici
Nicole FrancescaSchembri
Nidale Nassar
Nigel Bowmer
Nikita Sergeevich Korneev
Niko Hemant Chanrai
Nikol Rashidovna Karsakova
Nikolai EmilKardalev
Nikolay Igorevich Khabarov
Nishant Mathew
Nita EstelleHylton
Nola Bartolo
Nolan Voigt
Noorah Alrayes
Nor Hassan Ahmed HassanIsmail Hassane
Norah Altouq
Norah Abdullah F Alajlan
Nouf Alsaleh
Nour Haj-Hasan
Noureiah Alhamdan
Nuno MiguelRodrigues Fernandes
Nura AlMutlaq
Nyssa Katherine LauraMarchant
Oksana AnatoliivnaLe Brun
Oksana VictorovnaBonnici
Olaf BounteumTchongrack Souknirandone
Oleg Alekseevich Romanov
Oleg Anatolievich Stepanov
Oleg Gennadyevich Buyanov
Oleg Ivanovich Kovriguine
Oleg Nikolayevich Pak
Olena MykolaivnaScicluna
Olena OlexandrivnaGauci
Olena Valerievna Aisautova
Olesya AndreevnaRoslichenko
Olga AnatolievnaShtanko
Olga AntonovnaBorg
Olga ArsenievnaStrashnova
Olga Borisovna Butlitskaia
Olga Leonidovna Yuzova
Olga Mikhaylovna Zinovyeva
Olga NikolaevnaAgius
Olga VolodymyrivnaJain
Olga Yuryevna Notina
Olha OleksandrivnaCassar Bonavia
Oli RayRicardo
Olive CocoMizzi
Oliver Bugeja
Oliver AnthonyAttard
Oliver Georg Voigt
Oliver MatthewCaris-Harris
Oliver Patrick Doyle
Olivia Aleksandrovna Olivia Aleksandrovna Shekhovtsova
Olivia JoyDenniston
Olivia MarieGalea
Olivia MaryZarb
Olivia SophiaHewlett
Olivia TiffanyRefalo
Olubunmi CatherineOmilusi
Oluwaseyi Ifeoluwa Adebutu
Oluwatamilore Boluwatife Adebutu
Oluwatobi Oluwatomiwa Adebutu
Oluwatosin Olubusayo Adebutu
Omar Aljabri
Omar Shair
Omar AlMutlaq
Oona IsadorHazelgrove
Osama MokhtarFtesi
Oscar Shaun AnthonyCalleja
Oskar Andreyevich Dolgopolov
Owen GabrielGalea
Owen James TomlinShirley
Owen JohnHumphries
Owen JohnSchembri
Owen NicholasCauchi
Owen ThomasWade
Owen Wei-En Ko
Ozzy JoeSant
Pamela GayeSinn
Patricia AnnMuscat
Patricia AnnChapman
Patricia ElizabethJackson
Patricia EstherParkinson
Patricia MaryMilka
Patricia MaryHewitt
Patrick BernardMaylor
Patrick JamesReed
Patrick JamesGalea
Patrick JosephRead
Patrick JosephAugustine
Patrick LyndsayLe Gall
Patrick PaulRefalo
Patrick ThomasWade
Paul AndrewChristensen
Paul AnthonyThomas
Paul AnthonyFerreri
Paul Anthony GeorgeBasey
Paul CharlesZahra
Paul DouglasGarwood
Paul Fredrick WilliamJames
Paul GerardWilliams
Paul JamesWildeisen
Paul JamesJibiri
Paul JohnClark
Paul JohnDevoy
Paul RobertKelsey
Paul WilliamWaltzing
Paul WilliamLeitch
Paula RebeccaGriffiths
Pauline SuzanneSheppard
Paulo Emilio Bueno Plata
Pavel Leonidovich Lunev
Peggy AnneCamilleri
Peregrine William FennLetcher
Petar Vukovic
Petar Dzolic
Peter Albert JohnReid
Peter AllanFlynn
Peter AnthonySpence
Peter ChristianBorg
Peter EvanCohen
Peter GerardMcConnell
Peter JamesNoble
Peter JohnBayley
Peter JohnDare
Peter Robert AlexanderStaples
Petr Aleksandrovich Akhmedov
Petr Valentinovich XAndurand
Petre StoyanovPetrov
Petrus Henricus Adrianusvan der Dussen
Peyton Ava CiantarOblea
Philip GuyPryce
Philip HenryCarr
Philip MatthewWilliams
Philip NeilBasson
Philip ThaddeusZaleski
Philippa RachelCutajar
Philippe PierreSwartz
Phillip JohnHogan
Phillip KeithKing
PhoebeSpiteri Hammar
Phoebe NicolaKelton
Phoenix NedFarrugia
Picabo Loulabelle AmyScerri
Pierre Andurand
Platon Shirokov
Platon Georgiyevich Chumburidze
Pnina Cohen
Polina AnatolyevnaLoginova
Polina GennadievnaStarostenko
Polina Olegovna Pak
Prainka Berlia
Pricilla AranielPandoc-Formosa
Qinghua Wang
Qingyue Ji
Queenie BakabakCiappara
Ra'ad Daoud
Raahi Bajaj Sanghvi
Rabia Khalifa G.Abid
Rachael AnneCauchi
Rachel CharlotteRennie
Rachel HelenZammit
Rachel MarieChapman-Oliver
Rachel MaryMoss
Ra'ed Daoud
Rafael Salame
Rafferty JackMartin
Raghavendra Kudige Shenoy
Raimondo Montesi
Raisa Vasilyevna Demina
Rakan Altouq
Rakan Almukbel
Rama Alnimer
RamiAl Soleman
Ramona AnnetteRendle
Rana Ataker
Ranjit Shroff
Raoul C. Shah
Raquel MireilleDebono
Rasha AlShubaian
Rashid Eltaievich Karsakov
Raymond PatrickCaruana
Raymund AnthonyFalding
Raza Ahmed
Rebecca AnnaLarosa
Rebecca Claire LaurenFarrugia
Rebecca JadeHaber
Rebecca LeeStephenson
Reece Malcolm MartinChapman-Carry
Reef Athol WilliamCoakley
Reema Altouq
Reese Victoria Denniston
Reid MichaelSwift
Rema Alajlan
Rene JohannesDuivenvoorden
Rene JosephMuniglia
Renee FelicityAdams
Renee StellaAgius
Rewant Ruia
Rey Bajaj Sanghvi
Rhian Mary StephanieHughes
Rhodri KennethRoberts
Rhonda MargaretDe Bono
Rhyse Blaksley JohnSaliba
Ria AnneAbdilla York
RianSuwannakut Galea
Richard Aaron AnthonyPulis
Richard Brian MaclarenWall
Richard JohnLeighton
Richard JohnParker
Richard MichaelWeston
Richard MichaelLamb
Richard Newcomb Barton
Richard Roland Berkeley
Richard StephenA'Wood-Tayler
Richard WilliamParry-Jones
Richard WilliamUpton
Rikki Avi Wolpowitz
RimTemimi (a.b. Kari)
Rima Abdel Hadi
Rimma RavilovnaVella
Rimon Hajjar
Rinat Rabisovich Salikhov
Rita MariaMear
Rita SylviaHarney
Ritu Garg
Riyam Adil Almisihal
Rizwan Askerali Sajan
Robert Law
Robert AnthonyBrann
Robert AnthonyHale
Robert Anthony FrankCharlton (a.b. Micallef)
Robert Anthony JosephGilles
Robert ChristopherSharp
Robert DamianEyles
Robert JamesWright
Robert JohnCroton
Robert JohnSpadon
Robert JosephAttard
Robert KennethWooders
Robert LeslieDavies
Robert MichaelAtkins
Robin EmmanuelLipman
Robin GuyFraser
Robyn EmilyGrima
Robyn Louise Gancas
Robyn Mary DoeBramall
Robyne AnneStephenson
Rocco LucaFarrugia
Roderich McKenzieBooth
Rodney Chadwick Muse
RodrigoMuscat Correa Da Silva
Rohan PaulCresp
Rohan Sunder Genomal
Roland AdeolaOjo
Romany AnisDenton
Romeo Alejandro JohnBonello
Ronald Frederick JamesDuers
Ronald RobertoBorges Da Silva
Ronel Moller
Rong Pang
Ronnie HjalmarCaraccioli
Rosa FrancesGoodlow
Rosa Frances Sant
Rosanna MariaBrown
Rosanna MaryReed
Rose Mizzi
Rose AnneWildeisen
Rose CapellCarbon
Rose EliseGreen
Rosemarie DorisSanicola
Roshni Bajaj
Rosslyne ElfredaDebono
Ruben Michael CarmeloCefai
Ruby JaneSammut
Ruohong Shen
Rupert Piers NathanielWoodard
Rushad Fandusovich Mustafin
Ruslan Rushadovich Mustafin
Russell Newcomb Barton
Rustam Ali Khalid
Ruth MaryFilletti
Ruyam Sirma Toygar
Ryad Ali E.Shwehdi
Ryan AndersDavey
Ryan AnthonyMonahan
Ryan CharlesRowbottom
Ryan JohnCamillos
Ryan JosephAzzopardi
Ryan NicholasSammut
Ryan Owen SimasCurmi
Ryan Ran Tang
Ryan Robert JosephShepherd
Saad Almuzaini
Saad Alajlan
Saad Khalid S Aljabri
Sadia Sabir
Sage KaiaKing
SaharScerri Gafsi
Said Ahmed SifawElhenshiri
Saif Altouq
Sailor AveryBurr
Saleha Suleman
Salima Chikh
Sally JaneWhyte
Sally Jean GopelaGusman
Salman Binsultan
SalouaHamdi Louati
Salvina LouiseRicher
Sam PeterAttard
Samantha Fenech
Samantha CareyCassar
Samantha MariaChamberlen
Sameera Rizwan Sajan
Samer Abukhadra
Samiha Ammar A.Bani
Samir Elalaily
Samir Sood
Samir Boudiab
Samir Rezk GadallaKhalil
Samira Boulcina
Samuel BenjaminWain
Samuel PaulHylton
Samuel Peter BianchiniCalleja
Samuel PhilipStrickland
Sandra DarleneBorg
Sandra JaneSawyer
Sandra KristalFriday
Sandra MicheleWitt
Sara Fahmy
Sarah Aljabri
Sarah Abdulaziz M Alathel
Sarah Anne RosaFalzon
Sarah AshleyBusef
Sarah Bernadette Rita JaneRing
Sarah CarmenWeekes
Sarah ElizabethKeys
Sarah IsobelFarrugia
Sarah JaneGatt
Sarah Lisa MarieBaldacchino
Sarah Louise AlexandraDonne
Sarah MareeAzzi
Sarah RachelBaker
Sarah Rose Marcus-Barton
Sarah-louisePaterson Busuttil
Sare Celik
Sarena Nath
Saveliy Dmitryevich Yuzov
Savitha Shenoy
Scott DamianKelton
Scott EdwardJeffs
Scott Patrick MillerHealy
SeanVan Brantegem
Sean Terence Mc Lintock
Sebastian Agius
Sebastian AnthonyGrech
Sebastian ApredaJones
Sebastian Mark CramptonBailey
Sebastian WilliamClark
Seiriol Wyn MorganTomos (at birth Thomas)
Selen Cakmak
Semra Gulmus
Sen Situ
Sergey Konychev
Sergey Alexeyevich Ivanov
Sergey Anatolyevich Kolesnikov
Sergey Igorevich Timofeev
Sergey Pavlovich Korneev
Serine Dalia Habbes
Shane Allan MacLean
Shane Michael Bugeja
Shannon FrancisKane
Shannon LorraineTodd
Shannon Maria AtkinsonCarwana
Shantell Andrea Christie
Shaoang Chen
Sharleen JaneMuscat-Drago
Sharon FrancisZammit
Sharon LouiseFenech
Sharon PamelaVella
Shatha Alsamait
Shaun AlexanderKriel
Shengdong Pang
Sherin Abdelfattah
Shiela EdithMorrison
Shihanah Alajlan
Shirlyn SarikaAzzopardi
Shiv Sood
Shriram Murali
Shrouq Khaleel AhmadAlsa'di
Shu-Chen Huang
Sichuan Zhang
Siddharth Shetty
Siena Elena AnneMarmara
Sienna LexingtonGalea
Sijia Wang
Simon Christian JulesGely
Simon Michael Glodsack
Simond Chong
Simon-Pierre AnthonyCuff
Sinikka Margit KaterinaZahra
Sitara Bajaj Sanghvi
Slatko MirchevSerbezov
Snezhana Sergeevna Todorashko
Sofia AuroraEllul-Kayanan
Sofia Olegovna Pak
Sofie JosephineMizzi
Sofiia Denisovna Sbytova
Sofiya Rashidovna Karsakova
Sofya Olegovna Buyanova
Sohil SalimMana
Solomon EdwardClark
Solomon WynCefai
Sonal Sood
SoniaMaatoug Tarsim
Sonja IlonkaLindenberg
Sonya CharlotteShearer
Sophia AlexaViviani
Sophia AlexisCole
Sophia AnthoniaMagri Teticu
Sophia Eleanor Vinson Weiser
Sophia GloriaFalzon
Sophia JaneRickinson
Sophia RoseAzzopardi
Sophia RoseGeorge
Sophie AmberBeard
Sophie Anna RebeccaScamps
Sophie LoisRichardson
Sophie LouiseHackett
Soraya Abukhadra
Soraya CassieKadri
Sorin StefanIonescu
Souad El Haou
Spencer JohnWolford
Stacey BernadetteScicluna
Stanislav Vladimirovich Usynin
Stanley Shih-Chieh Ko
Stefan Bogdanovic
Stepan Dmitryevich Timoshchenko
StephanieSantos Cachia
Stephanie AmandaBorg
Stephanie ElizabethTerreni Brown
Stephanie Elizabeth-JosepineVidal
Stephanie EllenKinnane
Stephanie IreneHansen
Stephanie NicolVandike
Stephanie RitaWilson
Stephanie Rose Schembri
Stephen ClarkSwartz
Stephen DavidBaran
Stephen GeorgePrunty
Stephen JohnKelly
Stephen LateuDalton
Stephen PatrickButler
Stephen PaulBedwell
Stephen SeanMcEvoy
Steven IanHarrison
Steven JohnViviani
Steven JohnPaterson
Steven JohnDillon
Steven John WynCaruana
Steven RobertPage
Steven ThomasEdwards
Stewart JohnBerry
Stirling ThomasCotzec
Suad Hussain MohamedAhmed
Sukriye Gulden Yilmaz
Sulaiman Aljabri
Sultan Mohammed S Bn Sultan
Sumit Kumar Paul
Sunder Genomal
Susan BeverleyBriffa
Susan ElizabethAzzopardi
Susan Elizabeth Camilleri
Susan JaneSammut
Susan JaneButtigieg
Susan JeanCauchi
Sushma Paul Berlia
Suzanne LoriPutnam
Suzanne MelanieSrpek
Svetlana SergeyevnaSilina
Svetlana SivovaSpiteri
Svetlana Valeryevna Logozinskaya
Svetlana VladimirovnaAzzopardi
Swede-Belle Ais MassaMier
Sylvie RachelGoodlow
Tabitha JeanReed
Tahnee JadeCamilleri
Tai Yuen David Lam
Taisiya Dmitrievna Ashikhmina
Talal Shair
Talia MikaPhelan
Tamara Al Turk
Tamilla Iulevna Kostianaia
Tammy JoDe Angelis
Tana Eusebia RosaryEdwins
Tanem Aksoy
Taner Aksoy
Tania JaneDavies
TanjaDordevic Miletic
Tanya Paul
Tanya MarieHulls
Tara Maree Lynch
Tara Sam Venu
Tarek Fawzi MohamedAbd el aziz
Tarek Mohamed OmerZarook
Tarik Ataker
Tatiana Lisnic
Tatiana Alexandrovna Deeva
Tatiana BorisovnaScicluna
Tatiana Germanovna Smirnova
Tatiana Igorevna Kochan
Tatiana Mikhaylovna Konycheva
Tatiana Nikolaevna Karsakova
Tatiana ValentinovnaColombo
Tatiana Vladimirovna Timoshchenko
Tatyana AlexandrovnaMangani
Tayla Mikati
Tayla JaneCanton
Teagan AnneFarrugia
Tebah Alkhudhair
Teia Dmitryevna Timoshchenko
Teofila ManaloTibayan
Terence HenryRicardo
Terence Leigh Mc Lintock
Teresa CatherineBianchi
Teresa JoanBorg
Teri Lee HansenWolpowitz
Terry FrancisKilbride
Tess OliviaCalafato
Tessa Louisa KateTheodore
Tessa MaryReed
Tetiana Grigorievna Orel
Thamer Khairy Al Kabbani
Theo JaiAzzopardi
Theodore FletcherKelton
Theresa ChristineWilson
Theresa LouiseHeath
Theresa MargaretCaruana (at birth Robinson)
Theresa Maria GiovannaGuy
ThomasDe Falco Uboldi
Thomas AlexDunn
Thomas AndrewBrown
Thomas ChristianDavis
Thomas MichaelCox
Thomas MichaelCaddick
Thomas PatrickCrawford
Thua Hien Dang
Thua Khanh Dang
TianAgius Gorjup
Tian Sang
Tian HuiZhang
Tianna KelinaSpiteri
Tiara YuriWest
Tiffany CynthiaDeguara
Tiffany MarieVella
Timothy Edwards
Timothy Charles AnthonyMorton-Humphreys
Timothy DaleBartello
Timothy NormanBuhagiar
Timothy PeterKane
Timothy WilliamKinnane
Timur Rinatovich Salikhov
Tina MarieSheil
Tineke ChristineJohnson
Ting Chen
Toby JohnSmith
Tom AndreBertrand
Tony WilliamBall
Tracy JaneFrampton
Tracy LeeRuggier
Tracy LeeMcFadyen
Trent AnthonyBuhagiar
Trevor CourtenayCarden
Tristan MarioViviani
Trudie Denise Masterson
Trudy ElizabethYounger
Trudy LeeTonna
Tuna Armagan
Turiya Mustafa MohamedDous
Turki Binsultan
Tymofii Igorovych Pankratiev
Tze Tong Megan Chao
Uliana Denisovna Repinskaia
UrsulaVogt Falzon Sant Manduca
Valentinode Lencastre Morris
Valentyna VictorovnaOnoprienko
Valerie AnnGalley
Valeriya Mikhailovna Goncharova
Valeriya Sergeevna Kolesnikova
Vanessa Bonnie AnnBeesley
Vanessa LouiseRayner
Varvara Victorovna Tyurina
Vasilena GeorgievaDeyanova
Vasilisa Sergeevna Kolesnikova
Vasilisa Victorovna Tyurina
Vasily Dmitrievitch Ashikhmin
Vera Andreevna Zinovyeva
VeronikaCassar De Gabriele
Veronika Arturovna Khachatryan
Veronika FedorivnaSytnyk
Vi Hoa Hua
Viana Aditya Berlia
Victor Anatolyevich Tyurin
Victor Edward ThomasRagi
Victor Victorovich Tyurin
VictoriaMotta e Motta
Victoria Alice Grace
Victoria KatherinePeel-Margraf
Victoria LouisePadfield
Victoria YurevnaVella
Victoria YurievnaEvsukova
Victoria Yuryevna Pronyushkina
Victorine ConceptionDimech
Vikram Shroff
Viktor Georgievich Vedernikov
Viktoriia Viktorovna Vorobeva
Viktoriia Yuriyivna Ataker
Vilma BeltranPace
Vincent IanOblea
Vincent JosephGarrone
Vincenzo Muscat
Violet RyeCannon
Vitaly MikhailovichPopovich
Vitaly Yuryevich Pronyushkin
Vivika Aditya Berlia
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Gay
Vladimir Ivanovich Polyakov
Vladimir Viktorovich Levchenko
Vladimir Vladimirovich Polyakov
Vladimir YordanovIliev
Vladislav Alexeevich Bogdanchikov
Vladislav Denisovich Repinskiy
Vladlen VilliorovichKorolev
Volha NikolaevnaGalea
Vyacheslav Evgenevich Shirokov
Wade AdamMcFadyen
Wadha Almutairi
Wael Mohamed AhmedElfatouri
Wai Ki Victoria Cheuk
Wajid ShaukatAli
Wan-Ting Tsai
Warren DaleWilcox
Warren Latif Kevin Hajjar
Warwick PeterHay
Wayne GrantMilne
Wayne WalterMarshall
Wendy NoraAbela
Wenjing Tan
Wesley DanielCassar
Whilelmina SusanGilles
Wiebke ElisabethMainini
William Marcus Barton
William EdwardSwitzer
William Francis JohnArcher
William GeorgeGatt
William George BernardMorrison
William JohnFugina
William John EdwardBrockman
William MauriceMicallef-Eynaud
William StevenBusuttil
Wissam El Khoury
Wojciech KrzysztofSawicki
Xiangdong Sang
Xianglian Xu
Xiaojing Liu
Xiaoxin Chen
Xiaoyan Li
Xinfang Hu
Xinyuan Hu
Xu Huang
Xuezheng Zhang
Xuhui Wu
Yakira Elah Cohen
Yana Stanislavovna Stepanova
Yana VladimirovnaTsyganova
Yang Cai
Yanjun Ru
Yao Su
YaraBen Said
Yasemin Toygar
YaserFathi Mahmoud Ibrahim
Yasmin Abdulghani IbrahimKherwat
Yasmin Carmela PaulaKadri
Yasmin Chantelle Miller
YassenAbd El Nasser Youssef Ahmed
Yaxi Yang
Yeena Mukherjee Paul
Yikai Zhu
Yilmaz Yilmaz
Yilmaz Kulahcioglu
Yimiao Zuo
Yinuo Wu
Yixuan Zhu
Yizhou Wu
Yordan IlievIliev
YosephAbdela Yoseph
Yosra Ahmed Hassan
Yousef Natig AramanousMassoud
Yu Zhang
Yuan Tang
Yuan Lyu
Yudson Gondobintoro
Yue Tang
Yufeng Wu
Yulia Georgievna Khabarova
Yulia RomanovnaDugina
Yusheng Zhang
Yvonne JeanUngaro
Yvonne MaryLloyd-Jones
Yvonne ShirleyScicluna
Zachary CoronatoFerrara
Zachary Joseph Borg
Zachary MarkQuin
Zachary Reese Clark
Zachary RobertStewart
Zahari AlexandrovGiotchev
Zaid Shair
Zander AdaireRegan
Zeina Fahmy
Zeynep Cakmak
Zeynep Erkunt Armagan
Zheng Yang
Zhengyi Wang
Zhenxi Ding
Zhi Feng Rupert Lam
Zhigang Zhu
Zhonglu Gao
Zina Elserafy
Ziwei Wang
Zixin Yao
Ziying Wu
Zlata Olegovna Kovriguina
Zoe MarreeSciberras
Zoe Skye Chuang
Zulfiqar Ahmed