Government Notices published in Govt. Gazette No. 21,198 of 27th February 2024

​No. 267 

Climate Action Act (Cap. 543) 

Appointment on the Climate Action Board 

IN terms of Article 10 of the Climate Action Act, the Prime Minister has approved the appointment of Ms Lucienne Meilak to serve on the Climate Action Board instead of Mr Ivan Sammut. This appointment is effective from the 7th of February, 2024 until 12th September, 2025.

23rd February, 2024


​No. 268 


Appointment of Childrens' Advocate

In exercise of the powers vested in him by Article 89 of the Code of Organisation and Civil Procedure (Cap. 12) and Subsidiary Legislation 12.20, Regulation 3(1)(b), the Minister for Justice and Reform of the Construction Sector, has appointed the undermentioned as Children's Advocates for a period of three years with effect from the 21st February, 2024.

Dr Deborah Camilleri

Dr Stephanie Caruana

Dr Charmaine Cherrett

Dr Rosanna Ciliberti

Dr Stephanie Galea

Dr Mary Muscat

Dr Marita Pace Dimech

Dr Tanya Sammut

Dr Tatianne Scicluna Cassar

Dr Alexandra Sladden

27th February, 2024


No. 269


It is notified for general information that the following Legal Notices were published in the Supplement to the Government Gazette No. 21,195 of 20th February, 2024 (Legal Notice 32) and Government Gazette No. 21,197 of 23rd February, 2024 (Legal Notices 33 to 35) respectively.

L.N. 32 of 2024: Income Tax Act (Cap. 123); European Union Global Minimum Level of Taxation for Multinational Enterprise Groups and Large-Scale Domestic Groups Regulations, 2024.

L.N. 33 of 2024: Banking Act (Cap. 371), Financial Institutions Act (Cap. 376); Credit Institutions and Financial Institutions (Payment Accounts) (Amendment) Regulations, 2024.

L.N. 34 of 2024: Regulator for Energy and Water Services Act (Cap. 545); Competitive Bidding Rules for Installations Producing Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources (Amendment) Regulations, 2024.

L.N. 35 of 2024: Regulator for Energy and Water Services Act (Cap. 545); Feed-in Tariffs Scheme (Electricity Generated from Solar Photovoltaic Installations) (Amendment) Regulations, 2024.

27th February, 2024


No. 270

Regulator for Energyand Water Services

A grant on the purchase of Renewable Energy Systems in the domestic sector –  Call 2024/RES

In order to further encourage the better use of the energy being generated by the country, the Regulator for Energy and Water Services is administering the following nationally funded scheme which aims to encourage the use of photovoltaic systems for residential use that reduce the use of energy, or use renewable sources of energy.

1. Grant payable under this scheme

Applicants may apply for a grant under this scheme for a system by means of an online form from the Regulator for Energy and Water Services website (www.rews.org.mt) or by means of the form downloadable from the same website. The scheme is administered and governed in terms of the guidelines also downloadable from the website.

Applicants who have received a grant for a similar system since 2010 shall not be eligible for another grant issued in terms of this scheme.

2. Duration of the scheme

Applications for this call may be validly received as from the 23rd of February 2024 until the end of the year. The scheme may be modified or terminated before that date by means of a notice in the Government Gazette. This scheme may be renewed as may be deemed necessary by the Regulator for Energy and Water Services also by means of a notice in the Government Gazette.

3. Eligible expenditure

The Regulator reserves the right to refuse the grant and, or take legal action to recover the amount granted with interests and any other costs incurred, in case of any applicant having exercised the right to obtain or who has obtained any tax rebate, deduction including deductions of input tax credit from the output tax in terms of the Value Added Tax Act (Cap. 406), or other tax refund however so described, with regard to the eligible expenditure made in relation to the purchase of the photovoltaic installation.

4. State aid

This scheme will be implemented in accordance with the provisions of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 2023/2831 of 13 December, 2023, on the application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union to de minimis aid.

5. Amendments to the scheme

The Regulator for Energy and Water Services shall at all times have the right to make any amendments to this scheme by means of a notice published in the Gazette containing such amendments.


List of grant percentage:

Option A – PV system with standard solar inverter: 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum of euro 2,500 per system and euro 625/kWp;

Option B – PV system with hybrid inverter: 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum of euro 3,000 per system and euro 750/kWp;

Option C – Hybrid/Battery inverter and battery: 80% of eligible costs of the Battery Storage up to a maximum of euro 7,200 per system and euro 720/kWh plus 80% of eligible costs of the Hybrid/battery inverter up to a maximum of euro 1,800 per system and euro 450/kWp;

Option D – Battery Storage only: 80% of eligible costs of the Battery Storage up to a maximum of euro 7,200 per system and euro 720/kWh.

Owners of PV installations installed on residential premises (even those that do not benefit from any aid on the PV system i.e. no feed-in tariff or grant) and connected to the grid for at least 6 years may apply to option C.

The applicant, when applying for Option B, may also apply for Option D.

27th February, 2024

No. 271


The Commissioner of Inland Revenue notifies that, on the date shown hereunder, the price of gold and silver on which valuations made by the Consul for Goldsmiths and Silversmiths are based has been fixed for the purposes of article 14 of the said Act as follows:


                                    Date                              Pure Gold                    Pure Silver

                                                                             Grams                           Grams


                                27.2.2024                            €60.201                          €0.675


27th February, 2024

Door numbering Gaz 27.2.pdf 


Lands Authority Gaz 27.2.pdf