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Malta-European Union Information Centre Head appointed

Dr Simon Busuttil has been appointed Head of the newly established Malta-EU Information Centre (MIC).

MIC shall play a central role in Malta's EU accession strategy and is one of the key structures that were recently set up to deal with Malta's accession process. MIC's terms of reference are:

  1. To collect and organise EU-related information.

  2. To prepare and implement an information strategy with regard to the EU and the impact of accession on Malta.

  3. To act as a reference point / liaising body for the media and PR agencies.

  4. To act as a reference point for all those requiring general information re the EU and EU/Malta relations.

  5. To receive requests regarding specialised information on EU-related matters and to deal with them as it deems appropriate and

  6. To prepare, and possibly implement, an information strategy with a view to a membership referendum.

In carrying out its terms of reference, the MIC is not answerable to Government but directly to the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee (MEUSAC) which has a national representation and which is responsible for preparing Malta's negotiating briefs and monitoring the negotiating process.

In order to be sufficiently enabled to perform its duties, MIC shall be involved in all the structures dealing with the EU accession process. Through its Head, MIC shall be participating in MEUSAC, as well as in the task force on Malta's participation in EU programmes and the use of EU financial assistance (ACT). The Head of the MIC shall also be a member of the core group of Malta's negotiating teams.

As part of its initial work, MIC shall be embarking on an intensive consultation process in order to obtain direct feedback on the public expectations on its role and to identify specific needs and concerns before formulating its information strategy.

Dr Simon Busuttil qualified as a lawyer and specialised in EU Affairs at post-graduate level. He has been actively involved in the local debate on EU membership and is a regular contributor to the media on EU affairs. However, he is best known for his contributions in the televised EU information programmes "Ewrolink" on PBS and "Referendum" on NET TV. An advocate by profession, Dr Busuttil is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta and the Secretary General of the European Movement in Malta. He is married to Nadia nee Massa and they have a son, two-year-old Gregory.​