The allegations and speculations made by the Times of Malta are a repetition of unfounded allegations and speculation made prior to the June 2017 elections, and Dr Konrad Mizzi unequivocally states: 

- that there is no connection, direct or otherwise, between Dr Mizzi, his company or trust, and any entity called 17 Black;

- that the Panamanian company Hearnville Inc. held no bank account and received no money from any source. 

This evening, Times of Malta alleged that in 2015, a large sum of money was paid into a Dubai company named 17 Black. The newspaper attempts to connect the said entity with Dr Mizzi. Minister Konrad Mizzi recently answered questions by journalists from The Daphne Project, in a frank and open manner, and has clearly stated that he: 

- does not know an Azeri national identified by them as having made a payment in favour of 17 Black;

- has no knowledge of a payment allegedly made by “Orion Engineering Group” to 17 Black. 

An independent audit into Dr Mizzi’s trust and company structure was completed by an international audit firm which issued its opinion that the financial statements of the structure were presented fairly, in all material respects and in accordance with accounting policies. The auditors have confirmed that the evidence that they have obtained was sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for their audit opinion. The audited financial statements speak for themselves. All the facts are contained therein. They confirm that the structure is solely intended as a family trust, that there have been no trading activities undertaken by both Rotorua Trust and its fully owned subsidiary Hearnville Inc. and that no bank accounts were held by the trust and company.​