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‚ÄčAll migrants onboard Alan Kurdi to be redistributed to four EU member states

Alan Kurdi will not be allowed to disembark in Malta 

Through the coordination of the European Commission, with the cooperation of Malta, the migrants onboard the NGO vessel Alan Kurdi will be redistributed among four EU States, Germany, France, Portugal and Luxembourg. 

None of the migrants will remain in Malta. The ship Alan Kurdi will not be allowed to enter Malta. 

Malta would like to express its appreciation for the central role taken by the European Commission and the assistance offered by the four Member States which intervened under these circumstances.

Once again, the smallest member of the European Union was put under unnecessary pressure being asked to resolve a case which was neither its responsibility nor its remit. A solution was found in order not to let the situation deteriorate further while making it clear Malta cannot keep shouldering this burden.

Malta calls on the NGOs to abide by all applicable conventions and regulations.