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The award ceremony for the winners of the National Crib Competition by Festivals Malta was held at the Archaeology Museum. Festivals Malta, which falls within the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, held this competition during the Christmas period. A total of 16 cash prizes were given, which varied according to the section that participants took part in. The results of the winners were announced in January.
Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici thanked all the participants for taking part in the competition and for presenting a unique experience to the public.
“This competition is seen as an important activity in Festivals Malta’s calendar, since it aims to keep the tradition of crib-making alive. It is also an ideal way to nurture interest in crib enthusiasts to keep on working within this sector as well as to encourage new participants to take part in such initiatives that promote our local traditions and culture. Our strategy within the culture sector is to ensure that our communities have the opportunity to showcase and work on their artistic and creative talents in a manner that they are encouraged to develop them, whilst making culture and the arts more accessible through such prospects,” said Minister Bonnici.
Director of Festivals Malta Ms Annabelle Stivala said that “the crib-making tradition goes back 400 years, and so has become deeply rooted in our local culture. In spite of this, after the Second World War, foreign influences started to permeate the local Christmas traditions. The main aim of this competition is to celebrate Maltese artistic talent. Furthermore, through this competition, Festivals Malta helps increase interest both so that individuals and groups continue the crib-making tradition in a professional and artistic dimension, as well as to encourage participation of the Maltese and Gozitan public through them visiting these cribs during Christmas time. This competition also helps to keep this tradition alive and thriving in Malta”. 
The National Crib Competition has been taking place for many years and falls under the remit of Festivals Malta. This year’s edition saw 51 participating cribs.

The competition sees the participation of people pertaining to different age groups. The competition had six categories: mechanical crib, large crib, medium-sized crib, small crib, crib created with original material, crib presented in an original manner.
The cribs were judged on these aspects: creativity; cave/nativity; layout; proportion; artistry and detail; the spreading out and consistency in the style of the figurines; atmosphere; light and music; general appearance.
The results list can be accessed from here: