The Hon. Dr Konrad Mizzi advised that earlier today he had resigned from the office of Minister for Tourism, with immediate effect.

He stated that he had resigned in the light of the political situation in the country, in the national interest and that of the Labour Party. He did so out of a sense of political duty, in order not to distract from an effective and serene leadership of the country.

The Hon. Konrad Mizzi emphasised what he has repeatedly stated, including under oath, that he has no business connection with Yorgen Fenech, and no connection with 17 Black. He further emphasised that the Electrogas contracts were scrutinised by the European Commission and by the Auditor General. Government had conducted discussions on the contracts through a professional negotiating team, and had answered detailed questions in regard to the contracts. He further confirmed that he has no connection and nothing to answer about in relation to the recent revelations of the investigation of Yorgen Fenech.

Dr Mizzi expressed regret that politics in Malta has become polluted by suspicions fuelled by partisan politics. Following his resignation, he will be focussing on his parliamentary duties, and will continue to contribute to the Labour Party’s efforts. 

He thanked his family, the employees of the Ministry and government departments who contributed to his Ministerial efforts, and the hardworking heroes of the Labour movement.