PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT “The distribution of lunches to students is in itself an expression of solidarity” - Minister Owen Bonnici


Minister for Education and Employment Owen Bonnici visited the factory where lunches are being prepared to be distributed later in the day to students under Scheme 9.  He thanked the workers who are going out of their way to perform the distribution, which in itself is an expression of solidarity.

Before the closure of schools, around 500 students under Scheme 9 were being given their lunch for free by their respective schools. After closing the schools, the Government and the Ministry for Education and Employment were committed to continue with this process with lunches currently being delivered to the doorsteps of the homes of the children in need.

Minister Bonnici said: “from here, the lunches are being prepared at 10am daily so that later on in the day, these are delivered to the children's houses. The Ministry made the necessary arrangments so that the lunches remain delivered on a daily basis to the children that need them. Arrangements have been made to also cater for the children in need who attend Church schools."​