PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR HOME AFFAIRS, NATIONAL SECURITY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT New medical centre opens in Ħal Far to better contain the spread of COVID-19 among the migrant community

This week a new medical centre in Ħal Far will open its doors, as part of the contingency measures being taken to contain the outbreak of Covid-19. The building is located near the open centre, whose residents have been asked to observe a mandatory quarantine period.


Works on the renovation of this building had started before the first positive case in the Ħal Far open centre was confirmed. In light of the current circumstances, the Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement decided to use this building to provide adequate healthcare to residents of the open centre and to accommodate residents who are expected to stay in isolation.


To ensure that the best care is provided to all resident of the centre, the Agency for the Welfare of Asylum Seekers (AWAS) will be managing this location in collaboration with doctors, nurses and members of the Malta Red Cross Society and the health authorities. This is the second initiative undertaken by the Malta Red Cross Society, after it opened a new clinic close to the Ħal Far open centre a few weeks ago.


The new centre will accommodate around 150 people from the Ħal Far open centre and everyone residing there will be required to observe a period of mandatory quarantine. This initiative follows another one of its kind since at the beginning of March, 50 residents were transferred to another centre in Ħal Far. These two initiatives will decrease the amount of people living together in the Ħal Far open centre by 20%



As a result of these initiatives, pressure will be reduced from both the Ħal Far open center and from Mater Dei Hospital. The Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement is committed to safeguarding the health of all those living in migrant reception facilities.