Reference is being made to the statement issued today by the Malta Union of Teachers on its participation on the think-tank established by the Ministry for Education and Employment on the education of tomorrow in light of COVID-19 and beyond.


The Ministry for Education and Employment welcomes MUT's agreement to have a representative on the think-tank. The Ministry also welcomes the establishment within MUT of a working group made up of teachers with classroom experience which will be also contributing to the Ministry's think-tank.


It has to be clarified that the composition of the think-tank as announced yesterday includes two members who are teachers by profession, with years of experience in various levels of the educational sector. At the same time, the Ministry listened to and acted upon feedback which was put forward on the need to have due representation of teachers who teach everyday in the classroom.  


As was stated yesterday, the think-tank will be doing various consultations with stakeholders in the sector and beyond during the whole process.


The think-tank will be also including Dr Colin Calleja from the Faculty of Education, University of Malta. The Government would like to thank again all the members of the think-tank for accepting to form part of this project.


The aim of the think-tank is to provide an opportunity for discussion, reflection and ideas on the education of the future in the light of COVID-19 and beyond in order to be able, as a country, to turn tomorrow's challenges into opportunities. ​