The Ministry for Justice, Equality, and Governance makes reference to the article published today on The Sunday Times of Malta, entitled 'Malta delays the start of EU office to fight corruption', which contains various incorrect pieces, namely;


1.                                  Malta is already actively participating, together with 22 other countries, within the process for the establishment of the office of the European public prosecutor;


2.                                  It is factually untrue that Malta's position has ever changed. The Maltese government acted with prudence, in the national interest, and monitored the situation as it evolved before committing to joining the office, and this is the same stance adopted by many other states;


    1. Following two public calls, and the verifications that ensued, it transpired that we would face significant challenges, also given our size, to identify three individuals suitable for the role whose names would be forwarded to the European Commission for further scrutiny;

    2.  The Ministry is in regular contact with the European Commission for a solution in this sense, and a conference call between Minister Edward Zammit Lewis and the European Commissioner for Justice is scheduled to discuss and resolve this matter;

    3. Following the announcement and publication of the important reforms regarding the judiciary and other institutions, after having been communicated to the Venice Commission within the Council of Europe, this administration is further committed to strengthen the national structures against corruption, not only on a European level, but mainly on a local level, to further enhance the rule of law and governance nationally.​