PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT: The President speaks clearly about his constitutional role

“First and foremost, the President must have respect for the State, governance, political stability and even the Constitution itself.”

The President of Malta, George Vella, stated this while addressing an event commemorating the Republic in Independence Square in Victoria, Gozo.

Reflecting on current realities, President Vella explained the importance of exercising one’s power with respect and consideration for the word and spirit of the Constitution.

“Republic means that a state is defined in politics and all its norms and regulations are governed by the Constitution,” said the President. 

He explained how the President represents the State and acts in accordance with the powers conferred on him by the Constitution.

The President added that he listens to the popular voice and conveys his thoughts to those in the Executive, but in no way can the President impose his decisions on others.

“To date, the President does not have the power to ignore a law that was passed democratically by Parliament, whether he agrees with it or not, unless he has such a serious moral objection that he prefers to pack up and go home rather than sign that law”, added President Vella.

The President concluded that his fundamental role was to ensure that political stability was maintained. “No President can, capriciously, create a constitutional crisis. One cannot provide political instability. One must ensure governance, that the country keeps going forward.”