PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR FINANCE AND EMPLOYMENT Update of the Geological Map of the Maltese Islands

The Ministry for Finance and Employment, through the Continental Shelf Department, has today launched the updated geological map of the Maltese Islands.


The last update of the geological map was made in 1993 when the map was published at a scale of 1:25000. The map has now been resurveyed at a much more detailed scale of 1:10,000 by the British Geological Survey.


The updated map is based on information gathered from various sources including extensive field surveys carried out by the British Geological Survey. A consultation process with various entities as well as a public consultation through the Continental Shelf department website have been carried out prior to the release of the map.


The Minister for Finance and Employment Clyde Caruana praised the research carried out by the Contintental Shelf Department which will allow for a better understating of our territories' attributes. He stated that, even though Malta's territory comprises of just 316 km2 of land, its continental shelf accounts to 70,000 km2.


This abundance of continental shelf presents an opportunity for the Government to expand its economic goals and invest in renewable energy without effecting Malta's shoreline visually. Through the development of the exclusive economic zone, which lies between 12 and 25 nautical miles from Malta's shores, new technologies can be accommodated which will sustain growth in the Maltese economy.


The updated maps will, as of today, be made publicly available free of charge on the Continental Shelf Department website.