PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR FOREIGN AND EUROPEAN AFFAIRS AND TRADE Malta to host Ukraine Peace Formula meeting on 28 and 29 October 2023

The Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade has always been a steadfast advocate for peace and respect for international law. Malta's foreign policy has consistently been in support of effective multilateralism and of the belief that this is the most effective way to address global challenges.


In various fora, Malta has consistently stated and shown that it remains committed to supporting Ukraine bilaterally as well as with our European and international partners so that a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace is reached.


Thus, it was easy for the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade to say yes when approached by Ukraine's Presidential Office regarding the possibility of Malta hosting the next round of talks on the Peace Formula Initiative at a Foreign Policy Advisors to Leaders and National Security Advisors level.


“Malta supports the Ukrainian cause by taking a principled position at various multilateral fora and also by providing humanitarian aid and assistance. Next week's hosting of the peace formula talks in Malta is the most concrete support that a country like Malta can provide for keeping the Ukrainian cause high on the international agenda", Foreign Minister Borg stated.


The talks in Malta will continue the productive work that has already taken place in Copenhagen in June 2023 and in Jeddah in August 2023. In the coming months, the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade will continue to remain committed to diplomatic outreach in support of Ukraine's efforts towards achieving peace within its internationally recognised borders, as well as to secure the broadest possible international support for President Zelensky's Peace Formula that was presented to the G20 on 15 November 2022.


The Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade augurs that talks in Malta will continue to increase the momentum to set up bigger and wider support for peace efforts led by Ukraine before the envisaged Global Peace Summit.