Order of Precedence

​​​​1. President of Malta​

2. Prime Minister

3. Speaker of the House of Representatives

4. Metropolitan Archbishop of Malta

5. Chief Justice

6. Ministers 1

7. Parliamentary Secretaries 

8. Leader of the Opposition

9. Former Presidents, Former Prime Ministers

10. Diplomatic Corps
        - Heads of Diplomatic Missions accredited to Malta 

11. Bishop of Gozo 

12. - Principal Permanent Secretary
        - Secretary to the Cabinet (Chancellor of  National Honours)

13. Judges

14. Attorney General

15. Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives 

16. Members of Parliament 

17. Former Archbishops of Malta, Former Chief Justices, Former Speakers of the House of Representatives 

18. Magistrates

19. Positions in Grade 2 appointed in terms of the provisions of the Constitution:
        - Permanent Secretaries 
        - Commissioner of Police
        - Commander AFM

20. Heads of Institutions reporting to the House of Representatives:
       (A) Auditor General
       (B) Ombudsman

21. Heads of Bodies appointed in terms of the Constitution:
​      - Chief Electoral Commissioner
      - Chairperson Public Service Commission
      - Chairperson Broadcasting Authority
      - Chairperson Employment Commission

22. (A) Chancellor University of Malta
        (B)  Governor Central Bank of Malta

23. (A) Rector University of Malta
        (B) Executive Committee of Local Councils Association (President) 

24. (A) Positions in Grade 3 appointed in terms of the provisions of the Constitution:
         - Directors General 
         - Maltese Heads of Mission/Representatives accredited abroad
         - Deputy Attorney General
         - Deputy Auditor General
         - Deputy Commissioner of Police
         - Directors (Clinical)
        (B) Equivalent positions in the Armed Forces
         - Deputy Commander AFM
         - Colonels
        (C) Registrar of the National Orders of Merit

25. (A) Positions in Grade 4 appointed in terms of the provisions of the Constitution:
         - Director (Grade 4) 
         - Assistant Attorneys General
         - Assistant Commissioners of Police (B)Equivalent positions in the Armed Forces
         - Lt Colonels (AFM)

26. - Mayors
        - Presidents of Regional Committees 
                Honorary Consular Corps
                (A) Honorary Consuls-General
                (B) Honorary Consuls

27. Cathedral Chapters:
        (A) Malta 
       (B) Gozo 

28. Chairpersons of Public Authorities with Corporate Structure

29. Chairpersons National Government Institutions

30. Chairpersons Public Corporations

31. Chairpersons Statutory Commissions

32. (A) Chairpersons Parastatal Companies (Government Direct Investments with Controlling Interests and having a National Service Character)
        (B) Chairpersons Parastatal Companies (Investment through MIMCOL with Controlling Interests and having a National Service Character)

33. Chairpersons of Public Authorities not having a Corporate Structure

34. Honorary Consular Corps Honorary Vice-Consuls

35. Political Parties represented in Parliament
       (A) Partit Laburista
       (B) Partit Nazzjonalista

36. Registered Trade Unions and Multisectoral Employers Association 
       (A) Trade Unions:
       (B) Multisectoral Employers Association:

37. National Business Organisations and Professional Bodies
       ​(A) National Business Organisations:

(B) Professional Bodies:
Professions practised under Warrant Other Professions

38. Constituted Bodies
       (A) Religious Organisations

       (B) National Councils/Commissions

       (C) Cultural and Sports Societies

       (D) Philanthropic Associations

       (E) Youth Movements

39. Media

40. Medal Holders (Midalja għall-Qlubija, Midalja għall-Qadi tar- Repubblika)

41. Personal Secretaries
        (A) Personal Secretary to HE The President
        (B) Personal Assistant to the Prime Minister (Chief of Staff OPM)
        (C) Personal Secretary to HG the Archbishop
        (D) Chiefs of Staff (Ministries)
        (E) Heads of Secretariat (Parliamentary Secretaries)
        (F) Personal Secretary to HL the Bishop of Gozo
        ​(G) Personal Secretary to the Bishop Auxiliary

42. Prime Minister’s Family/Relatives

43. Prime Minister’s Private Secretariat

44. National Festivities Committee