Getting a Driving Licence in Malta

Selecting the right type of Driving Licence

Depending on the size, type and weight of the vehicle you drive, you need to apply for a different Driving Licence Category. Check what category the vehicle you have, or are planning to drive, falls into so that you will know what Driving Licence you need to apply for. For example, there are different Licences for motorcycles, small cars, big cars, vans, trucks, buses and tractors.
Driving Licences are renewable every 10 years for those under 70 years of age, or 5 years for those over 70 years. Instructions and further information on how to renew the driving licence is found h​ere.

Where can I find a driving instructor?

He​​re​’s a list of all the driving schools in Malta. Here you’ll find their names, addresses and contact information.

When deciding who you want to teach you how to drive, you might want to keep in mind whether you want a male or female instructor, how long the lessons will be and whether the school has a car that suits you (such as whether you will be driving an automatic car).

Taking Driving Lessons

Once you’ve chosen the school best suited to you, most instructors will arrange to pick you up from a convenient location. Driving instructors will explain all you need to know even if you are a complete beginner. They will provide you with the tuition you require in order for you to pass both your written and practical driving tests, and most importantly to become a safe driver.

Applying for a Learner’s Permit

Before you apply for the Practical Test, you need to get a Learner’s Permit. If you’re over 18 and fit the
requireme​nts, you can apply for this Permit that allows you to practice driving every day (except Sundays and public holidays), as long as you are accompanied by a licensed instructor or an approved trainer Who must have at least five (5) years experience in the particular category being taught and insurance endorsement covering the trainer and the applicant during the period of training and also the Examiners during testing.  Same experience and insurance endorsement would apply should you wish to have an additional private trainer besides your choice of Motoring School.

Applying for the Theory Test

The Theory Test is a multiple-choice exam where you have to answer driving-related questions on a touch-screen computer. Everything you need to know for this test is covered in the Highway Code and the Theory Test CD, which are available either from the Transport Malta Offices or from the Theory Test Centre in Guardamangia. The Highway code ia also available online.
There are more details about the Test here. One must be 18 years of age to sit for this test.

Applying for the Practical Test

In order to apply for the Practical Test you need to fit these requirements for the respective category applied for:

   You are at least 18 years old, or older depending on Category applied for
   You have passed the Theory Test 
   You have a Learner’s Permit
   You need to have covered the entire training programme and your instructor would have had to complete the Student Record Sheet

You can apply for the Test at the Transport Malta offices. You will then be notified about your test three weeks in advance. For a full list of requirements, click
he​re​. Typically the waiting time for a practical test is between four and six weeks, but this depends on demand and may take longer.

Obtaining the Driving Licence

Well done on passing your Theory and Practical Driving Tests! The Transport Authority will now issue you with a Probationary Driving Licence for three years, following which you’ll get your full Driving Licence.  During the Probationary period of three years, a number of traffic infringements will carry penalty points, and if you reach 12 points, your licence will be withdrawn and you will have to start the process from the beginning. This is in the interest of road safety.

The Driving Licence consists of two documents: a card with your photo and an accompanying driving license document. These can be obtained from the Land Transport Directorate in Floriana.
Licence fees are paid annually and are calculated accordingly. Fees for the annual circulation tax is found h​e​re.


I want to change Driving Instructor

If you are unhappy with your Driving Instructor you are free to change Instructor at any time during the course of your driving lessons. He​re​’s a list of all the driving schools in Malta.