Physical activity not only improves your health but also helps reduce the risk of you developing certain illnesses and conditions such as depression and anxiety. Keeping fit can also help you manage your weight and prevent osteoporosis.

Exercising does not necessarily mean running across half the country every day or swimming 100 laps seven days a week. Even a 20-minute walk three times a week can do wonders for you.

Benefits of exercising regularly

      If you exercise regularly, you will:

                Reduce the risk of a heart attack, recover better from a heart attack

                Manage your weight better

                Have lower cholesterol levels

                Lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes

                Have lower blood pressure

                Have stronger bones, muscles and joints

                Feel better and have higher energy levels

Exercise is boring, isn’t it?

It needn’t be. Why not try a fun salsa class or perhaps a yoga class for beginners? There are countless classes being held all over Malta and Gozo. Local councils too are offering fitness and dance classes in some parts of the island.

If you are overweight

If you are overweight or obese and want to lose weight, you can attend weight management sessions that are offered free by the Government.

The same goes for aerobics sessions. These sessions are offered for free to people who have a BMI that’s over 25.

To find out more about these sessions, click he​​re​.