Social Security and Health Services

​​​​​​​​​​Information on Hous​i​ng

The Housing Au​thority​ offers a wide variety of schemes and ini​tiatives to help those living in Malta who are in most need of assistance when it comes to housing. So, whether you are buying your first home, have a disability, or live in a Government property, you could stand to benefit from the various schemes.

Find out if you're eligible for these Sche​mes 

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Health-related Information

The Ministry of Health's mission is to protect and carry out health promotion in Malta. It is working to protect you against the spread of diseases, injuries, and against environmental hazards, while also promoting and encouraging healthy behaviours and enforcing the laws and regulations pertaining to public health. 

Click here to learn more about allied healthcare (e.g., audiology, dental, ophthalmic, dietetics, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry and speech and language, to name just a few). 

Click here for breast screening and related information. 

Click here for your European Health Insurance card (EHIC)

Click here for information about healthy living and eating habits.

Click here for the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate.

Social Benefits in Malta

There are several social benefits available to assist people. These include children's allowance, maternity leave and benefits, foster care allowances, sickness benefits and medical assistance, injury benefits and pensions. Information on the benefits and their respective details can be found here.

​What to do if you feel you've been unjustly refused a benefit from the Department of Social Security?

You may appeal against the Director's decision, with the Office of the Umpire. Appeals may be lodged only on particular articles of the Law. The appeal must be lodged within 30 days of the day you have been informed of the decision. The appeal can be sent online. 

The Office of the Umpire can revert a decision, depending on the Law on which the decision was taken.

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