Social Security and Health Services

​​​​Information on Housing
The Housing Auth​ority offers a wide variety of schemes and initiatives in order to help those living in Malta who are in most need of assistance. So if you’re buying your first home, have a disability, or live in a Government property, you could stand to benefit from these schemes.
Health-related Information

Ministry of Health’s mission is to protect and promote the health of the people of the Islands of Malta. It is working to protect you against the spread of disease, injuries, and environmental hazards while promoting and encouraging healthy behaviours and enforcing the laws and regulations pertaining to public health. 

Learn more about breast care, diabetes, speech and language, care for the elderly, obtaining medicines, your European Health Insurance card and eating and living healthily.

You may also visit the Health Promotion sectio​n​ for more information on controlling your own health and enjoying healthier lifestyles or find out useful information on the Diseas​e Prevention Services​ offered.

If you had any injuries at work you may also contact the Department of ​Industrial and Employment Relations​ (DIER) to find out your rights and what you're eligble to from your employer. Read below to see the social benefits you may be entitled to, mainly the short t​erm b​enefits.

Social Benefits in Malta

There are a great number of social bene​f​its 
available to assist people living in Malta. These include children’s allowance, maternity leave and benefits, foster care allowances, sickness benefits and medical assistance, injury benefits and pensions. Information on the benefits and their respective details can be found in the Benefit Information menu in the Social Security website.
You can log in to the Social Security website to see your employment history, keep track of your medical records and see what benefits you are entitled to.

What to do if you feel you've been unjustly refused a benefit?

You may appeal against the Director’s decision before the Social Security Umpire. Appeals may be lodged only on particular articles of the Law or important principles emerging from the Director’s decision. The appeal has to be lodged within 30 days of the day you have been informed of the decision. The appeal can be sent electr​onically​​ or to the address below:

Secretary to the Umpire​​​​
Department of Social Security
19, Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli
Valletta CMR 02

The Social Security Umpire can change a decision if it is wrong. He cannot however change the Law on which the decision has been based or pay more money than the Law allows.​

When lodging a written appeal you may be guided by the following form templates:

Appeal against a decision f​​orm