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Moving Home


Where are you going to start? Don't know the locality you're moving in?

Moving home may be a very exciting event in one's life, however this takes time and may cause quite some stress to you and the rest of your family members if not planned well. 

This life event assumes that you already bought or rented a property. If not,

Read more about purchasing and renting a property in Malta here

Before you actually move, you need to make sure you give ample time to plan out how you will re-allocate your belongings and ensure that you have everything in place in your new location. You should always take around 6 – 7 weeks to make sure you have everything in order, so calculate the date of your move based on this.

Foreigners are advised to prepare more in advance, especially if you will be permanently moving to Malta. Things you should make sure to have when coming to live to Malta are:

 Any relevant documentation (such as birth / marriage certificate, police conduct, qualifications, etc…)
 Identification Card and Passport
 VISA (if applicable)
 International Driving Permit

It is also suggested that you have travel insurance before travelling and try to open a bank account before coming to Malta.

My Locality!

The locality where you will be living will play a very important role in your new journey and it is best to see what you will find. You may want to go around your new locality to find out more about it or you may find a wide range of information (such as Police Stations, Schools, Churches, services offered, etc...) of your new location from here.

Foreigners should put a bit more research to the locality to which they will be living in; to make sure they have a good idea of where the community and facilities around them are. However, don't worry too much about the facilities in your particular location, as you are bound to find what you are looking for in close proximity wherever you live in the Maltese Islands.

 Maltese Locations by Local Council

Moving your things…

Whether local or foreign, you will undoubtedly need to move your belongings to your new home. This can be quite stressful, depending on the amount of belongings you're going to move. Now would be the right time to go through your things and getting rid of any unwanted items! The easy way out is to hire a private company to move your things, at a cost. These companies generally take care of everything, so all you need to do is give them a date, time and place. If on the other hand you want to move everything yourself, make sure to plan well. Try getting family or friends to help you out! Also, if you will be using some type of machinery to lift boxes or furniture into your new home, make sure to get the necessary permits. Think in advance if you will be closing the road.

 Application for a permit to use any crane or other machinery 

A big bulk of the work is now done. Read on below to see what administrative tasks you would need when moving. 


Undoubtedly, you will need to inform relatives, friends and governmental and private entities that you will be moving home. This is a very important step in moving to your new home, as you may end up not receiving your correspondence, bills or other important notifications to your home. 

Other entities you may wish to contact are:

ARMS Limit​ed​  (Water and Electricity) 
Malta Post
Television, Telephone and Internet Providers   



Did you come on holiday and fell in love with the Maltese Islands? Are you planning to move here permanently? Read the Guide for foreigners to get more information on what is required to come live here.