Moving Home


Where are you going to start? Don't know the locality you're moving in? Moving home may be a very exciting event in one's life, however this takes time and may cause quite some stress to you and the rest of your family members if not planned well.  This life event assumes that you already bought or rented a property. If not, read more about purchasing and renting a property in Malta here

Before you actually move, you need to make sure you give ample time to plan out how you will re-allocate your belongings and ensure that you have everything in place in your new location. You should always take around six (6) to seven (7) weeks to make sure you have everything in order, so calculate the date of your move based on this.

Foreigners are advised to prepare more in advance, especially if you will be permanently moving to Malta. Things you should make sure to have when coming to live to Malta are:

  • Any relevant documentation (such as birth / marriage certificates, police conduct, qualifications, etc…)
  • Identification Card
  • Passport
  • VISA (if applicable)
  • International Driving Permit.

It is also suggested that you have travel insurance before travelling and try to open a bank account before coming to Malta.


The locality where you will be living will play a very important role in your new journey and it is best to see what you will find. You may want to go around your new locality to find out more about it or you may find a wide range of information (such as Police Stations, Schools, Churches, Health Care facilities, Sports, services offered, etc...) of your new location from here.

Foreigners should put a bit more research to the locality to which they will be living in; to make sure they have a good idea of where the community and facilities around them are. However, don't worry too much about the facilities in your particular location, as you are bound to find what you are looking for in close proximity wherever you live in the Maltese Islands.


Moving your things…Whether local or foreign, you will undoubtedly need to move your belongings to your new home. This can be quite stressful, depending on the amount of belongings you're going to move. Now would be the right time to go through your things and getting rid of any unwanted items! The easy way out is to hire a private company to move your things, at a cost. These companies generally take care of everything, so all you need to do is give them a date, time and place. If on the other hand you want to move everything yourself, make sure to plan well. Try getting family or friends to help you out! Also, if you will be using some type of machinery to lift boxes or furniture into your new home, make sure to get the necessary permits. Think in advance if you will be closing the road.  Click he​re​ to apply for a permit to use any crane or other machinery. 

A big bulk of the work is now done. Read on below to see what administrative tasks you would need when moving. 


One may change his address for different reasons, such as moving from one residence to another or having the street name or door number changed by the Address Management Unit.

When changing one's address because there is a movement from one residence to another, one has to physically go to Identity Malta since biometrics are taken afresh and a new Identity (ID) card will be issued.

​Process for Maltese Nationals

Maltese citizens shall change their ID card address once their residential address is changed. The customer shall fill-in the e-Form ID10a online by clicking here and then selecting 'Identity Card'.  The approximate time to fill in the online form should take approximately five (5) minutes. On submission of the online application, the applicant will receive a system generated acknowledgement email.

One may also opt to fill-in the same form when personally visiting the offices of the e-ID Cards Unit falling under the remit of Identity Malta Agency, which Unit is responsible for the issuance of identity cards to Maltese citizens. The applicant notifying a change in address shall insert the new address on Page 2 Section 2 of the application form.  

Maltese citizens requesting a change of address shall present their existing e-ID card.  The application will be processed in person whereby the biometrics are taken afresh.  Once card is approved, the PINs letter is printed on the same day. The PINs letter is sent to the newly provided address for card pick up by normal mail. They are posted twice a week and should reach the customer within 2 days. Applicants may also choose to receive their eID card by registered post.

Process for EU, EEA Nationals and their family-members

The registration certificate issued to EU/EEA Nationals and the residence card issued to their family-members serves the purpose of an identity document. In accordance with Article 19 (3) of the Identity Cards and Other Identity Documents Act, the identity holder is required to report if there are any changes to the details contained in the document and return the document to the authorities.

In the case of a change of address, the holder of a registration certificate/residence card is required to apply for a new residence document with Identity Malta Agency.  This change of address can be notified either by filling in the online form by clicking here and then selecting 'Expatriates' or by sending the forms via an email to [email protected]. Forms ID1A and GDPR should both be filled in.

The approximate time to fill in the online form should take approximately five (5) minutes. On submission of the online form the applicant will receive a system generated acknowledgement email.   Upon successful completion of the vetting process, and within one (1) week from the request, an appointment is given for new biometrics to be taken afresh.  Once the applicant attends for the biometric appointment, the card is approved and printed, and a collection letter with a unique PIN is sent within two (2) working days to the newly provided address via mail.  The Applicant will collect the card against the presentation of the collection letter. 

A change of address of a holder of a residence card is charged with a fee of €22. The fee is paid at Identity Malta Agency offices during the appointment for biometric capturing.


After changing your Identity Card (ID) at Identity Malta Offices, following a door numbering or street naming exercise, you have to visit any Local Council office and fill in individual green forms to be sent to different entities via business-reply envelopes.  A new channel has been introduced to fill in the form online using your eID credentials.  The online form takes approximately five (5) minutes to complete. On logging in, your personal details and newly registered addresses will be preloaded.  On submission, you will receive a system generated acknowledgement email and the listed Government institutions namely, the IRD Department, VAT Department, Primary Health Care and Mater Dei Hospital will be notified of your new address immediately. The listed Government institutions will then vet the provided information in approximately two (2) working days and update their records accordingly.   


The Electoral Office offers the service, for Maltese and EU Nationals, to check against the Electoral Register and confirm one's address in Malta in the past. Should you need proof that you resided at a particular address in Malta in the past years, you can submit a request online.

​Authentication through your electronic identity (eID) is not needed in order to access the online form as it may be used by anyone who has lived in the Maltese islands but is no longer residing here, and thus, does not have an active eID.  This form may take less than two (2) minutes to be filled in. During the filling in of the form, you will be requested to attach a proof of identity to ensure that the details requested are in fact your own. Such proof of identity may include an identity (ID) card, passport or any other official identification document, which may prove who you are claiming to be. Whilst filling in of the online form you have the facility to request a hard copy letter of the requested proof of address.  On submission, the applicant will receive a system generated acknowledgement email.  The Electoral Office takes approximately two (2) to five (5) working days to check the archived records depending on how far back the requested search goes, and then sends an email with the requested information.  Click here to apply online to obtain proof of address.

To request further information or to submit feedback on the service offered, one may contact the Electoral Office on the details provided here.


Housing Authority give assistance to persons with a disability to render their residence adequate for their needs or to convert part of the existing premises so that the person with a disability lives an independent or semi-independent manner close to the family. A person with a disability is a person who has a limited physical and/or intellectual ability, which effects in a substantial way, one or more, of his major vital activity. This scheme provides that, prior to granting financial assistance, the Authority gives technical advice as regards the nature of adaptation works, which need to be carried out for the best benefit to the applicant or to the person with the disability.

The Persons with Disability Scheme provides financial assistance to persons with a disability to render their residence adequate for their needs or to convert part of the existing premises, so that the person with a disability can live in an independent or semi-independent manner close to the family.

A person who qualifies for assistance under this scheme has to make an application on the prescribed form to the Authority requesting assistance from the Authority to carry out adaptation works in the dwelling house occupied by him. The assistance available under this scheme shall consist of adaptation cash assistance. Only one application for each person will be considered and for the same works. In case that in one residence there resides more than one person with a disability and the needs of the disability of one person are different from those needs of the disability of the other persons, more than one application can be submitted on condition that the works in case of the needs of one person are not also adequate for the needs of the other person. 

To apply online, click h​ere​.   The approximate time to fill in the online form should take approximately five to ten (5 -10) minutes.  During the filing in of the form, the applicant is aware of the steps required to fill.  Also, one may save the work done as draft and continue filling in the form later.   On submission, the applicant shall receive a system generated acknowledgement email. Upon completion of the vetting process, which usually takes approximately two (3) working days to complete, the user will be informed that that details have been registered in the system.  Following this, the application will be assessed to check validity of application and vetting of documents required.  The approval of the Without Prejudice Letter is issued after process of validity of application and the income assessment is carried out, referred to the Occupational Therapist to assess patient and discussed in the Disability Panel.  Eventually, an inspection is carried out to establish the sum of grant of works approved.  This process takes approximately 60 days.  However, in certain cases, process might take longer if applicant is non-compliant to fulfil any obligation requested by the Housing Authority during any process. Within ninety (90) working days, the applicant will receive the outcome i.e. if the application has been approved or otherwise.  However, the Housing Authority depends on other entities during the process of applicant's assets and searches vetting as to verify eligibility with the scheme criteria.  The Housing Authority monitors each process of application on a monthly basis.

To request further information or to submit feedback on the service offered, one may contact the Housing Authority on the details provided below.

Address: Housing Authority 22, Pietro Floriani Street, Floriana, FRN1060

Contact Numbers: Freephone 153, or +356 22991000​

Email Address:       [email protected]


Did you come on holiday and fell in love with the Maltese Islands? Are you planning to move here permanently? Read the Guide for foreigners to get more information on what is required to live here, and how to obtain a registration certificate / residence card.  To obtain information on the rights and obligations when moving to Malta read Residence Formalities.