Shipping your things to Malta

You can often arrange for the transportation of your personal belongings yourself. However, it is advisable to hire a professional carrier if you are carrying excess luggage to Malta. In this way you can have your personal belongings sent directly to your required destination.
Making use of a professional carrier has many advantages. The carrier will:
  • Manage the entire air or sea shipment of your belongings to Malta
  • Take care of paperwork and customs clearance
  • Pack or supply packaging
  • Provide fully-comprehensive insurance
Tips for transporting your things by air or sea
1.      Containers: you can pack your things in travel trunks, boxes or travel bags
2.      Contents: Only take the essentials with you – it might work out easier, and cheaper, to buy things again once you’ve arrived in Malta
3.      Logistics:
·         Before departure, the carrier can either collect your luggage from your home or you can take your stuff to the carrier yourself.
·         Once you’ve arrived in Malta: Again, the carrier can either deliver your things directly to your door or you can go to pick them up from the carrier’s offices.
·         Delivery time depends on how far your belongings have had to travel. Allow up to five days by air freight and six weeks by sea freight.
4.      Insurance: Always take out insurance as there is always a risk that something could go wrong. Loss and damaged luggage insurance is highly recommended.
If It All Gets Too Much…
A quick and easy way of cushioning your move to Malta is to rent a furnished flat or buy your furniture in Malta. There are a number of furnished apartments available for rent here.
Most furnished flats come with everything you will need, including cooking apparatus, cutlery and crockery, and bed and bathroom linen. In this way, you will find most things you’ll need ready when you move.
If you’re buying your furniture here you won’t need to go through the hassle of moving furniture (as with renting a furnished flat) plus you’ll also be able to better match your furniture to your new home.