Registering an Aircraft

If you want to register an Aircraft in Malta, you need to apply for a Certificate of Registration with the Civil Aviation Directorate in Luqa. To do so, you need to submit a filled up and signed application form as well as provide proof of ownership of the aircraft, details of any mortgages over the Aircraft and other legal documentation.

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National Aircraft Register

A list of all the Aircraft registered in Malta can be viewed he​re​.

Finding a Pilot Training Organisation

There are three types of pilot schools in Malta, Registered Facilities, Flight Training Organisations and Type Rating Training Organisations.

Registered Facilities provide training for the Private Pilot Licence. This licence gives the privilege to the pilot to fly for private purposes without remuneration.
Flight Training Organisations provide training for the Commercial Pilot Licence which gives the privileges to the holder to fly a single or a multi-pilot aircraft for remuneration, for example with a commercial operator.
Type Rating Training provide training for aircraft types like the A320.

More information

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