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Land Transport - Driving Offences

The following are the list of Driving Offences and their respectives fines in accordance to Chapter 65 of the Maltese Law - Traffic Regulation Ordinance. 

Schedule 1
Driving Offence​
Punishment / Fine
Driving motor vehicle on caterpillar tracks:
   First Offence Fine (multa) of not less than €232.94 but not exceeding €1,164.69
   Subsequent Offence Fine (multa) of not less than €465.87 but not exceeding €1,164.69 and forfeiture of vehicle

Schedule 2
Driving Offence​​ Punishment / Fine​
Contra​vening no-entry sign​ € 46.59
Driving at an excessive speed:
​   up to 15 kilometres per hour over the limit € 34.94
​   over 15 kilometres per hour over the limit € 69.88​
Driving of motor vehicles carrying iron nets or rods which 
are not so secured as to prevent damage to 
the surface
of the road
€ 116.47
Excessive smoke from exhaust pipes € 46.59
Failure to renew driving licence € 34.94
Failure to renew vehicle licence € 69.88
Licence not affixed to windscreen € 23.29
Lights not in accordance with the provisions of the
€ 23.29
Non-effective silencer € 69.88
Non-use of tailboard or spillage along the road of
material being carried
€ 46.59
Obstruction € 104.82
Overloading of number of passengers € 11.65
Parking or waiting or stopping at prohibited place € 23.29
Parking outside garage belonging to person other
than the offender
€ 104.82
​Use of prohibited horn or warning device ​€ 11.65
Use of vehicles for purpose other than licensed € 34.94