Parentcraft Online Services

Parentcraft Services is an Online service based at Level 1, Outpatients Block (Block E),  Mater Dei Hospital.

The Mission of Parentcraft Services is "Education and Support". Therefore, every effort is made to keep up to date, and to present the latest knowledge and research.


In April 2020, at the start of COVID, an online service was created to replace the popular Parentcraft Class Courses.

Parentcraft Online Services proved invaluable during the COVID period, being of support to thousands of expectant and new parents, and providing information about changes in MDH policies and procedures.  The service continued to grow even stronger post-COVID, and is now an established online education and support service.

Education and Support


Parentcraft Online Services provides information and education through articles, video modules and webinars. The live meetings are recorded, for members to re/view at their own leisure.

Support is provided through the online Chat Service: “Ask the Parentcraft Midwife"  where the Parentcraft midwives give professional information and advice, and refer to other professionals/units when necessary.

Support is also provided through the Telephone Helpline - 2545 5124, where parents can call in, to ask help for any problem, both during pregnancy or after birth.

Relatives can also make use of these support services.

Parentcraft Services can also be contacted on Generic email: [email protected]


Main Online Groups

Parentcraft Malta" is the first point of reference where general information is provided. 

Ask the Parentcraft Midwife" is a chat service and is an excellent means of communication with the parentcraft midwives who are there to provide professional information and advice. 

Having a Baby – the COVID experience" was created in May 2020, at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, in order to provide correct and updated information regarding the COVID situation, protocols, etc., thus helping to avoid conflicting information and to allay parents' fears and anxiety.  It continues to serve this major purpose, and also provides online informative and educational group meetings.  Such webinars are mostly held with guest speakers from other Units/Departments/Organisations, with very interesting subjects including First Aid,  Physiotherapy, Care of the Feet, Dental and Oral care, Childcare Centres, Relationships, Care of Pets, Positive Parenting, Social Benefits, etc. 



The sub-groups replace the class sessions/courses with regular online group meetings and provision of educational material, including articles and video modules.

Parentcraft midwives hold webinars in the sub-groups, at different times of the day, both in small and large groups, depending on the need.  Parents join the sub-groups according to the month of the baby's birth, either Maltese-speaking or English-speaking.  Meetings are recorded and posted in the pertinent group - for the benefit of those who cannot attend (because of work or other commitments), as well as for those wishing to review the information given. 

Other sub-groups include:

Parents expecting twins or triplets

Parents with other children

Daddy Boot Camp (for Fathers only)

Nanniet u Qraba ta' Trabi (for grandparents/relatives).  This group is in Maltese.

Babies Groups - This online service was introduced in July 2020, where parentcraft midwives provide information, answer questions and monitor member posts, thus helping to provide evidence-based information and to avoid conflicting or contradictory advice.  There are 3 “Babies" groups:  Babies 0-3 months; Babies 3-6 months; Babies 6-12 months.

Joining Parentcraft Online Services

Anyone wishing to join the online groups must fill in the pertinent application form, obtained at the first hospital visit.  Alternatively, one can request the application form by sending an email to:  [email protected] 

The filled-in application form can be handed in personally, sent by post, or sent by email to: [email protected]

The office staff will then contact the applicants and guide them how to join, and which groups to join.

One-to-One Sessions 

There has also been a significant increase in one-to-one sessions, presenting mostly with Pregnancy-related, Emotional, or Social issues.  These one-to-one sessions are held both online and in person.  Such personal sessions are either requested by the clients themselves (as they cannot follow online), are referred by other professionals (social workers, etc.), or are felt necessary by the parentcraft midwives themselves. Some cases may need referral to the Perinatal Mental Health Clinic, Support Midwife, Psychology Unit, Social Work Unit, Family Therapy Clinics, etc.


Parent Craft Services works in close liaison with various Services and Departments, including:  

  • GHOZZA (Education Department – formerly called School Girl Mothers Unit),
  • Commissioner for Children
  • The Breastfeeding/Infant Feeding Clinic;
  • Perinatal Mental Health Clinic, Richmond Foundation, Crisis Resolution Malta, Crisis Intervention Unit – psychological problems,
  • The Bereavement and Support Midwifery Service;
  • Institute of Family Therapy (IFT) – relationship difficulties,
  • Positive Parenting Malta
  • Ministry for the Family and Social Security,
  • Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education – Childcare Centres
  • Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Unit,
  • Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS).
  • Il-Benniena and Homestart - Social Services;
  • SEDQA,
  • Beyond Borders, Agenzija TAMA  -  Adoption
  • KOPIN, AWAS, KRS and other NGOS working with asylum seekers.
  • – social benefits
  • Occupational Health and Safety Authority
  • Department for Industrial and Employment Relations
  • Midwives Association, Faculty of Health, University of Malta
  • Malta College of Family Doctors,
  • Education Department, Institute for Further Studies, MCAST, etc.



Although online, Parentcraft Services is still based at Mater Dei Hospital and provides a bridge between Primary Health Care and Hospital care, should a client present with any complaint or health problem. Close liaison is continuously maintained with hospital practices and policies, to ensure that accurate and updated information is passed on.  Webinars are also organised with guest speakers, while Parentcraft midwives actively attend and participate at various conferences and webinars, for public and professional education. 

Parentcraft Services (Malta) has long moved out of the traditional pregnancy view, and has again risen to the occasion by providing a sterling service, not only in Malta and Gozo, but even beyond our shores.

It offers Education and Support from conception to well after birth, providing the education and support that new parents need to feel confident in their new role.

Parentcraft Services is intended long term, for the healthier families of tomorrow.  Indeed, a Family Unit with a Wide Vision and an Intention to Achieve.