Buying or Renting in Malta? Related Topics

​​​​​Schemes and Services

Whether you’re buying or renting, there are various schemes and services that could help you financially.  For a full list of available schemes kindly click here​.

Transfer of Property

If you a purchasing a property, then you will likely need to transfer the property and plan ownership into your name. To do this, you will need to visit the Land Registry. For further information and to download the relevant forms, kindly click he​re​.

Planning Authority

Whether you are creating plans from scratch or simply planning to make changes to your existing property, you will need to consult the Planning Authority (PA). You will find various resources on the PA site here, including a list of Planning Application Forms.

Energy Performance Certificate

An EPC is similar to a household electrical appliance energy label. The EPC has two scale bars showing the rating of your building and its carbon emissions, with zero being the most energy efficient and the other extreme being the least efficient.

EPCs became compulsory for all dwellings being sold or rented or as from 02/01/2009. An EPC is also required for those dwellings that request Planning Authority development permission to be newly constructed or undergo a change of use from 02/01/2009.

If you are buying or renting a new house or apartment now, you are entitled to be provided with an EPC by the seller/landlord or his/her agent for the dwelling in question. An EPC must be carried out by an independent EPC assessors who is registered with the MRA.

To find out more kindly click here. 

Registration of Administrators

If you are moving into a building with shared common parts, you will need to register the administrators of the buildings, as well as the rules stipulated by them. For details and the relevant forms, kindly click here.