Legal Professions in Malta


The legal profession in Malta is organised under a unitary system and public prosecutors are appointed from among practising advocates.

There are three main types of legal professionals in Malta – lawyers, notaries public and legal procurators, each with a specific role. 

In addition, the Attorney General is the public prosecutor before the Criminal Court and the Court of Criminal Appeal. The Attorney General’s roles include acting as legal advisor to the Government, even in front of the Maltese Courts, and representing Malta before international courts and at international meetings concerning legal and judicial issues.

Judges and Magistrates are appointed by the President of the Republic, acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister. They are independent of the executive and enjoy security of tenure up till the age of sixty-five years. 

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Finding a Lawyer in Malta

If you are looking for a lawyer in Malta, you can do so through the
lawyer search pag​e​ within Chamber of Advocates Malta. 

Finding a Notary in Malta

The Notarial Council of Malta offers a directory service that helps you locate a Notary of your choice in Malta.

Finding a Mediator in Malta

If you have decided to use the services of a mediator, the Malta Mediation Centre will help you to select an accredited professional.
You can contact the Malta Mediation Centre, through the Registrar at the Malta Mediation Centre, Justice Unit, 30 Old Treasury Street, Valletta VLT 1410. You can also call on 2125 1110 or email [email protected].