Organ Donation- Register your wish

​According to Chapter 558 Human Organs, Tissues and Cell Donation Act​, any person who has attained the age of sixteen may register his/her wish to donate or not to donate his/her organs after death.


Important Notice

<li>The information submitted will be processed only by heath care professionals involved in the coordination of organ donation <u>and transplantation</u>.</li>
<li>You may withdraw your consent anytime you want.</li>
<li>If you decide to deregister, all identifiable details will be deleted.</li>
<li>Personal Data shall not be retained following death or deregistration.</li>
<li>The Data controller is the Healthcare Standards Directorate.</li>
<li>All personal Data collected in this form is for the purpose of the Organ Donation Register. <i>“All personal data is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act, Cap 440 of the Laws of Malta. Vide our Data Protection Policy for further details”​</i></li>

Organ Donation


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