Certified Public Accountant Warrant Application

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<div>An individual or firm may practice the profession of accountant once a CPA warrant is issued by the Minister on the advice of the Accountancy Board. Article 3(2) of the Accountancy Profession Regulations, 2009 establishes work which can only be carried out by a CPA warrant holder&amp;#58; (a) the issuing of reports on prospective financial information prepared for the promotion of investment in an entity or for the raising of finance (b) the issuing of independent reports on share valuations or valuations of businesses(c)acting as reporting accountants in prospectuses, offering memoranda and other similar documents intended for public subscription(d) the issuing of reports, including compilation or review of reports, with respect to interim or annual financial statements of any entity but excluding any reports on financial statements prepared for internal purposes and (e) any other services which may be prescribed by the Minister or by any other law​</div>


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