Reforming the Condominium Act A White Paper

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Ministry for Public Works and Planning



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Background: The Condominium Act was enacted in 1997 and is considered as an important piece of legislation for the past 25 years, due to the influx in urban development in our country. This in view that such Act together with Civil Code Chapter 16 of the Laws of Malta, is considered as the main law which regulates the shared common parts within a property. The Condominium Act thus provided answers to common issues which arose when properties were shared between different parties.  Although the Condominium Act underwent different amendments throughout the years, it is still believed that such Act require major amendments in order to be able to address the rapid change especially in the last decade, since Maltese and Gozitans tend to reside more in apartments. With an ever-growing economy, and the creation of new economic niches which Malta has tapped into over the recent years the increase in high-rise buildings continue to increase the need of further providing clarification and regulation in what regards the condominium.