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The EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) requires EU Member States to develop River Basin Management Plans (RBMP) aimed at the adoption of an integrated approach towards the protection of water, including groundwater, inland surface waters, transitional waters and coastal (marine) waters.
The plan describes and assesses these water bodies in terms of their status and pressures thereon. On the basis of such assessment, the plan puts forward a Programme of Measures targeting the protection and, where necessary, the restoration of water bodies. The objectives to be achieved through such Programme of Measures include the following:
  • Achievement of ‘good quantitative status’ and ‘good qualitative status’ for groundwater bodies;
  • Achievement of ‘good ecological status’ and ‘good chemical status’ for surface waters, including inland surface waters, transitional waters and coastal (marine) waters;
  • Achievement of the objectives for protected areas. 
The Environment Resources Authority (ERA) and the Energy and Water Agency (EWA) are jointly responsible for preparing Malta’s RBMP, with ERA responsible for surface waters and EWA for groundwater.
Under the implementation process of the WFD, Malta has prepared its 3rd RBMP for the third cycle of implementation of the WFD.
It Includes an assessment of status of all WFD water bodies and proposes actions or measures needed to deal with the various significant issues identified in the plan. The Plan also revises the objectives set for those waters that were deemed to be at risk of not achieving good water status.
ERA and EWA invite the public to submit any feedback on Malta’s Third River Basin Management Plan.
The focused chapters on Malta’s Third River Basin Management Plan can be accessed through Integrated River Basin Management - EWA (