Gateway to Better Quality Employment in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry



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Ministry for Tourism (MFT)



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The "Gateway to Better Quality Employment in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry” introduces a benchmark for access to employment, rooted in the competence of both foreign and Maltese workers in this industry. The principal aim is to guarantee that the industry continually improves its services through the inclusion of skilled personnel.

This new benchmark comprises two phases. In the initial phase, applicants must achieve a passing grade in an English proficiency test, complete a Basic Customer Care course, a Maltese Tourism Product course, and a Basic English for Hospitality course, and secure a passing grade in their respective assessments. They are also required to attain a passing grade in an assessment aligned with their desired job in Malta. All these courses are conducted online.

Moving on to the second phase, applicants must undergo an English interview and a practical evaluation relevant to their intended job in Malta. These assessments are held in person at the ITS Malta facilities.

Applicants must pass all assessments in both phases to be eligible for employment, following the procedures overseen by the Identità.

The implementation of these requirements will take place incrementally. Starting in January 2024, it will affect Third Country Nationals. By October 2024, it will extend to those seeking work permit renewals, and from January 2025, it will be applicable to all employees, including Maltese and EU nationals, who will require the Skill Card.

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