Consultation Document on the proposed establishment of a Framework for Collective Investment Schemes structured as Limited Partnerships without Legal Personality

Closed for Public Consultation


Ministry for Finance and Employment


Malta Financial Services Authority



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The MFSA is proposing the introduction of a framework for CISs structured as Limited Partnerships without separate legal personality into Maltese law, whilst still retaining the currently available option of setting up a CIS structured as a Limited Partnership with separate legal personality. The overall structure of the Maltese regulatory framework for CISs structured as Limited Partnerships does not differ excessively from the ones of other jurisdictions; however, the lack of an option to set up a CIS as a Limited Partnership without separate legal personality appears to be a gap in the local regulatory framework. By virtue of this consultation document, the MFSA is seeking stakeholders’ views on: [i] the general features of the framework; [ii] the proposed draft legislative instrument seeking to promulgate such framework; and [iii] the views sought in relation to the rulebook and investor eligibility.